Caffeine (also No-Doz; Vivarin; Energy Drink) Reports - Health Problems
Health Problems
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Always Use A Spoon CoffeeDude Caffeine (Coffee) 2010 Apr 17
A Nasty Drug Gurd Yuk...! Traven Caffeine (Coffee, Coca Cola) 2009 Oct 03
Dear God, Please Spare Me Tonight Nick Caffeine 2009 Jul 25
Zoning and Speeding Where-Am-I Caffeine, Pharmaceuticals & Migraines 2008 Feb 23
A Scary Climax to an Addiction Stereophonic Caffeine 2007 Nov 16
Caffeine and Sports Rear Admiral Caffeine 2007 Jun 08
Yellow Vomit Close to Modern Caffeine 2007 May 10
My Head Hurts Erica Caffeine 2007 May 10
Buzzing and Crashing Evan Rhodiola Rosea, Caffeine & Ginseng 2007 Feb 24
My Life's Edge Koorac Caffeine 2006 Jun 18
The Shakes A. Hamilton Caffeine 2005 Jul 26
Every Day - Hell - Unknown regrets Caffeine 2002 Dec 05
Puke Yellow Nightchild12 Caffeine 2001 Dec 17
Bulimic With a DPH Problem NotT Diphenhydramine & Caffeine 2022 Jan 04
Overly Caffeinated Mild Hallucinations Austin Coffee 2021 Feb 01
A Panic Attack and A Trip to Hospital Tim Methylphenidate, Caffeine & Cannabis 2021 Jan 09
Think Before You Leap.... Soren Caffeine (tablets) 2020 Apr 20
No Thanks... ZoneOneOni Propylhexedrine (Benzedrex) & Caffeine 2010 Jul 26
A Horrible Day At Work Jay-Tee-En Caffeine (Coffee) & Cannabis 2010 Apr 17
Caf-fiendish Experience Sam Caffeine 2010 Apr 17
E.T. with Sharp Teeth Hdasher Caffeine 2010 Apr 17
Curled Up in a Ball Doggie Caffeine 2009 Oct 04
Two Days in the Hospital sputnik Caffeine & Sertraline (Zoloft) 2008 Apr 18
Hangover That Never Seems To Go Away JZArtist Caffeine, Ephedrine & Supplements 2008 Mar 28
Worst Drug Experience I've Had SNK Caffeine & Cannabis 2007 Nov 15
April Fool’s Day Peth Caffeine 2007 Jul 25
Caused Headaches E. G. Cooper Caffeine 2007 Mar 12
Death Blooms gODHEAD Caffeine 2003 Apr 17
Ooh the Deception! Sleepyhead Caffeine 2002 Aug 27
Rhythmic Meditation weev Caffeine 2001 Nov 30
Dont Do Too Much Caffeine Arson Caffeine 2001 Oct 27
Diet Anyone? Axim Caffeine 2001 Jun 30
Harmless Killer? CAT Caffeine 2001 Apr 11
Can Caffeine Really Do This? Ghost Caffeine 2000 Nov 01
Shakes, Sweat, Cold, and Anxiety KC Caffeine 2000 Sep 08
Going Up Not Down on Caffeine Euphoric Chic Caffeine & DXM 2000 Sep 08
I have shit for brains Goddess Caffeine 2000 Sep 08
Panic Attack and Palpitating Heart Stars Caffeine 2000 Jul 16
Never Again ECGirlie Caffeine 2000 Jul 16
Organic Brain Syndrome Brigid Caffeine 2000 Jul 16
Caffeine Fatal Anonymous Caffeine 2000 Jun 22
Stimulants are Bad for Me Reverend Caffeine 2000 Jun 14
Wired Dissociation Triode Caffeine 2000 Jun 14
I Thought I Had A Heart Attack Moni Caffeine & MDMA (Ecstasy) 2018 Jun 12
I Think It Was the Caffeine, Awful but Mystic corei5 caffeine Coffee & Nootropics 2018 Apr 13
My Ordeal Anarchist hippy Caffeine 2008 Jun 03
Seizure and Hospital Trip Back on Track Alprazolam (Xanax), Ephedrine, & Caffeine 2004 Jun 22
Wild Heart anonymous Caffeine 2003 Dec 05
I Began to Suspect That I'd Injested Too Much Byrd Caffeine 2003 Jun 21
Anxiety and Heart Palpitations Arahant Ephedrine, Tobacco & Caffeine 2002 Dec 05
Seizures On My Bathroom Floor LuLu Ephedrine, Caffeine (Xenadrine) & Alcohol 2002 Nov 27
Pill Nightmare Rusty Shackleford Caffeine 2019 Jul 08
Mini-Thins Blow EAC One Cannabis, Ephedra & Caffeine 2018 May 03
Horrible (Overdose) clrwk Caffeine (from Guarana) 2011 Feb 25
Avoided Coffee and Ativan Worked Again one Lorazepam & Coffee 2007 May 29
No Short-Term Memory Billybob g Caffeine 2006 May 27
Hallucination, Pulp Fiction Style Ted L. Caffeine 2002 Jan 17
No Doze No no The Krypt Angel Caffeine 2001 Aug 17
Caffeine Sensitivity Gia Caffeine 2001 Mar 05
Really Bad Day At School Big Mike Caffeine 2000 Oct 23
The KiLLaFoRnIaN Death Trip Nathan Caffeine 2000 Oct 14

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