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Sulfurous Samadhi:
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    User Quotes 2C-T-2 vs. 2C-T-7
    by Murple, Feb 6, 2001

    I found 2C-T-2 to be nothing at all like 2C-T-7. It has an all together different nature. ... 2C-T-2 hits you hard and fast. 2C-T-7 has a long and slow come up, yet they both peak by the three-hour point. ... 2C-T-2 is not a very visual psychedelic. I had very nice visuals, don't get me wrong, but NOTHING at all like I would on 2C-T-7. ... I was very nauseous in the beginning [of the 2C-T-2 trip], more so than with 2C-T-7 ... It is definitely stronger on a milligram per milligram basis compared to 2C-T-7, as 20 mg of 2C-T-7 would not have been that strong. 2C-T-2 seemed to do little to the music. Again, this is not 2C-T-7. To me, it was more of an introspective head-trip, rather than the mind candy effects of 2C-T-7. I was lost in internal thought, rather than becoming enthralled with the outside world. I disagree with an Internet posting that stated 2C-T-2 is a wannabe 2C-T-7. ... I never experienced any of the body-load that 2C-T-2 has been accused of producing. In fact, it much easier on my body than 2C-T-7 ever has been. ... If you want mind-blowing visuals like those produced by 2C-T-7, this is not your drug. But for an introspective journey with a somewhat short duration and a non-threatening nature, this is the chemical for you.

    The visual aspect [of 2C-T-7] was nice, but less pronounced than the visuals from 2C-T-2 or mescaline. The physical body high was similar to mescaline, and quite enjoyable... except towards the end I felt some uncomfortable neck and shoulder muscle tension similar to the phenomenon one of Shulgins associates in PiHKAL described as the 'MDA cloak'. During the peak, I noticed extreme time dilation, similar to 2C-T-2. I also noticed some very extreme aphrodisiac effects during the first hour or so of the trip. This material also doesn't seem to kill the appetite, and I found making and eating a meal after the peak to be an incredible experience. From the time I ate the drug until I was able to fall asleep was around 9 hours. I found the trip to be comparable to 20 mg of 2C-T-2, although there are very significant differences between the two. ... Its interesting that I'm unusually sensitive to 2C-T-7, though I show no unusual sensitivity to 2C-T-2. Just goes to show that you cant make assumptions one one drug based on another, no matter how similar they may be.

    Kind of similar to T-7, more distortion, less warmth. With T-7 there is a gentle contentment that is not present here. This is more like the apathy of LSD. The visuals are not the smooth waves of color I get from T-7, but more a fragmentation and 3-dimensional layering with similar refraction. There is no nausea as with T-7 liftoff.

    It seemed to me, after later getting a chance to try 2ct7, that 2ct2 was a 'wannabe' version of 2ct7, only without quite as much good clean fun buried within it, and for me at least, a significantly higher body load.

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