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Recommended A Liter of Green Dragon Rusted Satellite Cannabis & Alcohol 2010 Jun 13
Recommended Awakening the Green Dragon Draco Cannabis with Alcohol 2008 Apr 29
Vin Mariani Procedure Perfected InnerExplorer Erythroxylum Coca 2014 Dec 02
Rectal Alcohol sillywabbit Alcohol 2012 Apr 18
Old Family Recipe Alvaterssklave Henbane & Alcohol 2008 Jul 28
Vin Mariani Firedog Coca & Alcohol 2008 Jun 24
Lucidity from the Great Randomizer Game Cat Yarrow & Alcohol 2006 Mar 21
Absinthe Makes The Cart Topple Yonder FaminedShaman Hobo Absinthe 2002 Apr 11
Bitter Fun curious george Cacti - T. pachanoi, Alcohol, Cannabis & Salvia divinorum 2022 Dec 20
The Dark Liquid Top Layer chemist31 Poppies - Opium (tincture) 2020 Nov 12
Didn't Do a Great Deal on Its Own Robert E Blue Lotus Beer & Cannabis 2019 Nov 11
Good Mixer northcorner Leonotis leonurus, Cannabis & Alcohol 2019 Sep 06
A Fun Drug for an Evening on My Own Beaver Amanitas - A. pantherina & Alcohol - Beer 2018 Aug 10
Just About the Perfect Stimulant anonymous Coca, Hard Alcohol & Cannabis 2017 Oct 12
Superior Heroic Remedy Serenity Poppies - Opium (Seed Extract) 2012 Jan 12
Pilsenkraut Experience Salviablue Pilsenkraut (Henbane & Alcohol) & Cannabis 2009 Aug 26
Bitter 'Blue' Wine splice Nymphaea nouchali var caerulea & Alcohol - Wine 2007 Apr 24
Bitter Brew with a High User Alcohol - Beer (with Wormwood) & Cannabis 2007 Mar 07
Wyk Warrior bErSeRkY Alcohol (Mead) 2005 Apr 07
Tongtong Ju is Great A Happy Camper Ginseng & Alcohol 2001 Dec 25
Everything Is a Bit Smoother Blue Eyed Boy Nymphaea caerulea (Blue Lotus) & Wine 2018 Mar 30
4 or 5 Pulls Off a Nebulizer unrealalcoholism Alcohol 2018 Mar 28
Gelatin CokeShots DeKrim Cocaine & Alcohol - Hard 2007 Dec 19
Lemon Extract Isn't All Bad KMK Alcohol (from food extracts) & DXM 2007 Apr 18
Caution Homebrewers B Alcohol (mead) 2001 Oct 23
Beer Brewers and Home Growers Unite DTM Cannabis Cultivation 2001 Aug 31
Just Need to Tweak the Dosages Lapiseyed DMAA, Theanine & Alcohol - Hard 2021 May 20
Coca Creme De Cacao Coca Pyre Coca & Alcohol 2019 Sep 04
Feeling Was Much More Calming wabbit Kratom & Alcohol 2018 Oct 16
Up The Ass Anonymous Alcohol 2008 May 22

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