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Health Benefits
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Highly Recommended Visits Home To Myself jean LSD 2003 Jun 09
Recommended Therapeutic Cathartic Effects of Candyflip Shoobie Doo LSD, MDMA (Ecstasy), Cannabis & Mind Machine 2007 Apr 14
Recommended LSD Psychotherapy #4 - Brainwashing psilocybe LSD 2006 Feb 06
Recommended Healing PTSD in a Case of Sexual Abuse Marcela MDMA & LSD 2001 Oct 04
I Used to Be Really Eating-Disordered luckkbealady LSD & Unknown (sold as LSD) 2020 May 25
Gender Swap and Raynaud's Remission Aldous Winters LSD 2019 Apr 13
Loss of Ego, Loss of Phobia Michael LSD 2018 Jun 08
Healing Functional Scoliosis Ada LSD & Cannabis 2018 Apr 19
Managing My Borderline Personality Disorder MujoLila LSD 2017 Nov 14
Finally Free MadWorld LSD 2017 Sep 23
Possible Remedy For Overdose? Hatoner Datura, LSD, Alcohol & Tea (orange leaf) 2010 Mar 14
The Most Earth-Shattering Experience Emmett LSD 2005 Aug 23
I Could Indeed See Color Ezekial Mordecai Kiss LSD 2003 Nov 13
May Have Fixed My Skin Condition CitySteve LSD 2020 May 30
How I Am Healing by Microdosing Aaron LSD 2016 Feb 13
Anectode Geo LSD & Migraines 2009 Jun 18
Asperger's Syndrome and Psychedelics Thrillhouse Steel LSD, MDMA & DOI 2008 Oct 31
Saving Grace Geraldine Bain LSD & Ginseng 2008 Sep 02
Psilocybin And Cluster Headaches Baldheaded Weirdo Mushrooms - P. cubensis & LSD 2007 Jul 24
Honestly Does Help Migraines Kelly LSD 2007 Jul 11
Conversion Experience Excalibur LSD 2007 Apr 05
Provided Migraine Relief cottongin LSD 2019 Jul 31
Acid and Me, the Colorblind Kid Cryptic days LSD 2003 Dec 11
Colorblindness and Psychedelics dk_trippy LSD, Mushrooms & AMT 2003 Nov 13
Recovering From MS JC LSD & Mushrooms 2019 May 05
Migraine Theory May Be True for Me Jon LSD 2017 Sep 27
LSD and Color Blindness Jim B. LSD 2003 Nov 13
HPPD Was Completely Gone Brk LSD 2003 May 03
Permanent Positive Effects of Psychedelics Zami LSD & Mushrooms 2001 Aug 17

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