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Recommended Lysergamide Blind Test Psychastevic AL-LAD, ETH-LAD, 1P-LSD, ALD-52 & LSD 2017 Sep 18
Recommended The Sensation of Things Being 'Just Right' Psychodelic ETH-LAD 2017 Jan 23
Recommended Stunning Visuals Peaceful Euphoria Xorkoth ETH-LAD 2015 Nov 17
Recommended Park, Pool, Antichamber & Lots of Sex mydnmreviewacct ETH-LAD & Methoxetamine 2015 Jul 14
Puking While Tripping Maxwell Tryps ETH-LAD 2018 Oct 10
Some Mild Paralysis Spicy-LAD ETH-LAD 2018 Aug 21
A Potent but Gentle Lysergamide IMG_9999 ETH-LAD 2016 Sep 22
A Fascinating Reintroduction Kaleida ETH-LAD & Cannabis 2016 Sep 22
More Than I Expected cheshire rat ETH-LAD 2015 Oct 12
An Absolve of Negative Emotions psyphil ETH-LAD 2015 Oct 02
Guliable and Niaeve Andy ETH-LAD 2022 Aug 05
I'm Infinite, I'm Love, I'm God theAngryLittleBunny ETH-LAD 2021 Jan 26
I Like It More Then the Original theAngryLittleBunny ETH-LAD 2019 Dec 04
Intro and Lysergamide Comparisons Mario Sunshine ETH-LAD 2019 Sep 03
Thought Loops About Thought Loops Psychodelic ETH-LAD 2017 Jan 31
In Awe of It All Dalanc ETH-LAD 2017 Jan 31
Awkward Acid nervewing ETH-LAD 2016 Sep 22
Tri-Colored Madness Andigo ETH-LAD, 1P-LSD & ALD-52 2016 Sep 14
My Bad: Too Much Zeb Jones ETH-LAD & 1cP-LSD 2021 May 10
Seems to Do the Trick for Me Hunter of Psychs ETH-LAD 2016 Dec 04
A Unique Prom Night MDMQ DOC, 5-MAPB & ETH-LAD 2016 Oct 11
I Decided to Redose 48 Hours After tangotangoguerilla ETH-LAD & 5-MeO-AMT 2019 Nov 28
Tunnels Inside My Brain Amelio ETH-LAD 2018 May 22

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