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Chemically Induced Hot Tub publicstaticclass Oxymorphone 2018 Feb 08
It Floored Me Lucreto Oxymorphone 2018 Sep 26
Top Class xmurderxmafiax Oxymorphone 2018 Aug 24
Nobody's Lying... This Stuff Is STRONG SpickNSpack Oxymorphone 2018 Feb 08
Nice but Couldn't Do It Everyday pillperson Oxymorphone 2013 Oct 11
Perfect Little Pill Flintstone Oxymorphone (Opana) 2010 Aug 28
Large Pink Pill Marcus Oxymorphone (Opana) & Cannabis 2009 Jun 19
Has Its Ups and Downs AsTrO Oxymorphone (Opana ER) 2009 Jun 19
The Champagne of Opioids ThisRiverIsWild Oxymorphone (Opana) 2008 Mar 29
Complete Bliss overdoseodsg Oxymorphone 2021 Feb 02
Nodds Were Coming Every Time I Blinked MEK one Morphine & Oxymorphone 2019 Dec 14
Greatest Feeling I've Ever Come Across in a Pill Brett Oxymorphone 2018 Oct 10
Leprechaun Lines OxyMoron Oxymorphone 2018 Sep 26
Opana Whooooanna!!! justaguy1 Oxymorphone 2018 Feb 08
Leprechaun Lines Indica Dawn Oxymorphone 2018 Feb 07
ER and My Three Months Scribed cypdrshop Oxymorphone (Opana) 2015 Nov 24
Ultimate Opiate Vlad420 Oxymorphone (Opana) 2010 Aug 28
Eurphoria/Misery Junkhabit78 Oxymorphone (Opana) 2010 Aug 28
Euphoric Evening ComaWhite Oxymorphone (Opana IR) 2009 Oct 17
Curling Up with a Book and Some Pills Opiate-fanatic Oxymorphone (Opana IR) 2009 Oct 17
Never Once Got Old; Tolerance Raised Quickly Alexander L. Oxymorphone 2007 Nov 01
Good but Horrible OmBucky Oxymorphone 2007 Jul 14
Worth the Price Gomers Oxymorphone (Opana ER) 2007 Mar 27
Big Things Come in Tiny Packages Drug Bucket Oxymorphone 2007 Mar 27
WAY Better Than Any Other Scoobsteve Oxymorphone 2018 Aug 25
I Havenít Used Anything Else Since and Probably Never Will White_Boy_Ro Oxymorphone 2018 Aug 24
The Costant Vomiting Was Horrible Durfballs Oxymorphone 2018 Aug 02
Very Strong Stuff C-town Junkster Oxymorphone 2018 Jul 21
I Was All Kinds of Messed Up JAKEA Oxymorphone 2018 Jul 21
Very Diffrent Chuck Oxymorphone 2018 Mar 24
High as a Kite monco Oxymorphine 2018 Mar 08
Heavily Sedated n8 Oxymorphone 2018 Feb 11
AMAZING Anoymous Oxymorphone 2018 Feb 08
Unexpected Potency pweezy Oxymorphone 2018 Feb 08
Best Shit Out There Tylo Oxymorphone 2018 Feb 08
Puked Six Times Without Being Nauseous Mike Oxymorphone 2018 Jan 27
Something Blissful Jonny C Oxymorphone (Opana ER) 2007 Jun 20

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