DPT Reports - First Times
First Times
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Highly Recommended A Harrowing Experience Gr4nter DPT 2015 Dec 29
Highly Recommended DPT IM... or Was it IV? Dirk DPT 2002 Feb 10
Recommended Like A Slowed Down DMT Pfaffed DPT 2015 Dec 29
Recommended Purification Through Hell Sam DPT 2009 Nov 14
Recommended The Expanding Consciousness TryptamineDreamer DPT 2007 Feb 05
Recommended DPT Is Terrifying nameless DPT HCL Salt 2003 Oct 01
Recommended Anything Becomes Possible Birdseye DPT 2001 Jan 30
Flow/Merge/Liquefy/Crystalize/Conjoin 4science DPT & LSD 2015 Dec 29
Low Dose IM Delirium Alice.S DPT 2015 Oct 22
Alien Waketime abacis DPT 2013 Dec 22
Going to the Divine Picture Theater Nesta DPT 2007 Apr 23
Little Effect but a Nice Day Elegandia DPT 2007 Mar 23
Calming, Visual, Peaceful and Beautiful CCCfunky DPT 2007 Jan 16
Bad Trip Enlightened DPT & Cannabis 2007 Jan 11
The 'Infinite' Trip D DPT 2007 Jan 11
A Distant World Po DPT 2004 Feb 05
Simply Being, No Experience Matty DPT 2003 Sep 26
Many Faces of DPT extemporaneous DPT 2002 May 07
Fun Is Not the Proper Word feign DPT 2001 Nov 15
Contentment in a Blanket of Fear cd3ad DPT 2020 May 19
Struggling to Breathe BringMePeterPan DPT 2017 Aug 01
Lost In My Playlist Mr.2 DPT 2015 Dec 29
Intense and Quick SuperSteve DPT 2011 Sep 21
Pleasant and Mild jaggerjack DPT 2011 Sep 21
Opium Dreams? Pinktinker DPT 2010 Apr 27
A Good Start Anjovis DPT 2008 Oct 24
Low dose Adolfo DPT 2007 Jan 11
Thoroughly Engaged ChuckStar DPT 2007 Jan 11
More Than Sufficiently Potent Snail DPT 2007 Jan 11
Wow, This Is Different Neon Green Snake DPT 2006 Aug 14
DeParTure J2013B DPT 2005 Sep 22
The Craziest Drug Ever E mail DPT 2003 Jan 18
A New Molecule Steve0 DPT 2002 Feb 15
First Time and Was Unable to Let Myself Come Up Misty DPT 2002 Feb 15
A Different, Dissappointing DPT CZ DPT 2002 Feb 11
Short but Sweet Marsky DPT Freebase 2001 Jul 16
Mind Inside-Out: A DPT Experience QuestonReality DPT 2001 Jul 14
Beautiful Dissolution Mahan Atma DPT Freebase 2001 Jul 01
A Hefty Dose Kodos DPT 2001 Feb 26
Holy Smokin' Ghost!! Trey DPT 2000 Jun 16
DPT in the Light Mickey DPT 2000 Jun 16
A Rip Snortin' Rough Ride Trey DPT 2000 Jun 15
Mumphimisms anon DPT 2016 Jan 27
Intense At a Club Captn' Trips DPT 2002 Sep 02
Interesting Yet Subtle SchrodingersEpiphany DPT 2019 Jul 16
Mild Crazy Chemical Meodid DPT 2007 Jan 16
Color Changing Euphoria Trance_Fixed DPT 2004 Mar 31
3 Hours of Nothing Special Arjuna DPT 2003 Mar 06
The Other World Lynchx DPT 2002 Apr 19

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