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Sulfurous Samadhi:
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  • Sulfurous Samadhi
    2C-T-2 Flier
    by Murple, Feb 6, 2001



    What is 2C-T-2?

    2C-T-2 is a synthetic compound in the "phenethylamine" family of chemicals. 2C-T-2 is a psychedelic amphetamine with two sides: an energetic "speedy" one and a mind-expanding "trippy" one. The "trippy" effect is the dominant one in 2C-T-2.

    What does 2C-T-2 do?

    2C-T-2 has a consciousness-altering effect. In general, this is described as "tripping" or "hallucination". The user's perception of reality changes, time and space take on a different meaning and emotions - either positive or negative - can be enhanced.

    Dosage and use

    One tablet of 2C-T-2 contains 8 milligrams of the active substance. 2C-T-2 is sold in sets of two 8 mg tablets - a total dose of 16 mg.

    If you are using 2C-T-2 for the first time, or only want to experience mild effects, take one tablet with a considerable amount of water. It is advisable to have some food in your stomach, so as to retain the water for a time. If you take two tablets (16 mg), expect a strong and intense experience. Never take two tablets the first time you use 2C-T-2!!!


    Hallucinogens like 2C-T-2 strengthen the intensity of your senses. Use these substances in a peaceful setting. Outdoors (in a wood or park) or at home are ideal places. Do not take them when you are alone, unless you are an experienced user. Well-chosen music and light, incense and your own positive attitude can heavily influence the effects of the substance, and will intensify the experience. Ensure that you have plenty of water to hand, and a place where you can lie down comfortably.


    Consciousness-changing substances such as 2C-T-2 can have a major effect on your life. In our opinion, their benefit comes from integrating the insights which you gain during your experience into your life. Never underestimate 2C-T-2!

    After using 2C-T-2, take good care of your body. A balanced diet and use of the correct vitamins and food supplements will accelerate the recovery of your brain and other organs. Drink plenty of fluids during the days following use, so as to detoxify your body rapidly.
    Do not use 2C-T-2 if you:
    • are pregnant or breast-feeding;
    • suffer from depression;
    • are taking mood or consciousness-altering medicines or other drugs;
    • are diabetic;
    • have high or low blood pressure;
    • have a heart or lung disease;
    • have ever had hepatitis A or B or any other liver infection;
    • intend to drive or operate machinery;
    • have drunk alcohol;
    • are younger than 18;
    • are being forced to against your will;

    If you are in any doubt do not take the substance, or ask a specialist or doctor for advice!

    Increased physical effort whilst using 2C-T-2 can cause nausea and headaches.

    Exclusive distributor: Conscious Dreams Distributie bv, Amsterdam, tel. +31 20 470 7744.

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