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    User Quotes 2C-T-7
    by Murple, Feb 6, 2001


    I was feeling emotionally cut off and sad, and wanted to explore these feelings more deeply. Physically, nausea came in and out in waves, but not much gas and bloating as experienced before. Violent vomiting at +2.5 hours. This put an end to the nausea. Was able to talk to my love, and apologize for my behaviour as the Robotic Asshole. Deep sobs washed through me. I saw myself with a heart softened by sadness and compassion. I'm grateful to be able to put a crack in The Robot's shell and give the Human a little room to move.
    -Anonymous, 40 mg orally

    Very intense come on. I think that going from ground zero to Neptune in the space of ten minutes may be too much for me. Next time I'm swallowing it. Had to concentrate to keep under control. Hardcore stomach rats and shortness of breath. Head pressure makes me want to pop my ears. ... Visuals are kinda mild. ... Very heavy body load. Stomach cramps and shoulder muscles. I puked a little. Seemed to help for a minute. I got my brains together and decided to take a walk to the liquor store. A little booze to take the edge off. ... Everything on this stuff is almost identical to LSD. Same metallic taste when you lick your lips. Same kind of visuals. Shadows and trees waving. Spotlights in the sky. Red and blue shadows. Horrible acid like stench coming from my pores. Walking around helps a lot. It gets my mind off of the cramps. I find that my mind is clear so paranoia does not make much sense. I get myself some vodka (the only civilized drink) and a few swigs seem to help my stomach. I walked around for about an hour. I am cheerful and I know everything will be ok. Five hours later the visual effects mostly gone but still nice trails. ... If I take it again it will be a (still) lower dose. Not sure if it worth the body load.
    -Anonymous, 8 mg insufflated

    Walking outside in natural surroundings it was obvious that this compound is highly visual. However the sort of visual effects it produces are quite unique, though difficult to describe. It seemed as if our entire field of vision was alive and pulsing with energy. The grass appeared hyperreal and computer generated, not unlike the habitat of the 'Teletubbies'. Anything that we looked at would seem to dissolve in multiple images of itself. As the drug effects grew stronger these visual transformations reached such an intensity that ordinary scenes were rendered unrecognizable and we found ourselves forgetting where we were- a sort of micro-amnesia. Everything appeared to glow with a strange metallic sheen as if newly made and there was a keen awareness of energy flowing through everything. One curious effect was the tendency for everything to appear as if in a picture, as if it was all perfectly composed, yet even the slightest change would produce another quite different but equally perfect vista. Another strange effect was the tendency for the environment to look squat or shrunken, so that trees even when quite tall appeared like miniatures. But while the landscape appeared shrunken birds flying overhead seemed the size of jumbo jets. However it was difficult to look up and our eyes were continually drawn to the ground and it seemed that we beheld the world through a fisheye lens for the first four hours. At times these effects seemed overwhelming, certainly 2CT7 is a major psychedelic far stronger than 2CB. The peak effects occurred within the context of extreme time dilation and the first two hours seemed to last forever. Our sense of space was similarly distorted and it was impossible to judge the distance of objects and they would appear alternately close and distant. One persistent impression was that our 'auras' or energy fields were somehow crackling with a strange energy and we became worried that other creatures- both animal and human- could sense this. In fact we became convinced that we might be the victims of an unprovoked attack by a dog or a duck. Whenever we encountered straight people we felt highly uncomfortable. Although powerful our thoughts were not as disrupted as they might be on a comparable dose of LSD and communication remained easy throughout.
    -Anonymous, 5 mg insufflated

    Allows me to become very introspective, see my life with a clarity that I cannot find without 2ct7. There is also a strong erotic component that is difficult to describe. At higher doses than are the norm for me, the visuals experienced, both open and closed eyed are fantastic. The visuals could be upsetting to some people, but I understand them, and look forward to them. There is a tolerance component also. The use of 2ct7 more than one time a week has a much diminished effect on my body/mind.

    2C-T-7 is a valuable psychoactive; in my experience it brings on a very calmed, happy state with exciting visuals and extremely increased focus and imagination.

    I'd say there are chemicals that I'd class as viable to "muck about with for fun" but I have earned a deep respect for 2C-T-7. It was quite intense and I feel that I learned a lot. The experience redefined my landmarks for pleasure and endurance, but I would hesitate to recommend it to someone who wasn't comfortable with having to hang onto reality hard if they need to.

    My one oral dose of 25 mg resulted in extremely intense effects including ego dissolution and severe tactile distortions and effectively immobilized me on a bed for over 9 hours. Insufflated dosages in the range of 5-10 mg only produced threshold effects. 2C-T-7 is the only compound I've yet tried with which I have such extreme sensitivity. I have an average response (perhaps even mild insensitivity) to all natural and synthetic tryptamines I've used thus far.

    A buoyant sensation begins to thermally maneuver and spread itself throughout my body, outward from my heart and through the interwoven network of cells until it finds release through the skin. I am warm physically and feel the psychic tension of everyday reality dissipating like so much steam from a kettle. A simply delicious elatedness washes over me, not so powerfully and overwhelmingly as with MDMA, but smoothly, effortlessly sly creeping passion flower. ... Synesthetic fluctuating sounds emerge surreal and psychosomatic structuring realigns itself adroitly. We are all the grand conductors in the orchestra of our own lives, but we are more: we are each the audience in whole I feel the musical quality of the very air we breathe, and move my hands in concert with the pulsing rhythm of the cosmos.
    -Diamond Joe, 35 mg orally

    When on 2C-T-7, it feels as if i'm possessed by a spirit. This is not a "body high", but rather a presence in the body. I'd call it enjoyable.
    -DJ Furby

    One thing I think very positive about this substance is its sensual aspect. Hot, passionfruit-style herbal teas and quality wines are extremely aromatic and pleasurable to drink. And, of course, touch is very enjoyable, but in a rich, sensual way, different than MDMA. Acid and shrooms primarily affect visuals and sound, but this substance seems to take visuals, sound, and touch, and just meld it all together. Sound can become touch can become visual, and it's very pleasant because it's controllable. I feel like a wizard because if I concentrate, I can make the wall meld with the floor a little bit, and if I concentrate again, it will go back to normal. At any time, I feel like I can somewhat throw off the effects to become 'sober', which makes 'bad trips' nearly impossible. Anyways, I give it two thumbs up, but I'm still experimenting.

    Deep thoughts, dreamy, almost sleepy if I just lay around. Moving feels good. Noticable red-blue separation visually, but nothing I can't control. Thoughts could be examined in great detail very quickly. It was different from the spiralling thoughts of LSD. It was layered. Everything had multiple depths to it and each layer could be discerned and examined. Extremely impressive.
    -Flotsam, 30 mg orally

    I've tried it at 9 mg's and twice at 24 mg's. I found the 9 mg trip to be very rewarding, but not visually. I prefer this level, it's like meditation then. The 24 mg trip was visually interesting, but side effects got much worse.
    -fr33, two oral uses

    Closed-eye visuals are more intense than open-eye ones. 2C-T-7 just makes me want to sprawl out on a bed or couch and not move. It's also a very social drug, it makes you want to be around people. But I wouldn't suggest doing it around people who might hold silly things that you do while intoxicated against you because it does lower your judgement and conscience. Very fluffy, floaty, sparkly trip.

    First psychedelic I've done in 30 years. Strange colors, feelings of power, no insight during the trip but tremendous reflection afterwards (for weeks), strong sexual rush. Inability to think lucidly. No, aha! I feel stupid during the trip but am returning thinking I just don't know my way around yet. It was a big step to take it, as I had been drug free for 10 years. But as I remembered, psychedelics aren't like addicting recreational drugs. This drug is a psychedelic akin to mescaline or lsd, is useful and though interesting is not for entertainment. It's usefulness however will win converts and praises which will ultimately lead to its illegality.

    Open eye visual imagery is remarkable, color intensification beyond any other experience. I did not find it particularly spiritually uplifting, compared with say ayahuasca or psylocybin. A large oral dose caused extreme confusion and dissasociation. Moderate doses useful for problem solving, empathy, insight, creativity, music, recreation, intimacy. ... Insuffilation results in much greater discomfort, in nasal passage, and in regard to jitters, tachycardia. Reasonable oral doses were without significant side effects. A large oral dose caused short lived nausea and vomiting. Oral administration has been the best way to reduce side effects. Smoked cannabis helped with nausea.

    Its easier to slip into dark/disconnected thoughts then with other hallucinogens. Set and Setting are easily more important then when on LSD. With 2ct7 most experiences come from deep-within so stable surroundings are important. Conversely, exterior situations are much eaiser to deal with then when on LSD due to less external (social) distortion. Visuals are easily more intense then LSD's, but can be cut through if so desired. The long-term effects are overwhelmingly positive. I've had more breakthroughs after recovering from my 2ct7 trips then I've had in many years.
    -jalad kleen

    I loved this experience. I saw visuals, colors and patterns, almost instantly with my eyes open. I heard music and there was none playing. Shocking! The sound of my own breathing and an air conditioner running. I became afraid for myself, I imagined that I would never trip again not even acid. It was like light speed backwards, to the very core of "I". It was so fast. There wasn't even an inkling of a chance of fighting it--that seemed to only make me wretch. Everything real or imagined ran away FROM ME! The world fractured like black glass. Soon, I knew not if my eyes were open or shut, but infinity became apparent. God was a flat plane over which "I" floated. The disassociation from self was so great, that my body seemed to be asleep while "I" watched over it. I thought I could die, but it wouldn't stop and I'd be "There" forever; so I decided to live while simulaneously deciding that I didn't want it to stop. I figured I WOULD trip again, just not this stuff. Soon, I was so thankful to be "There" I knew I would do this stuff again, just don't know when. It seemed as if those who had ever been "There" before me were still "There". I imagined that if anyone ever went "There" after me, that "I" would still be "There" as well. I experienced what I interpreted to be ancestral memories, entering a spirit world much like that described by users of peyote. Just as my ancestors were talking me through it, just as I grew from a cell to a cave woman to THE woman of the year 2000, I was shot out of the galaxy--quasar, pulsar--far, far away. It was as much like being born as I can remember! But with the most spectacular visuals (much like mushroom visuals)you never or ever saw. How refreshing! That was the first thirty minutes. After about an hour I could speak about what had happened previously and listen to music, much like a regular mushroom trip. It lasted for nine hours with another three of visual distortion and sublime afterglow. I can tell you that the intensity of snorting 35 mg of the stuff is very much like dying and going to hell for a brief, yet extended period of time and the shock is so great it seems you might never live again! After that it is heaven, but it comes on so intensely--we shouldn't be allowed to insuffilate such a large dose. Possibly, this intensity is unnecessary. When my boyfriend and I did it, we were alone and snorted it only about four minutes apart. There was no one babysitting us at all when we took it, no one told us we would need a sitter, and we spent the whole night with our front door unlocked, rolling around on the floor--he got rug burns from crawling around in his delirium!
    -Jellymaze, 35 mg insufflated

    I took too large of a dose in July, which left me confused and a little worried. All my vitals were normal however and I was fine the next day. I haven't felt the shoulder tension that I felt in July again, but these days I tend to snort it. I start work early in the morning and if I'm going on little sleep I take it to stay up (on occasion). The mild doses are very pleasant [in my opinion]; just a slight dialation of the pupils and a clear lucidity. There are some attitude changes also. Similar to the empathy felt in MDMA yet far less intense. Definitly no blissful emotions like with MDMA. I've started snorting it because it's more economical and it takes only 20-30 minutes until the onset. Orally it takes about 1 1/2 hours. Not a party drug but recommended for reflecting.

    I started feeling weird almost instantly but it took another good 20 seconds after i finished injecting for the real rush to come... I took 50 mg orally not that long ago and i thought it was intense enough for me but belive me those little 5 mg were 10 maybe 100 times stronger than that. ... It was so intense that my mind still felt very clear as i was tripping like mad. It was exactly like if i had been thrown in the middle of someone else's trip, really. I got really scared at first because i was not used to be thrown in a trip that intense in such a short time. Actually, the very intense part only lasted 10-15 minutes which means i had very little time to adapt and if i ever do it again i'll certainly not lose part of these precious minutes being scared. ... It took me another 20 minutes to feel down enough to smoke a little, then i took a quick shower and now i am writing this about an hours after injection and i still have very nice effects similar to what i could expect from a 40-60 mg oral dose.
    -manda, 5 mg intravenously

    I sampled the material a second time at a low dose (5 mg) during the recent blizzard which hit the east coast in january. This produced a very joyous, childlike state in me, I went for a 2 mile hike out in a driving blizzard, and had a great time. There was definately a strong visual component even at this low dose... the snow falling looked like clouds of shimmering diamonds. The light from street lamps refracting off the snow drifts gave the impression that the world was covered in huge mounds of purple and pink ice cream. The cold didnt bother me at all. I walked down to a local park where I stood in awe at the snow covered trees. I threw snow balls into the air. I got home, took a hot shower, and made myself some curry. The trip lasted a mere 6 hours or so, but was very nice...
    -Murple, 5 mg orally

    Ok, I know some will say it ain't so, but my curtains are revolving tubes of vertical colors. It isn't a huge visual, and it takes some staring, but it is there. This substance gives a secure and warm feeling. In a dose of 2 mg it might be an excellent antidepressant. The edge of psychedelia is there even at 4 mg, although I have heard it isn't active below 10 mg.
    -Oldtimer, 4 mg orally

    I think having a meal previous to ingestion is a good slows down the onset of the experience, giving you more time to adjust physiclly perhaps - seemed like this helped with the nausea, empty stomache trials yeilded some faster onset but more tummy problems. Helps combat dehydration a bit too. Drink lots of water...keep physical activity mild or well monitored...I think it raises ones respiration quite a bit and you tire more easily because of that. Based on some group experiments...lower dosages are better for dancing. Usually leaves you with one good thought to take home with you. Much less mental warping than LSD. Perhaps move visual than LSD.

    Wandering to the beach (I live on the coast of CA), I felt as if everything happening around me was happening just for me. Dogs joyfully chasing sticks, putting on a fantastic show. Pelicans diving into the water at just the right moment. The oil rigs would release a flame of excess gas, lighting up just for me. The truth is the that things were happening around me that I had never seen before, and they were happening at just the right time. I was so happy, because for a period of about an hour at the beach I felt that every thing going on was perfectly timed, done just for me. Back in civilization, my interaction with other people was being carried out in a Zen like fashion. I was fully stimulated, but also in a very special head-space. This orientation was so relaxed, any question directed at me was instantly answered. My feelings about other people were enhanced as on ecstasy, and I feel my confidence was related to my conviction that nothing in the world that was going on was wrong in any way. I had a tremendous sense of purpose.
    -Skip, 12 mg orally

    It may emhasize contradictions inside your mind, but it has positive MDMA-like feeling with allows you to process these issues. After the experience I usually get feeling that "pieces of the puzzle" in my life has been put into their places. It helps you to find meaning of different issues in life and find the connection between them. Sometimes the experience is filled with agony and difficult to escape the feeling. I have found out it's best to take the drug rectally. It causes less nausea and you can avoid the burning in the nose when snorting. Onset is more rapid, after 1h the effects are noticeable. The dose can be 30-50% smaller compared to dose taken orally. Medium level experience causes distorted feeling of your own body, it feels like you physical form is something different than normally. Some unexperienced users have found this very frightening.

    This is probably my favorite psychedelic, it gives great visuals, and has an MDMAish quality to it. The overall feel is very positive, definitely in tune with the spiritual world, on the high oral dose there was a definite sense of "something else" out there and that i had nothing to fear. As shulgin said....Green Light!

    Visual Effects

    The bathroom is incredible. The shower curtain is like a work of 3-D art, enhanced with flowing colors. The toilet paper designs bubble in and out as if boiling. The floor swirls all around, and even the white walls bend, and are covered with bright little specks that fly around.
    -Gumby, 60 mg orally

    The world around me eventually took on more movement then has for any other psychedelic trip ever before. Incredabale swimming, inverting, kaleidoscopic motions, always being overwhelming colorful. I was in a darkened room with the computer monitor, and at times the television, lighting up the room. The overhead light was too bright, unpleasant, and overwhelming to keep on. Eventually, the outer world became so changed, it was unrecognizable. It is truly no exaggeration to say I could not see the normal world at the peak of the experience, and I had to feel my way around.
    -MGSeeds, 50 mg orally

    The visuals are very disturbing to me. It is a repeating hexagon pattern, with each hexagon made of three diamonds (like a cube viewed with one corner dead on) with a pair of dots in each diamond. The pattern is ugly and really really scares me. I can only handle it at low enough doses that it is very subtle.

    Mental Effects

    I find 2CT7 a superb instrument to allow oneself to be rearranged - all the way down into the core - into a coherent, harmonious, well-integrated, peaceful, loving and ecstatic human being. And all that in such a gentle and peaceful way. The right dosage seems to be important. (e.g. 30 mg/150 lb) It's a great material for inner work: deep, patient, kind! And then the bliss...
    -Andrea van de Loo (medicine woman)

    I am a social worker who works with mentally ill people. On this day, I was accompanying them to the theme park for the day. ... the day in the park was a very connective experience, in that my emotional tie to my clients (the patients) seemed to be strengthened by the openess that I was feeling towards them. I felt very understanding of their problems and free to disclose my own problems in comparison. Now, I already got along great with the clients (they affectionately refer to me as 'The Head Client'). The 2CT7 just shed some light on the fact that people are people, irregardless if they are nutz or not. We're all nutz in some way.
    -Catfish Rivers, 25 mg orally

    I have benefitted GREATLY from the 2c-t-7 experience. It seemed to "cure" a case of low-grade depression that I have been experience for nearly a year now. Depression that developed as a result of some complex issues in my life. I was able to gain significant insite regarding these issues as by using 2c-t-7 as a tool for exploration. As a matter of fact, I landed in such a good place after the last trip, I have been hesitant to use 2C-T-7 again, because dont know if it will drop me back down in this same place.

    I was one with the universe. it was great dancing in the rain and jumping in puddles. probably one of the greatest experiences ive encountered in my life.
    -Freedom, 25-30 mg orally

    My 2C-T-7 experience inutterably surpassed my wildest expectations: it's the closest i've ever come to religon. 2C-T-7 opens the gateway to another world where all senses are one, and where the mind can do ANYTHING. 100% the most amazingly beautiful 8 hours i have ever lived.
    -Kurt, 30 mg orally

    Extremely spiritual drug. At one point in the evening I felt as if my body dissolved and I became the music. Often I would melt into the things I was leaning on (eg. the walls, a refrigerator) in a fun way. Make sure you have reassuring friends around as it is very easy to become scared.

    I had just broken up with my girlfriend of the past six years. Without a doubt, that has been one of the most difficult experiences of my life. Before this trip, I have not been able to except in my mind that our relationship was truly over. My self esteem was as low as could be and I doubted I could carry on with another relationship. This trip allowed me to let go of her and accept that what we once had was over. At the peak, I cried, or rather wailed, for us and what we had. This release of emotion was so intense it was like giving birth. ... Since coming out of this trip, I feel better about myself that ever, and I have a new confidence in me that has not been there for quite a while. It is hard to say exactly what is different, but so much is because of the 2C-T-7. The changes produced go far beyond what I am now mentioning, but I have not had time to integrate all that has happened to me. I just know that my life is truly different now. A true near-death experience. I also quit smoking because of the trip!
    -MGSeeds, 50 mg orally

    Greater appreciation for nature was experienced. There was also a great sense of inner peace attained as my feelings towards others were slightly negative, in other words I preferred solitarity to being around large groups.

    What a wonderful substance! It is possibly one of the easiest psychedelics to handle as far as the mental aspect is concerned. It produces very little 'trip' compared to the major psychedelics (LSD, Mescal, Psilocybin). No pronounced ego-splitting, time dilation is minimal, visuals are non-threatening and do not carry much meaning. This drug is not terribly insightful, but it does wonders for seeing the humor in all things. Initiates to psychedelic drugs handle it wonderfully, except for the duration. The drug allows you to retain mental control while still enjoying a myriad of fascinating visual, aural, and somatic effects. I find the drug to be more pleasurable than MDMA, giving a full body rush for an incredible length of time. It makes music sound better than anything. Lots of laughing, singing and lounging around. Let's keep it legal! Please!?!

    My main experience was feeling like my skin was several inches thicker. I was much more in tune with my chi and that of others.

    I tripped with a few friends on 2-c-t-7 while jamming in a basement. I had done the drug twice before and they had not. After a few hours of rough starts and stops, beer breaks and what not, we started to feel each others groove. Now jamming has inherintly some aspects of telepathy, especially when improvising. But we hooked up on some sounds that were absolutely out of this world. After we nearly collapsed from psychic strain we all related similar tales of "seeing the music" and being led along a path by "merry elementals". ... Playing while high on 2C-T-7 has had a lasting effect on my psychedelic approach to improvisational jamming.
    -Red Lizard, unspecified dose

    I have ingested almost 2 grams of 2CT7 over a 7 month period. I settled into a daily +1 museum dosage of 5-10 mg 2CT7. This is something I do with many psychedelic drugs since I use them as therapeutic agents. There is a significant [phenethylamine] hangover from the compound as well as a consistent result from each dose. It was difficult to stop taking 2CT7 and I used a SSRI to regain seratonin balance. I found it to be one of the most powerful cognition enhancers I've ever encountered.

    I have a feeling that this could be a very useful material for enhancing creativity; the mindspace is novel and open enough to be quite inspiring, without impairing one's ability to express the results of such inspiration. I find 2C-B to be very effective in this regard as well. 2C-T-7, however, gives you considerably more time in the state (nearly twice). I also believe that it could be an extremely helpful ally for the shamanically oriented psychotherapist, allowing the patient an incredibly lucid, positive, comfortable mindspace in which to reflect without the marked physical side effects of MDMA or the sometimes threatening intensity of an ego-dissolving LSD session.
    -Trey, 20 mg orally

    I got angry/short-tempered without any good reason during both my two sessions, and this is not normal for me.

    Negative Results

    Suffice it to say that at 125 mg/110 lbs the effects were unpleasant but bearable. My partner and I threw up several times and for a couple hours the visions could be described as "toxic", but the overall trip lasted about 12 hours as usual, and by the halfway point we were coming down normally. We felt surprisingly functional in mind, body and spirit the following day. Also, after we had come down substantially the effects were quite pleasant for me and I had a unique opportunity to integrate some of the darkest visions with some of the most awe-inspiring, giving me some insight into their balance. My partner says she was not so able to integrate the experience, because it was too overwhelming. We were very fortunate to have a close friend who was able to be with us within minutes after calling her. She was very good at reminding us to breathe and find our center. The hallucinations were so intense that it was difficult to see, let alone make eye contact, have a conversation, or attempt to move or manipulate objects. However, my internal landscape, although complex, was coherent and meaningful. I can think of no other entheogen I have personally encountered that can be taken an order of magnitude beyond "recommended" dosage with so few negative physical effects. The dosage we took was unintentional, but in the end we were able to laugh about it and agree that at the proper dosage 2ct7 could be quite useful. We had been complaining that we were "getting old" and never did such things anymore, and in our rush to re-enter the entheogenic realm, we made the kind of careless mistake "mere novices" tend to make. Proof that no matter how much we "know" we are still not infallible. ... While this was certainly a ++++ for me, I'm not sure I could convey the contents clearly enough to emphasize the transcendental aspect of the trip. As far as my girlfriend is concerned, there was no transcendental aspect of this trip, we were merely crazy and/or stupid. Again, I intend to try 2ct7 again at the proper dose for a basis of comparison, and I'm hoping I can write something intelligent and revealing after that.
    -Anonymous, 125 mg orally (accidentally taken after the scale was misread as 12.5 mg)

    The worst experience of my life. Demons, devils, and all negative experiences. Spent 2 months seeing a psychologist due to post traumatic stress syndrome.

    Did a reasonable well measured ammount at burningman. Felt nothing for an hour or two. Was walking constantly durring this time. Then felt like I had to take an emmergency shit. Turns out I had a ton of gas instead followed by dry heaves. Totally sick. Struggled across the playa to my camp (with some rather pleasent visuals that I was unfortunately not in the frame of mind to appreciate). Layed there feeling nasty and quasi delirious. After an hour or two, got up feeling fine and went on with my night.

    The last time I tripped I took way too much and it was so dissciative, I couldn't walk, talk, focus, see... pretty much anything, I wasn't sure if I was alive or not. It wasn't scary but it wasn't a good thing either. I think I will take a break because I've been using it a lot. I'm ok on the come down if I'm with people, but when alone I get pretty depressed on the initial comedown.

    Last week I snorted 30 mg of 2ct7... This was stupid. I guess it is equal to around 150 mg orally the physical effects were too much, in the end I decided i had overdosed and would die. I lay on the floor in my vomit and gave up my body. Once I did this I was shot into a variety of hyperspatial planes, some the same as I visit on dmt or shrooms. Here I was taught many things about myself, time, language and energy. Awesome but I felt lonely and worried for my friends who would have to deal with my death. course, I returned to my body but felt that the 2ct7 had done some real physical damage to my brain, I couldn`t move, see or hear properly. This was pretty upsetting and I called a friend to come over and help me, making that phone call was about the most difficult task I have ever done. The voices didn`t stop until saturday night, 2 days later. I still keep getting tremors of energy rising from my feet and terminating in the center of my brain.
    -crow, 30 mg insufflated

    It seems like a shoddy version of 2C-B, not as clean feeling.

    The burn was THE most intense pain I have ever experienced from snorting powders and I have snorted some painful stuff ... This stuff throroughly burnt my nose and my throat. Then the taste from the drip was absolutely awful! ... Within five minutes of snorting, it came on hard and fast. I was getting visuals even as I frantically dripped water in my nose. Fifteen minutes later the nasty taste and the terrible burn surged through my head again as I VIOLENTLY puked through both my mouth and my NOSE. I was alternately hot and cold. I expected the mad visuals but I did not expect the strong vibrations, which rattled up through my legs. While the visuals were better than any other psychedelic, I could not enjoy them. Every time I started to trip on them my heart would started pounding really hard. In fact, my heart hurt all throughout the trip and was sore for 24 hours afterwards. I was seriously worried that I might have a heart attack and I believe that I would have one at higher doses. Another difference between this trip and my oral experience was the effects on my mind. My mind was totally dissolved and I experienced complex hallucinations. For example, I thought that I had jumped out my window, then I told myself "Wait! That's a hallucination. I'm standing outside the house," then I thought "Wait! That's a hallucination. I'm looking out my window," finally I realized that I was still in bed and I frantically congratulated myself for not REALLY jumping out my window.Besides the vibrations, mind dissolution, and heart problems, the other suprising aspect was the auditory hallucinations. My hearing was ten times more sensitive then usual. Activity outside sounded like it was right in the room with me. I kept turning down my music because it was overwhelmingly loud. The next day I turned on my stereo and tried to listen to music at the volume that I had set during my trip. I could barely hear the music; I had it turned almost all the way down!!!! Music was also VERY distorted during my trip. Singers sounded very different and the tempo was a lot faster than normal. After trying different types of music it was finally too much and I turned off my stereo. Yet even the quiet room was noisy! I began to hear a ringing in my ears which morphed into different music and voices. If my account of the wild visuals sound fun, don't be fooled; it was really not worth it.
    -HeWhoLives, 15 mg insufflated

    I think that it would have been a really enjoyable experience if my dose was smaller. I did not have a *bad* time necessarily, it was just a bit more than I was anticipating. I would do it again.
    -Kaya, 15 mg orally

    I had a very bad reaction; pill started to work 2.5-3.5 hours after I ingested [it]. Feelings of sickness (nausea, weekness, loss of dexterity and control of hands and tremors) set in 30 [minutes] before the visuals set in. Feelings of sickness lasted about 7 hours along with extreme [exhaustion] and feelings of loss of consciousness, although I'm told I remained responsive. All in all the trip lasted around 14 hours with a slow come down similar to that of meth.
    -Kim, 10 mg orally

    I was propelled into 6 hours of self-sentenced hell, a state of torture through overexcitation of the sensory channels. This was a brutal, relentless assault on the senses. Visuals?? Try near blindess from visual distortion. Sounds being distorted into echoing, chirping aural hallucinations. It was way too much to take. It was as effective a torture as if someone had hooked a mild electric current to my brain stem and turned on the power. Only a seasoned vet could hold on through this. I could easily see other less hardened folks calling 911. And mind you, it was tempting, if only because of the sedative injection that I knew could bring me down. As it was, I only had a bottle of honey liqeuer (70 proof) to help me but you better believe I ran to that fucker. Alcohol suddenly became a medicine, an anaesthetic to deliver me from the torture. There I was, trying to calculate in my severely confused state how much I could drink to knock me out but not kill me. Meanwhile I almost couldn't even see the bottle, the visual distortion was so blinding. Eventually the alcohol began to wash over and dull the 2C-Torture, but then it would come back in angry waves, overwhelming the alcohol, prompting me to take more anguished swigs. Oh what I would have given for something that would have knocked me out.
    -Methyl Man, 35 mg orally

    For me it has an evil side, brings out unpleasant thoughts and feelings, makes everything look weird in a bad way. I expected outrageous visuals and euphoria, and all i got was patterns, body tremors and paranoia.

    Snorting is not the best way to go, it hurts really bad and the transition from completely sober to heavily hallucinating is not an easy one to make in five minutes with intense nasal pain.

    My first 2ct7 experience was an overdose. I insuffalated approximately 20 mg and was sent into delirium. My body felt like it was being torn apart from the inside, and my temperature regulation was out of whack. I closed my eyes and removed my clothing to escape all sensory input and was then thrown into a world of cartoonish CEVs. I have never encountered such engrossing CEVs on dextromethorphan before. This lasted for 2 hours. For the first hour I had "The Fear". Many of my CEVs involved people being found postmortum having died of drug overdoses. During this time I felt as if I were experiencing every awful emotion that one can experience, and the psychological and physical pain was intense. I felt as if my ego had been demolished, but not in the usual sense of "Who am I?" but in the sense of "I am shit, I am no better than anyone else, I am not unique." This does not sound as bad as it really was; it was one of the more psychologically painful experiences in my life. The second hour of delirious CEVs was much less painful. It was during this hour that my ego was rebuilt. I embarked on a bit of a "vision quest", but I never exactly had a sense of OOBEness, I was more of an observer. I travelled through space and time and observed many things including quite a few Southwestern United States landscapes and Native Americans ingesting peyote. All of these visuals were very cartoonish. After this I slowly began to come out of the delirium and was able to open my eyes again, after which I had a normal, albeit intense, 2ct7 trip going. The overdose was a very negative experience but also a very positive one as well. I would not wish to repeat it again simpley because I feel that I may have been in physical danger, because of the physical pain I felt and the temperature regulation problems.
    -Yossarian, 20 mg insufflated

    Drug Combinations

    I have smoked 5MeODMT while on 2C-T-7, and found the mix to be contrary. That is, the substances seem to be antithetical to one another. It doesn't leave you much room for insight.

    I usually took 1 2CT7 [ed.: as Blue Mystic tablets] on the come down of a roll, so 3-4 hours after i took E. It has wired effect. Strong halucinations, everything looks like a van Gogh painting, intensive body sensations, extremly horny, sometimes permanent contractions of stomach muscles. Sex is unbelievable intensive and extremly wild (with my partner being on the same combo, that is). Sleeping problems afterwards, usually mild/medium headache the next day, but no stronger depressive/down feeling than only E nights.

    2C-T-7 is NO EXCEPTION to the enhancing wonderfullness of marijuana: marijuana can send you back into the visuals after you have begun to come down, each hit is a power pill of visuals.

    Back into a meditative posture... more light. No aliens, insectoid thought probes, little clowns, there was only pure radiant light. It started from a single point, then flaring out and enveloping me whole. Warmth, pure radiating white, pulsating heat. Physically I feel alive, warm, energetic, happy. Somewhere in there I lost myself and became the light. Maybe I merged with it, maybe I was the light all along, but the perception of the light being something other than me ended, and I was light. Bursts of warm energy bombard me from all sides, a shower of raw energy. ... One primary idea that was present throughout the entire voyage was the need to do things mindfully. If you are not consciously aware of each and every action you make, you are basically sleeping. Every breath, step, keystroke, thought, word, and deed should be the result of a conscious decision, not a subconscious reaction... think about it.
    -Occupant, 15 mg 2C-T-7 insufflated with 100 mg ketamine and 3 grams Psilocybe mushrooms


    Mild depression and anxiety somewhat similar to the day after an acid trip in my opinion.

    [I] felt worn out the day after... was still able to function, but only a t about 70% [efficiency].

    Improved mental agility - vocabulary range seemed to widen, less like to say 'erm...' between words of a conversation.

    The effects continue on a very empathetic level. I can place myself in anothers position and understand them on an emotionally level.

    A mildy positive afterglow seems to occur for the first few days following. I've noticed some lethargy on the day following a high dose, but I would probably attribute this to the lack of sleep rather than directly to the 2C-T-7.

    Sporadic mild waves of 'complicated' nausea, combined with chilled sweats, perhaps every 6hrs, lasting about 2 and a half days. Loss of appetite concomitant with presence of nausea.

    Your mind is sharper than the day after other unmentioned drugs, however your body hates you for the abuse of staying awake for so damn long.

    I felt unable to think completely straight or concentrate deeply for about 24-48 hours afterward.

    Diarrhea once lasted 2 days afterwards.
    -Catfish Rivers

    The main side effect that I had noticed were problems with memory for approximately a week after.

    Visuals are slightly noticeable for about 48 hours after dosing. Pleasant mood and outlook on life for about the same period.
    -DJ Furby

    Next day tends to be a bit tired-but-happy and a slight positive mood shift can linger for some time.

    Very happy and motivated the following day.. everything still seems more vibrant than usual.

    I had pretty severe anxiety for a week. This is most likely due to the bad half of the trip. Also, I couldn't eat for a while afterwards... I fasted from a Friday night until Sunday morning and felt VERY bad on Sunday (the trip was sat. night) and couldn't really eat on Sunday.

    The morning afterwards I found myself extreamly dehydrated, even though I had been drinking water all night. Everything remained fuzzy and lack-luster the day after, but this did not take away from the very positive feelings that I brought out of the experiance.
    -Johnny B.

    This is the only psychedelic which has left me feeling profound goodness long after the experience.

    In some ways comparable to acid afterglow (but without the negative side effects), and in some ways comparable to mdma afterglow (but more colorful).

    Feel refreshed and active the next day.

    I was extremely fatigued for almost a week after use...i have not expirienced fatigue this dramatic from the use of any other drug.

    I'm aware that i've been thru an intense psychedelic experience that was worth all of the uncomfortable things I had to go through (i.e. the nausia and "nose burning").

    I usually feel depression/anxiety free for up to a week or so.

    After doing 2ct7 several times I now have a permanent ability to see auras. Generally makes me feel like I'm on a higher level of thinking after usage. Gives me more empathy towards people. I feel more social.
    -Marc Holdger

    Tend to feel exhuasted afterword, usually into the next day. Some muscle stiffness and soreness.

    After the trip, I continue to feel warm and gooey inside until I sleep. The next day I feel happy, relaxed, but my muscles are a little sore.

    One night, 40 mg was taken in a gelcap. After waiting for 6 hours with no noticable effects, I went to sleep. Woke up 8 hours later to intense hallucinations (bright white, primatic colors, patterns) extremely nauseous and vomited explosively. haven't had a similar experience since, after using it several more times
    -OTC Shaman

    I have not noticed any [aftereffects], on the contrary I feel much clearer the next day than with other psycadelics.

    Felt a bit sleepy & worn out, but that passed on quickly.

    The second time I tried 2C-T-7, the residual hangover effect was probably more psychological than physical for me because of the hellish nature of the second trip - I was extremely depressed & felt very disconnected spiritually, as well as finding myself totally incapable of interacting socially in any normal fashion.

    No residual effects what-so-ever to my dismay. Usually, when doing a psychedelic drug I see trails after smoking large quantities of cannibis for at least a week to ten days, but with 2c-t-7----NOTHING...!@?
    -Trypping Billy

    The first ahrd trip i had on 2ct7, the next day was blissful. I was very alert, body felt loose and relaxed and I felt 100% good. On another instance the day after I was semi groggy, a litle stiff in the joints and in my back.

    I had very vivid dreams the following day and my memory seems slightly more in focus - especially of events from many years ago. It also seemed to lighten my mood for a few days.

    Strong energy for several days after unlike many other substances.

    Long Term Effects

    The spark of creativity has lasted quite a bit... We're putting everything into action that we talked about when tripping... whereas with other drugs (like MDMA) we talk the talk, but dont walk the walk.

    I have completely and permanently forgotten important pieces of information that I thought I knew by heart (Credit card pin number, etc...)

    Have resolved relationship problems under the influence. Increased [spirituality]. Inspired artistically by the unique visual character. Helped me grieve for the death of my 18 year old dog, great empathogen.
    -Catfish Rivers

    It seems to have no long term effects when used in moderation.
    -Court Jester

    I experienced memory disturbances for longer then a week.

    I didn't have any bad side effects, but two girls that took the same dose with me got their periods messed up after using 2C-T-7. I think this is worth mentioning since I haven't heard this happen with any other drug.

    I learned alot about myself and the way that I do things. It has helped me to see through my normal barriers and realize/admit to myself things that I needed to do.

    I feel that I have more insight regarding many of the major problems that I have been facing in life. also, my last experiment was 2 or 3 weeks ago and I am some vary minor flashbacks and vivid dreams resembling the 2c-t7 experience.

    Meditation has now become much easier and more insighful. Can sometimes reach a "tripping" or "flashback" state with quiet concentration.
    -Dr. Oculon

    I don't know if I've had any long-term effects yet, but I would guess no... with the possible exception of just having a very positive experience and being happy about it.

    Can still see minor visuals (especially under influence of marijuana) for weeks after use. Increased my tolerance for LSD. A desire to succeed! Strong urge to be more giving to mankind. Went out and volunteered a week after using!

    Possibly has placed me in a better mood as I seem to notice irony in things that I may have missed before.
    -Joe Don Baker

    I'm sure it has damaged my brain/body in some way (as all drugs do). But there is no way for me to know what has been done to me, and I'm not into that spiritual hoopla.

    Vision is affected for a long long time. I took 2ct7 on saturday and sunday: its now monday and things still look 'off,' psychedlic, as it does in the last hour of an acid trip. Lights are brighter, contrast in increased, things are more colorful, and there is a lot more motion. Trees are so very beautiful all the time now -- they don't look the same as they did before I started on this drug. Also, the drug seems to have a very long afterglow, in the range of 2-3 days.

    A week after taking it, i still felt a mild afterglow, but i get the same thing from MDMA and LSD.

    Myself and others have noticed that, within two or three weeks of using 2CT7, muscle twitches of varying degree become apparent. I believe this substance is probably HIGHLY NEUROTOXIC. With large doses or frequent use, neurological symptoms become more severe. Reported symptoms include: ringing in the ears/"tinitis" like symptoms, muscle twitches, numbness in the extremities, pins and needles etc. Symptoms of cognitive damage are also reported. Impaired memory, especially difficulty in remembering simple things they had never previously had difficulty with, such as telephone numbers or the spelling of frequently used words.

    Seems to dramatically help me with my Obssesive Compulsive Disorder for at least a week after.

    Colors appear brighter outdoors. Increased feelings (positive) to nature. Trees, plants, and sunsets especially. Nature appears slightly waves delicately on trees, the sun and stars are significantly more radiant. Changes appear to be extremely long lasting...if not permanent.

    The insights poured out of my heart & mind, self-confidence, I really believed that I will be something one day =) and I will ;)
    -Mr. Im-Doing-Fine

    I feel that 2ct7 comes and leaves my body very quickly. It is a relatively clean drug.

    I gained lasting insight into several interpersonal problems I was at the time unable to get my head around, and renewed several dormant but valuable relationships in response to a reawakened desire to talk to old friends. I was inspired to create some original artworks, which I have not otherwise done since college. I also experienced spontaneous remission from depression lasting approximately 2 weeks.
    -Rev. St. Majoon O'Leary, LDD

    I would say that the side affects have been both beneficial, and slightly disturbing. I would say that I now have a better outlook on life, however, I still notice visual perception changes that make me wonder if I have somehow damaged myself. At night lights still seem brighter than they should be, and colors definitely seem brighter. I don't really mind these side affect, but it seems like they should have gone away by now.

    I feel as though my use of 2c-t-7 has effected my thought processes in general. While under its influence, the fashion which I think is very unique... but these patterns have drifted over into my sober life. The condition is best described as arriving at conclusions without thinking about a thing. Almost as though completing a thought is a reflex, and no longer a process.
    -seņor coconut

    Sharpened long distance vision still there after almost two weeks! Positive effect!
    -Sir Robin

    Both times I've tripped on 2C-T-7 I have learned a lot. The first trip was partially difficult, but mostly just astounding & the second trip was indescribably horrifying - but I came away from both experiences with a wealth of knowledge I wouldnt have gotten any other way.

    The introspective and emotionally beneficial aspects of 2CT7 have allowed me to develop and appreciate my relationships with people. 2CT7 has also helped to remove personal obstacles that have prohibited progress in my life.

    I am reminded of what is primarily important in my life, which is family friends and my spirituality.

    It definitely changes the way you look at yourself as well as other people and people in general. Similar to the first time I tried MDMA, the feelings and thoughts I had following the first 2ct7 trip were very intense and positive, allowing me to look at the grander scheme of things.

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