Tobacco (also Nicotiana tabacum; Nicotiana rustica; Mapacho) Reports - First Times
First Times
(41 Total)

Not Fantastic, But Not Bad TFal Tobacco 2018 Jan 06
Head-On Experience Uncle Sweetshare Tobacco 2007 Aug 25
Craving One Before I Even Started AmoebaMan Tobacco - Cigarettes 2007 Jun 12
Snus Freshtaste Tobacco 2007 Jun 01
Smoking to Stop Smoking Floating Tuxedo Tobacco 2007 Apr 30
More Powerful Thank I Expected Kenny D. Tobacco 2005 Aug 15
Grossest Feeling Ever Stupid Girl Tobacco 2004 Jan 12
A Surprising Psychoactive smokering Tobacco - Cigarettes 2021 Mar 01
Not Bad but Not Good CuriousGeorge Tobacco - Cigarettes 2019 Apr 23
Middle Eastern Excellence Darren Tobacco 2018 Jun 09
Flushing Sensation That Quickly Subsided Mr_Guy_Whos_Fly Tobacco 2017 Dec 04
Dipping the Golden Leaf SmokieTheBear Tobacco 2017 Feb 07
First Time Dipping Rickigger Tobacco 2009 Jan 03
The Warning on the Pack Should Be This Sucks Baffienequeen Tobacco - Cigarettes 2008 Jan 05
Stronger Than Thought Nicoteen Tobacoo 2007 Dec 27
A Big Disappointment Pulsewidth Nicotine (Inhalator) 2007 Sep 06
Using the Tobacco Accessory Mr. Cobb Tobacco 2005 Jun 10
Tobacco : It's All In The Mind Rain Tobacco 2003 Feb 04
The Most Horrible Feeling I Ever Had! tobacco Tobacco - Cigarettes 2021 Oct 12
Relaxation Rae Tobacco - Cigarettes 2021 Jan 05
Kinda Disappointed chihiro Tobacco - Cigarettes 2020 Dec 02
Slave to the Tobacco Tube Wharf Rat Cigarettes 2020 Oct 13
Shooting Up Dilute Solution Smalapander Nicotine 2019 Oct 18
A Little Heady and Floaty, That Mostly Waned RegularGuy Tree Tobacco (Nicotania glauca) 2019 Oct 04
Not Worth the Risks Eden Tobacco - Cigarettes 2019 Sep 16
Paying Back a Weed Fiend Halfmoon Tobacco 2019 Jun 27
A Nice Smoke SweetMich Cigarettes 2018 May 12
One Puff At A Time SoAdFaN Tobacco - Cigarettes 2017 Oct 31
Sneaky Addiction LG Chewing Tobacco 2017 Aug 11
Oh God T Tobacco - Cigarettes 2007 Jun 10
Just Neutral copenhagen Tobacco (snuff) 2003 Mar 07
Coffin Nail Tea pea Tobacco - Cigarettes 2003 Feb 19
Try Smoking Lizard King Tobacco 2002 Jan 18
Tobacco Tea warpspeed666 Tobacco 2021 Aug 29
Everything Went Green nmplooker Tobacco (N. trigonophylla) 2018 Dec 12
Telling Them Secrets Chew/Dip Tobacco 2018 Jun 05
I Am Who I Am and I Am a Smoker Smokelez Tobacco - Cigarettes 2018 Jun 05
Not Just a Little Buzz michael Tobacco - Cigarettes 2018 Mar 30
Wonderful Experience Dr. Love Tobacco 2006 May 31
Nervous Smoker Kraimer Cigarettes 2002 Nov 28
My First Cigarette tough guy tobacco 2002 Jul 15

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