Ketamine (also Ketalar; Ketaset; Special K; K) Reports - Addiction & Habituation
Addiction & Habituation
(40 Total)

Highly Recommended Navigating Through K-Space Lungfish Ketamine 2004 Sep 10
Highly Recommended K Confessions Legofeel Ketamine 2000 Aug 10
Recommended My Emptiness Fuckedup Ketamine 2015 Dec 05
Recommended Me, My Brain, Ketamine, and a Miracle K-ally Ketamine (withdrawal from Kratom/Opioids) 2005 Mar 30
Recommended Face to Face With My Soul Alanster Monster Ketamine 2002 Jul 14
Intensive Self-Analysis harryanslinger92 Ketamine & Cannabis 2018 Apr 14
A Retrospective of Addiction Radium MDMA, Ketamine, Methoxetamine & Etizolam 2014 Nov 14
The Way K Creeps Dopey Mcgee Ketamine 2011 Feb 01
Years Ruined by K Addiction JayBee Ketamine 2009 Jan 25
Hare Krishna Stomp Wagon Corey C. Ketamine, Heroin & Cannabis 2004 Feb 05
Ketafiend Ali K Ketamine 2002 Jul 02
New Technicolour Sadness slsb 2C-B & Ketamine 2023 Sep 05
Delusions Brought on by Repeated Use sombreroleone Ketamine 2019 Mar 27
The Spiral Down anonymous Ketamine 2018 Jul 22
Addiction, Medical Issues marie vee Ketamine 2011 Jul 15
Stomach Pain Caused By Abusive Usage Keyhole Ketamine 2009 Mar 25
The Wonders and Evils of Kayaking Mx Dg Ld Ketamine 2007 Apr 23
Into the Hallways of Perception Cycle of destruction Ketamine 2007 Apr 11
Lifelong Dissociative Freak Persistent PCP, Ketamine & DXM 2003 Jul 16
Shadow of My Former Self Biscuits Ketamine 2002 Feb 19
Total Addiction Loren Ketamine & Various 2019 Dec 03
Intense Realm of Trips Jaime Ketamine, MDMA & Alcohol 2019 Jun 10
Able to Convert Humans to Vegetables... Udiniii Ketamine 2018 Dec 27
Exit From Addiction Mohamed Ketamine & Lamotrigine 2018 Aug 18
Flying Through Time and Space waj1506 S-Ketamine 2018 May 10
The Roller Coaster Was Going Quite Slow TheManWithTheHand Ketamine 2018 Jan 25
Soul Medicine Tiger DMT & Ketamine 2017 Nov 18
Dream Waves trappist-1 Ketamine 2017 Sep 14
Loss of Self urbanshaman Ketamine 2017 Aug 04
Playing With Reality Being Cautious Lucidscience Methoxetamine & Ketamine 2017 Jan 01
Serious Problem Yasmina Ketamine 2011 Jul 23
My Agonizing, Uncurable Pain kittyuser/abuser Ketamine 2008 Jul 29
Addictive Mentally Not Physically Max W LSD & Ketamine 2018 Dec 27
Perdition gatekeeper MDMA, Ketamine & Cocaine 2018 Dec 27
Has No Recreational Value Foggycollector Ketamine 2018 Oct 30
Chronic Use notforyou Ketamine & Pharmaceuticals 2018 Oct 23
Too Much Too Soon Flighty Ketamine, Cocaine, Beer & LSD 2018 Mar 21
Back From the Ride. sam smith Ketamine 2018 Mar 17
Konnecting the Dots k-man DXM & Ketamine 2017 Aug 29
Diary of a K-Head Akaa Ra Ketamine 2000 Oct 22

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