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  • Sulfurous Samadhi
    by Murple, Feb 6, 2001

    I first heard of 2C-T-2 in the summer of 1998, when I began to hear stories about a new 2C-B replacement being sold by smartshops in the Netherlands. PiHKAL deepened my interest. I began looking around and found several online companies based in the Netherlands and Sweden selling the pills, but none were willing to ship to the United States, citing as a reason that that the drug is illegal in the United States. Frustrated, and realizing that 2C-T-2 is not in fact scheduled in the United States (although the analogue laws most likely apply), I kept looking. Several months later, I found a smartshop willing to sell to Americans. I immediately ordered several doses.

    My first time taking the drug was on Easter, April 4, 1999. I had not intended to take 2C-T-2 that day, instead taking some mescaline in the form of cactus extract. Several hours later I decided that the cactus was not sufficiently potent and that I was not where I wanted to be. I decided to take one 8 mg pill of 2C-T-2. I soon reached a wonderful space which was for the most part like a mild to moderate mescaline trip. I was incredibly excited to have found a mescaline-like psychedelic which was legally obtainable which produced a trip of a nice manageable duration. Best of all, there was no horrible green slime to drink!

    A couple weeks later, on April 17, I had my first full exposure to 2C-T-2. Along with a friend, I took three pills for a dose of 24 mg. We soon found ourselves in the midst of incredibly visual and bizzarre trips. My friend lay on the couch nearly unresponsive, lost in his own internal world. I roamed my apartment watching inanimate objects dance with new life. After several hours, I found myself on the other side of a magical experience. This drug had surpassed all expectations - very impressive!

    I tried 2C-T-2 several times after that, including combinations with MDMA and 2C-B. I was very upset a few months later when it was announced that it had been made illegal in the Netherlands and would no longer be sold.

    When 2C-T-7 became commercially available at the end of 1999, I was overjoyed. I promptly purchased some and tried it twice within a month. It too was very impressive, although I preferred 2C-T-2 slightly, mostly due to its shorter duration. Soon thereafter, 2C-T-2 became commercially available once again from new sources. Although nowadays I virtually never have the opportunity to use psychedelics, and although it has been over a year since my experiments with 2C-T-7, both of these chemicals continue to fascinate me.

    Within a few months of becoming available, I began to notice a rapid growth in the popularity of 2C-T-7. Out of an concern about widespread use of such obscure drugs, fueled in part by a desire to look after my own personal safety, I decided to try and gather all the information available about both of these drugs. I began collecting first hand reports, looking for scientific research, and contacting experts in the field. It didn't take long to realize that there was very little information to collect. Other than PIHKAL, a handful of first hand reports, and a few minor mentions in various publications, there was nothing.

    In the months since then, working on this paper has been a fascinating project. I have communicated with many fascinating people, from scientists to smartshop employees, from users to British government employees. I have read everything from previously unpublished scientific notes to barely intelligible trip reports from dangerously ignorant people. I have had the joy of hearing about powerfully positive life-changing experiences from both drugs, and I have had the sadness of having to break the story of the first death involving 2C-T-7.

    There were many dark times when I was deeply disturbed and saddened by some of the reckless use many recreational users engaged in. For several months before the death of Jake Duroy, there was a disturbing lack of respect for these drugs. In spite of repeated warnings from more experienced users that these are new and unstudied drugs, many users carelessly took massive doses of the drug. Reports of accidental overdoses and overwhelming bad trips began appearing on the Internet. Reports of people selling 2C-T-7 at raves and concerts, sometimes representing it as other drugs, began to appear. Ever since the early days of mescaline research, people have debated if and how access to psychedelic drugs should be controlled, and this issue has come up often in connection to 2C-T-2, 2C-T-7 and other exotic drugs. With time and experience, especially after the the death of Jake Duroy, the situation with these drugs gradually began to turn around. People began to respect the nature of these drugs a little more, and became a little less gung-ho in their use.

    The darker episodes in my research are easily made up for by all the benefit I have seen people derive from using these two drugs, and the benefits I hope this paper will provide. When used wisely, these drugs are powerful tools for personal growth. This paper collects for the first time all the published knowledge we now have about these drugs. In addition, this paper presents months worth of new research into the history, effects and risks of both chemicals, including surveys of nearly five hundred users and previously unpublished historical information. Furthermore, I have presented quite a few theories and ideas which have occured to me during my research. Hopefully, this material will grab the attention of researchers who can try to fill in the many gaps in our knowledge. My hope is that this paper will dispell many of the rumors about these drugs and enable people who decide to use them to do so in a manner that is not only safe but which increases their chances of having a positive and rewarding experience.

    -- Murple
    -- February 3, 2001


    Thanks to Kaya and Rollie, co-travellers and friends. Thanks to Sasha Shulgin for his research and for his assistance in collecting data for this project. Thanks to the staff of Erowid for allowing me to run my survey on their servers, and for their invaluable proofreading and critiquing services. Thanks also to the staff of the Lycaeum for helping spread the word about the user surveys. Thanks to the staffs of De Sjamaan and Conscious Dreams for their crucial help in assembling the history of these drugs. Thanks to the hundreds of people who responded to surveys or contributed trip reports or information. Thanks and condolences to the friends of Jake Duroy who took the time during their grief to help document what happened, so that others could learn from it and future deaths be prevented. Thanks to all the researchers before me who laid the foundations that made this paper possible. And last but certainly not least, thanks to the countless people who take the time to help others be safe, working for legal reform, spreading accurate information about drugs and fighting misinformation in the face of oppression and ignorance.

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