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Sulfurous Samadhi:
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    2C-T-2 User Quotes
    by Murple, Feb 6, 2001


    I decide it's a good time to go out, so I take my bike and go for a ride to a nearby hill. From there I watch the beginning sunset while I have a live tape from '92 with Sonic Youth playing in my walkman. After 30 minutes I walk down the opposite side of the hill, and find it to be full with Trifolium Pratense. I suck the nectar from a few of them, and I am pleasantly reminded of how I used to do so when I was a kid. I admire the purple and green hillside for a while, before I walk down to a landing-stage by the nearby lake. I spend the rest of the sunset sitting there in a yoga position meditating, admiring the sun and the refelection of it as it disappears below the horizon. I am experiencing something very religious and transcendental. By focusing at a point a bit further away, I can get the illusion of the landing-stage moving, instead of the water flowing.
    -Anonymous, 24 mg orally

    At one point I sat down on the ground, legs crossed and with a strong feeling of PERFECTION. I felt to be in a state I could dwell in forever, the euphoria and feeling of having reached the maximum of what I could be were incredibly strong. The immensity of my ego at the time bordered insanity. I asked my friend to take a picture of me while in this state, so I could check later how attractive and perfect I appeared to the outside world.
    -Anonymous, 24 mg orally

    I was enveloped by a feeling of warmth. I was covered up with a warm blanket which felt real nice. my body felt like it was suspended in air and beautiful images danced in my mind. bright beautiful neon colors twirled and shot across silver backgrounds in time with the music. I was inside of a shiney silver walled spaceship watching pentagons and hexagons morph into different shapes and colors. laser beams of neon were shooting across the room. I then saw myself outlined in neon in a completely black room. before you knew it I was holding a laser-tag gun while standing on a rotating platform. once again let me emphasize the warmth I felt. never once did I feel cold. every now and then I would catch myself smiling and kinda giggle to myself because this felt so good. not good like an MDMA good but good like I liked the place I was in and was content with what I was seeing. I felt like nothing could harm me, like I was safe from the world.
    -Embrace, 20 mg orally

    After two hours I feel like a intense psychedelic is knocking on my door, but he never comes in. It touches the surface. Dept and colour are different. The humorous substance does not allow me to stop laughing. This ceiling seems miles away, letting me drift into deep spaces, but as soon as I forget to focus, I am back to baseline.
    -Horus, 8 mg orally

    Some pressure on my head for half an hour. Sitting was better. I wondered where this would go and started to smile. The smile transformed into a laugh until my belly hurt. Then I was energy. The walls danced with me. So was anything else. Music was good to me and I was good to the turntables. Talking was nice but I had no interest in the sensual efforts of a woman. The experience lasted 7 hours in total. No after effects. This is a very controllable substance which gives the visuals without losing yourself in the experience.
    -Horus, 20 mg orally

    Visual effects reached extreme proportions. Periodically, my entire visual field would be "washed" by "waves" of color - pink, green. The size of the letters on my screen would constantly shift between very tiny to gigantic. I would see complex fractal like fields and vortexes appearing in my desk and monitor frame. Colorless (yet somehow visible) astral vines would periodically wrap around things. My floor tiles were swimming. I would see trails from stationary objects. I also experienced auditory effects. I was hearing voices constanly, which I think were conversations in adjacent apartments, and so represented sensory enhancement and not hallucinations. I was extremely confused, and the fact that my friend was unconscious didn't help to lessen that confusion. Periodically I went to check if he was responsive, occasionally he would answer incoherently. I decided to do some GHB to mellow things out, and took 2.5 grams. This seemed to lessen the confusion, but had no other noticable effects. The visual effects seemed to increase gradually, hitting a peak sometime around 1:00AM. At no time was there ever any real sense of panic, no real fear... just overwhelming confusion. Confusion to the point that I felt I was going to lose my mind - but not really. At one point I said on the chat room "I think I am [freaking out] and just don't realize it," followed by "I think this kicks ass... that or it sucks... one of the two." It didn't take me too long to decide on the former.
    -Murple, 24 mg orally

    I had a really amazing trip! I think this was almost more memorable than my 24 mg experience. 1:00-3:30AM was the peak. I had all kinds of nice visuals, similar to mescaline or 2C-B. Temporal dilation was extreme, time moved at a crawl. I had very altered mental processes, a feeling that my thinking was moving throught these strange winding logic "tunnels". It seemed as if I were moving through these tunnels, gathering insights on the way. One bizzarre moment happened during the peak as I was laying down on my bed. I found myself unable to think in English, or recall any English words. Instead, I found myself thinking in German. This was very odd, since German is not my native language. The overwhelming feeling I had through the entire trip was "Everything is OK, and everything will be OK." I came away from the whole thing with a nice optimistic outlook on life.
    -Murple, 16 mg orally

    Wonderful visuals, tracers were incredible, Such a great sense of well being. I live in MS and it never snows here. But that night it snowed a decent amount. The atmosphere was incrediable. It felt like the universe revolved around my soul. This must be the greatest drug I have ever tried.
    -Tabitha Rollins, 28 mg orally

    Visual Effects

    At one point, I was watching a pattern extremely similar to some of the patterns you might see using the 'Elements' eye-candy software, when all of a sudden out of the depths of my vision letters started to race by, in big sweeping movements, sixties/seventies-like lettertype, bright neon-colors, and just... letters, and numbers, and comma's and hyphens, questionmarks, exclamationmarks, periods, the works. Again I just laughed in amazement. I kept telling my friend that I had never imagined I could hallucinate the alphabet. It was hilarious.
    -Anonymous, 24 mg orally

    The stars twinkle and small rays of light bounce between them and around the sky. The trees exhibit strange fractaline motion, moving and twisting in the night sky. The sky is a strange purple color. I remember very powerfully that the contrast of green on purple is quite beautiful and how I wished I'd had a camera to capture the effect. Of all my experience with psychedelics, this experience was absolutely the most visually spectacular, though I believe the clarity of thought acheived is comparable to that of acid or mushrooms.
    -Anonymous, unspecified insufflated dose

    At one point while I was dancing the shapes I was watching suddenly started taking on known forms, and I was quite happily amazed when I realized I was watching myself dancing from a point to my right and about nine feet up in the air, somewhat distorted and in strange, psychedelic colors, sure, but it was definitely me. I told my friend I could see myself dancing, he asked me 'where?' and I tried to point myself out. Which is very confusing if you're watching yourself! I pointed forward, because the 'vision of me' was in front of me, but then I *saw* myself pointing in some other direction. I moved my arm around untill I saw myself pointing directly at myself.
    -Anonymous, 24 mg orally

    The first time on 2C-T-2 I was listening to a really hard acid CD and I visualised an orgy. It was so real that when I woke up afterwards, I was sad that I had unprotected sex. *That* real.
    -Anonymous, 16 mg orally

    Mental Effects

    Both me and my friend (we had tripped together a couple of times before) had a strong feeling that our trips where connected and even somewhat intertwined at some levels, and most things that I experienced, he experienced as well (and vice-versa, of course).
    -Anonymous, 24 mg orally

    2CT2 can be used a tool to search inward and can help someone see themself as they really are, and not how they think they are. ...You can look at yourself with honesty with shame and see way to help yourself.

    Very therapeutic material. I had complete introspective look at my life and the lives of others. Came out of it all with more confidence and exceptance.

    The complex yet subtle and unusual emotions [with] higher doses can be hard or heavy even though they feel to be from deep within and gentle, can be overwhelming, I've fled on a high dose from them into a lot of cognating [regarding] emotions -- recommend starting easy for best benefits, enjoy the subtlety. ...strong desires for telepathic communication.

    I had been slightly depressed for a period of time, but dealt with some of the underlying factors, and felt I was on the right track, but I was not completely free from conflicts and nuisance. Suddenly I felt this massive emotional release, I was no longer poisoned by the shame I had been feeling, and the remaining guilt didn't feel very heavy to carry on my shoulders anymore. Actually, most of it fell off. I no longer blame myself for being the one who I am, sure I do a thing or two that is not very good, but those are mistakes, and mistakes can be corrected. With this new insight I felt that I found a whole new energy to take on the world with. ...Other feelings of deeper acceptance were felt in connection to being part of the great cosmic game and the feeling that everything was going to be alright sooner or later. I enjoyed touch, and had that special cosy, warm feeling inside, centered in my chest and through it, it was beaming in and out of everything. I thought about DAMP (ADD, ADHD) and how some of the symptoms are part of my personality, and that I really would not like to be 'cured' by whatever might be available. I'd rather see a society which is adapted to different types of personality than one where you have to adapt the people to the increasingly absurd state of the western world.
    -Anonymous, 24 mg orally with 10 mg 2C-B

    By the fourth hour and onward we had ruthless clarity in communication. Each of our minds was like an impartial and dispassionate judge or shrink, no messing around, no fuss, no emotions, just pure brilliantly clear exposing of whatever needed any clarification. No fear of hurting the other with truth. Just laying it all out. We covered a vast territory, all aspects of our relationship to each other, to friends and clients, everything came under perfect scrutiny. "We decided that this might be a good thing about once a year, to take stock and make sure that nothing is left hidden or unresolved. I was actually surprised how much work can be done just using this laser clear mind. I tend to feel(!) that involving the emotions and the body itself are crucial for inner work. So, got one of my little myths popped!
    -Andrea, 20 mg orally

    Slow coming on, took an hour to feel anything at all, and 2 hours to get really into it. Then a visit to all of my current issues, becoming aware of the feelings for each issue yet oddly more like thinking about the feelings rather than experiencing them. Uncomfortable, cuz the issues are uncomfortable. My partner did likewise, but not much discussion. Finally out of issues. Then 3 - 4 hours of intense discussion of all aspects of our lives and relationship. Ayn Rand would have been proud of us! A very clear laser like objectivity, deeply truthful, cleansed of all emotions and yet in no way obscured. We talked about EVERYTHING. ...I had done an acid journey a couple of weeks earlier, with a number of incomplete processes as a result. 2ct2 cleared these up most emphatically.
    -Hara Ra, 24 mg orally

    Negative Results

    I had heard from another friend that snorting the stuff was fabulous, so I decided to try it out. We each take two bumps, roughly the size of the end of a pencap. It burns like hellfire for half an hour or so. ...It burns like sulphuric acid and the smell sticks with you for hours and hours. I think the smell contributed the most to the nausea.

    I can remember trying to jerk off, taking my clothes off, running through the entire house naked. I can remember going to the cellar, naked, spotting some old TV-Guides for nude women. I can remember going up and down the stairs again and again. I can remember going to the toilet for a shit, wiping my ass and looking at the toiletpaper. I can remember going to the toilet to do exactly the same again, after one minute. I was just completely fucked. Music did not compute, internally. I was listening to a mixed CD, but the songs did not blend. Instead, when the next tune started playing, a new world would start in my mind. I got dressed, then undressed myself. I tried to jerk off again but was tripping too hard. Got dressed again. Got in bed. Out of bed. Onto the sofa. Watched some TV, tried to jerk off again (to a butt-and-thighs shaper). I got cold. I felt miserable. I was past the phase "Oh God I want this to end". I was past anywhere I had ever been. Yet there were *no* cool trippy effects like with 'shrooms or LSD. I did not enjoy the trip. At T+ 6:00, I think, I got dressed again and made myself a stawberry-jam sandwich. I put on my coat, unlock the door and got out. I only walked for 2 minutes, then got back in. Locked the door again. Took off my coat. Went to the toilet again. It was hell.
    -Anonymous, 32 mg orally

    The body load is extreme. 2.5 hours of nausea is not made up for by the high, and no significant insight seemed to come from the high.

    About a half hour in, without any warning whatsoever, I had to vomit; shortly after that, I was feeling fine again. A half hour later I was finally starting to feel the effects. The effects were mostly visual to me: the room became very soupy, and I was able to play with the trails in the air in a very tangible way. Psychologically, meanwhile, I wasn't particularly stimulated by the experience; it was weird in a very undramatic fashion, but provided no particular 'content' that I could find.
    -Scotto, 40 mg orally

    Out of all of the sulfur compounds I found this one the most uninteresting. ...I went ahead and pushed the dose to 32 mg and had some very significant side effects (sweatiness, shakiness, jaw clenching, restlessness...sympathomimetic overdrive) and no increase at all in psychedelic or other effects. ...This one just wasn't that interteresting for me, it seemed to "lack" something... but i'm not sure what.
    -Don Carlos

    Drug Combinations

    I laid there with my eyes closed and saw fantastic images passing before my eyes. A strange looking guy playing an acoustic guitar, wearing sunglasses, and in his sunglasses there was a reflection of himself. Cartoonish images that reminded me of the Beatles movie Yellow Submarine and the animations in Monty Python's Flying Circus together with strange looking letters were floating around in my consciousness. I felt the music swirl around my head, it was pure synaesthesia. I no longer smelled, heard or saw anything. I just felt it. I was one with pure cosmic bliss, and every other psychedelic cliche you can think of. I felt myself being transformed into warm jets of energy that were beamed out into the universe as one and all.
    -Anonymous, 16 mg orally with 15 mg 2C-B

    Im in a really interesting space. VERY nice. Much like mescaline, indeed! Similar to my San Pedro experiences, but milder on the body. I can feel the 2C-T-2 in there, and the MDMA... but theybe all melded into a nice whole. Colors stand out in razor sharp clarity. Very vivid, yet natural. Mescaline-type visuals overall. ... Wow... this has only been 10 minutes? I must be experiencing some pretty heavy time distorions. Laying down in bed with my eyes closed I had some great closed eye visuals. I see things flitting around the corners of my vision with open eyes. Colors are ultra-crisp. I see little fractally overlays over alot of things. Shimmery and spider-weblike. Similar to what I've gotten from mescaline. Sounds of crickets outside are amplified and reverbate - natural music. Physical sensations are amazing. Not quite like mescaline or MDMA but about half way in between the two polarities. I can feel the MDMAishness fading some, but the 2C-B and definately the 2-C-T-2 are going strong still! In some ways theres a GHB-ish feel to the physical aspect. This is very interesting... and nice.
    -Murple, 4 mg 2C-T-2 orally with 10 mg 2C-B and an unknown dose of MDMA

    I once smoked [cannabis] while the plateau was ending but still quite strong, and the only way I could describe this to a companion was, "THIS is what they mean when they say, 'this is blowing my mind'". Time was extremely slowed and motion had a beautiful, blurred fluidity.

    I am just along for the ride, not in control. Unfortunately I am unable to bring much of the experience back. The next time I check a clock it is 2 hours later and I'm left with some vague impressions. I am not the same person who went into this experience, but I can't pinpoint the difference. Confusion reigns. No conscious answers to my questions. Setting requires my attention on occasion, distracting me. I go in and out of the k state for another hour or so, and am mostly back to baseline at the 4 hour point. Sleep comes easily. ...I'm glad I did it, but probably wouldn't repeat the combination.
    -Ouro, 6 mg insufflated with 70 mg ketamine

    ...the dosage was not high enough to fall into the K-hole but combined with the 2CTC2, it allowed you to move in and out of one reality to the next dimension and back in consciousness. Often when taking K by itself, you come out of it like you had a major dream but with 2CT2, you are able to integrate in the different states... further, your motor senses are not completely knocked out, you can have a good trip and physical pleasures combined.
    -Philip, 8 mg orally with 50 mg ketamine intramuscularly

    As with every other psychedelic, nitrous and 2C-T-2 combine beautifully. I melted into my furniture while my visual field swirled and rippled. Amazing.
    -Anonymous, 16 mg orally with nitrous oxide


    Undefinable emotion lingering for some time afterward, deep and possibly sad but bound to joy, best word i can come up with is soulful - aware of connection to other feeling beings yet more in touch w/individuality at same time, sometimes an ok lonliness leading myself to myself for companionship or somethin like that.

    A general feeling of accomplishment and clarity. Much like that after dealing with a very painful headache. When it is gone, the world seems a bit different.

    Long Term Effects

    I've got the feeling that I can hear more detail/structure in music. Emotions seem to be more intensified (in an enjoyable way), at some times. Am enjoying lfe more.

    Learnt to look upon our pursuit of wealth and social status, see ourselves great and small at the same time and smile.

    Better outlook on the world... 2c-t-2 makes me look at the world through a different set of eyes, which sees the magic hiding in every nook and crannie.
    -Seņor Coconut

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