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Sulfurous Samadhi:
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  • Sulfurous Samadhi
    Blue Mystic Flier, Version One
    by Murple, Feb 6, 2001

    Blue Mystic (contents per tablet: 7.5 mg PT-DM-PEA) 5 tabs. = 1-2 doses

    Women usually need 2-3 tabs for a full dose, while men normally need 4-5 tabs for a full dose. Take the wanted dose in once. Double dosing is not a option because that does not increase the effects. Because about 15% of the people that try this psychedelic, need much less than others, it is very strongly recommended to start with a low dose the first time you try this. Being careful may cause that you miss the boat, but that is better than to take too much. You can work your way up in a different few times to try to find your optimal dose.

    General effects & course of the experience:
    This is a strong one. The effects can last 8 up to 15 hours. A lot of people compare PT-DM with mescaline for the feeling and visuals that it brings. There are also characteristics of 2CB, LSD (visuals) and MDMA (feelings) involved. The onset usually begins between 30 - 90 minutes after ingestion. For some the onset takes a little bit longer. An energetic / physical dynamic feeling, visual and auditory changes come in. The way up to the peak may be a little bumpy. Approximately 1- 2 hours after the onset the peak experience begins. This can be compared to the peak of mescaline and is often experienced mystical and full of awe. Most find it much easier to navigate than with other psychedelics. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 - 6 hours after onset a plateau sets in and will stay for 2,5 - 6,5 hours. This is a long one. But you are able to sleep and eat if desired. The plateau is considered mild but absolutely present. The visuals are subtle and a strong feeling, (a bit MDMA-like) lasts for the rest of the experience. Some experience time dilution. Best synth we know of! Please read the enclosed flight instructions.

    Take this on an empty stomach / after a very light meal, or otherwise there may be some nausea in the beginning of the experience. Drink enough fluids during the experience to prevent dehydration. If at any time headache may occur during the experience, then solve this by eating and drinking The way you feel and think before the experience is essential for the character of the experience. So, if you don't feel comfortable and well, postpone the use of The Blue Mystic. We strongly advise you to take the trip in a peaceful and relaxed environment: Preferable in the presence of good friends. Blue Mystic is not suited for party's. This is something to take time for. Make sure there are no troubles on your mind.

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