Arylcyclohexylamines Reports - Difficult Experiences
Difficult Experiences
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Recommended Intense Paranoid Delusions and Terror TOnY Methoxetamine 2016 Feb 26
Recommended Worrisome Side Effects Xorkoth 4-Fluoroamphetamine, Methoxetamine, 2C-T-21, Cannabis & Etizolam 2014 May 12
Recommended Is This a Simulation? Sun Drugs Methoxetamine 2013 Dec 25
Recommended Disassembled Into Atoms Tela PCP & Cannabis 2013 May 04
Recommended Warning From a K-User jiffyam Methoxetamine 2011 May 13
Recommended The World Shrank Jen PCP 2007 Nov 12
Recommended Bits of Metal and Boiled Chicken sparkle kitty PCP & Cannabis 2006 Nov 14
I Can't Imagine How It Feels to Be a Dust Bunny Haha Sasha PCP 2017 Nov 16
Tangle of Incomprehensible Rainbows nervewing 2C-C,4-AcO-DET, 5-APDB, Ephenidine, LSD, Methoxetamine, Ketamine & DMT 2017 Nov 01
It Seems Like I'm Still Alive cylindricalchrist Methoxphenidine & THJ-018 2016 Aug 03
Difficulty Unexpected dsig Methoxetamine & Cannabis 2016 Apr 24
Fapster in Wonderland Fapster Methoxphenidine 2015 Sep 14
He's Lost His Marbles disorder bro 4-AcO-DMT & Methoxetamine 2013 Jul 01
M-Hole Multiverse - Getting Back to Singular Pandora Spice Methoxetamine 2012 Jan 06
Today a Day I Won't Remember Jaybee Methoxetamine 2011 Jul 23
Stuck in a Wormhole JustAlex Methoxetamine 2011 Jul 14
Scaring Chemical Goliath Methoxetamine 2011 Feb 11
Pink T & Pop Rocks Anoldguy PCP & Cannabis 2008 Dec 08
I Feel Like I'm in a Video Game Kaliescope Eyes PCP & Cannabis 2007 Jun 19
Accidently smoked PCP Bobalouie Cannabis & PCP(?) 2005 Apr 23
Dangers of Compulsivity and Lack of Self-Control Dolores 6-APB, O-PCE & MXPr 2023 Jan 18
Too Much for Me M Methoxetamine 2020 Dec 29
My Body Kept Yelling, POISON NoMHole Methoxetamine 2020 Oct 19
Pretty Good D Methoxetamine & Cannabis 2020 Apr 02
Euphoric Death ChrisB. Cannabis & PCP 2018 Apr 21
Demons Everywhere somerandomgirl Cannabis & PCP 2017 Nov 17
Hallcinations, God and the Devil Typical stoner Cannabis & PCP 2017 Nov 17
Suddenly the Smoke Changed jones Plant Material with PCP 2017 Nov 17
Forever Changed smokemota PCP on Cannabis? 2017 Nov 16
I Believed I Was Never Coming Back... slybootz Methoxetamine, Ketamine, & 2C-B 2016 Nov 16
Dark Trip Homelesshero Methoxphenidine 2016 Mar 06
Whiteout - Temporary Loss of Sight and Hearing narkopolet Mushrooms - P. cubensis, Mexothetamine, B. caapi, & Cannabis 2016 Jan 25
Intensity Thy Name Is RC SpaceOddity 25I-NBOMe, Methoxetamine & 4-AcO-DMT 2013 Sep 16
Something I Never Want to Go Through Again Chronic Blunts 25I-NBOMe, MDMA & Methoxetamine 2013 Feb 21
Playing with Fire ulfy Methoxetamine 2012 Jan 08
Laced With Terror and Insanity Anthony PCP & Cannabis 2011 Feb 15
A Wild Ride To Remember To Young To Die MDMA & PCP 2008 Jul 23
Did Not Expect This joe sidewalk PCP & Cannabis 2007 Jun 28
Wow My Heart Is Gonna Explode Carl PCP & Cannabis 2007 Mar 06
PCP Experiences Ryan7 Cannabis & PCP 2006 Jul 21
A Series of PCP Experiments experimentator PCP, MDMA, GHB & Cannabis 2005 Jul 01
God Was a Tease sosxeno Cannabis ('with PCP') 2004 Dec 17
Long-Lasting Aftereffects! Ken PCP & Cannabis 2002 May 08
PCP and Crystal Meth = bad idea Suedehead PCP & Methamphetamine 2000 Oct 29
Don't Lord Rex PCP 2000 Sep 12
My Ride on White Train Toasty PCP 2000 Sep 12
Crazy PCP trip Jayson Eldridge PCP 2000 Sep 12
Hell on Earth Linguistic Liberation Troy F Methoxetamine & Wine 2020 Apr 03
Uptown Saturday Night Dumb Ass PCP, Flunitrazepam & Alcohol - Hard 2018 Feb 15
Day Job Got A Lot Harder KrakHeadMaster PCP 2017 Nov 12
Extreme Madness Contain Methoxetamine, GHB & AM-2201 2013 Dec 20
I Don't Want to Do It Again uterly confused Methoxetamine 2011 Jul 23
Unforgettably Strange KraftWerk PCP 2008 Jan 25
A Strange and Angry Night Stonergirl PCP 2019 Jan 02
My Only Bad Ride On The Love Boat J GEEZUS PCP & Alcohol 2018 Jun 01
Trying To Open Walls Chuckster PCP 2017 Nov 12

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