Caffeine (also No-Doz; Vivarin; Energy Drink) Reports - Addiction & Habituation
Addiction & Habituation
(37 Total)

Recommended My Beloved Partner Reene Caffeine (Pepsi) 2005 Jul 16
Never Knew That I Truly Was Addicted V Coffee 2019 Jul 10
Coffee Slave hooked Caffeine 2012 Nov 02
Inspired to Quit Taren Caffeine & Various 2011 May 04
A Nasty Drug Gurd Yuk...! Traven Caffeine (Coffee, Coca Cola) 2009 Oct 03
Zoning and Speeding Where-Am-I Caffeine, Pharmaceuticals & Migraines 2008 Feb 23
A Scary Climax to an Addiction Stereophonic Caffeine 2007 Nov 16
Addict Went Too Far Fnord Caffeine 2006 Jun 01
Bulimic With a DPH Problem NotT Diphenhydramine & Caffeine 2022 Jan 04
Love/Hate dexter Butalbital, Caffeine & Acetaminophen 2018 Jun 28
Quick and Dramatic Mood Change EEP Caffeine 2018 Mar 08
Caffeine Addiction and Withdrawal caffeine queen Coffee & Tea 2016 Dec 14
I've Tried to Quit Tripp Caffeine 2016 Jul 19
Withdrawal cootacatta Caffeine 2011 Jul 16
Caf-fiendish Experience Sam Caffeine 2010 Apr 17
The Caffeine Fiend stenza Caffeine & Cannabis 2009 Sep 04
Caused Headaches E. G. Cooper Caffeine 2007 Mar 12
Quitting A. Shaver Caffeine 2003 Jun 02
Caffeine addiction warning Formaldehyde Caffeine 2003 Jan 15
Ooh the Deception! Sleepyhead Caffeine 2002 Aug 27
Diet Anyone? Axim Caffeine 2001 Jun 30
My Goddess and My Destroyer Never Green Caffeine 2001 Mar 05
Very Enjoyable if Used Correctly Mike Caffeine 2000 Oct 29
Love/Hate Relationship Anonymous Caffeine 2000 Jul 16
Stopped Using It for Two Months Dr. B Caffeine 2020 Jun 24
Blighted With This Problem 'Bagpuss' Caffeine 2018 Jun 11
Everybody's Favorite Crutch mapk33 Caffeine 2003 Oct 29
I Began to Suspect That I'd Injested Too Much Byrd Caffeine 2003 Jun 21
Bad Time For A Caffeine Addict Bryan Caffeine (Vivarin) 2002 Mar 26
Hell On Two Feet Misskyedid Caffeine 2001 Nov 28
Losing My Tolerance show Cannabis & Caffeine (Energy Drink) 2019 May 25
It's Been a Long Wait ButalBitRx Butalbital, Caffeine & Acetaminophen 2018 Jun 28
Black Gold Dr. Love Caffeine (Coffee) 2018 Feb 23
36 Hours and Counting Tyrell Caffeine & Ginkgo biloba 2018 Jan 02
Reduce to Benefit wakker Coffee 2011 Jul 15
Irregular Heartbeat Tuscani Caffeine 2002 Oct 17
Really Up or Really down on C* Travis Caffeine 2002 May 28

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