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Highly Recommended Overall Effect Is Very Pleasant Alexander Shulgin Mescaline & Cyclizine 2011 Aug 11
Highly Recommended No Gripes, No Complains, No Regrets fisher fly Mescaline 2007 Jun 28
Highly Recommended Dynamic Systems Exist Cacti - T. peruvianus 2007 Apr 30
Recommended Loofah for the Soul Pharmakeion Mescaline & Cannabis 2022 Aug 01
Recommended Low Dose Mescaline Aeon Cacti - T. bridgesii 2020 May 30
Recommended Hangin Around the Transitions ForestDweller Mescaline 2019 Sep 29
Recommended Scavenging for Trainkill nervewing Mescaline 2018 Mar 01
Recommended First Encounter With Mescalito iDreamer Mescaline & Cannabis 2013 Dec 22
Recommended Subtle Psychedelic with a Wonderful Afterglow LucidStudies Mescaline 2009 Jul 14
Recommended One Day Vacation Psychic Traveler Mescaline & Cannabis 2008 Oct 20
Recommended The Grinch Who Took Mescaline Samanthe Mescaline 2001 Dec 13
Pharmacological Release Illitero Mescaline Sulfate 2023 Oct 18
Introspective Indoor Trip STK Mescaline Sulfate 2023 Jan 17
The Sacrament Sweet Galenas Mescaline 2020 Jul 16
Bodies of Light Blue Zinnia Mescaline 2020 Feb 10
The Passover and the Rapture Praying Bull Mescaline 2018 May 17
One Brilliant Night; Nature Vs. The Laboratory Sam Mescaline & Cannabis 2017 Jul 09
Flickering Signs of Life bb Cacti T. pachanoi, Mescaline & 25C-NBOMe 2013 Oct 31
Accepting Death and Utter Ecstasy WhoAreYou Mescaline 2012 Nov 23
Body High saranwrap Mescaline (in Chocolate) & Cannabis 2005 May 12
For Those Who Seek AtonalPrime Cacti - T. pachanoi, Heimia salicifolia & Cannabis 2004 Apr 20
Ein Urlaub in Meskalinien 11 0 7 Meskalin 2002 Mar 05
Gorgeous and Mostly Peaceful Blue Zinnia Mescaline 2023 Jan 29
Morning After bk Mescaline 2022 Feb 01
The New Son of Adam Russ Mescaline 2018 May 02
Mystical Maniacs Duct Tape Man Mescaline 2018 Mar 02
Psycholyse-Sitzungen (1968) Hans M Mescaline 2010 Dec 07
Testing Positive for Amphetamines BOOMERHIPPY Cacti - T. pachanoi 2008 Feb 14
Speedy with a Psychedelic Twist Fable Cacti - T. pachanoi (extract) 2007 Apr 14
Beyond Consciousness OttawaGoa Mescaline , Alcohol (hard), Cannabis 2004 Feb 28
The Push Needed to Change Charlotte Mescaline 2000 Jun 27
Magically Subtle Scotto Mescaline 2000 Jun 23
A Night Around the Fire commander cool Mescaline 2019 Apr 23
Smoking Cactus M Mescaline 2018 Feb 11
Deconstructing My Mind TheInkpen Mescaline 2017 Nov 23
18 Hour Trip From One Dose Jonny Mescaline 2006 Oct 12
Tripping Face Dutch Master Mescaline 2002 Dec 08
Life Altering? Not So Much Jay Cee Mescaline 2019 Aug 15
Amazing and Enlightening taylor Mescaline 2018 Mar 02
If Looks Could Kill Czar Mescaline 2018 Jan 24
Excursion Out Of Time fearsome Mescaline 2018 Jan 15

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