Toad Venom (also Toxin from Bufo alvarius) Reports - First Times
First Times
(20 Total)

Recommended Slowly Emerging From Darkness Ellie Bufo alvarius Secretion 2020 Feb 04
Recommended First Full Toad Breakthrough Cuauhtémoc Toad Venom 2018 Jul 13
Moments Before the Big Bang LeporidKing Bufo alvarius Secretion 2021 Jan 06
The Sense of Me or I Fell Away Curador Bufo alvarius Secretion 2019 Jun 28
A Healing Terror Pewter Bufo alvarius Secretion 2019 May 18
I Love My Toads RaVeY DaVeY GrAvY Toad Venom 2018 Jun 19
Guys, There Are Monsters Average white guy Bufo alvarius Secretion 2022 Apr 07
Infinite Power and Infinite Gentleness halfknots Toad Venom 2021 Nov 02
Powerful Stuff silkfunkydiva Bufo alvarius Secretion 2021 Sep 08
I Inhaled Counting Up to Ten Ahsh Cook Toad Venom & Cannabis 2018 Nov 29
Life-Changing Cobalt UK Bufo alvarius 2018 Oct 13
Trippin on Toads JD of Charlotte Toad Venom 2018 Jun 14
Toading Saturday Night Dwreck Toad Venom 2012 Feb 29
Haven't Cried like that for Years UmbrellaTools Toad Venom 2008 Mar 05
I Think It's Shit Anonymous Toad Venom 2006 Jun 06
Toad Sweat Confessional Mr. Wednesday Toad Venom (Bufo alvarius) 2003 Jan 03
An Eternal Sandstorm of Euphoria Atroposss Bufo alvarius (exudate), Cannabis, Mandrake, Lobelia & Peppermint 2020 Aug 04
Kermit Divided Between Four of Us grasshoppa Toad Venom 2018 Jun 11
Cerebrial Spinal Fluid and the Dura Mater ZeroDogma Toad Venom 2009 Jan 12
Best Pet Ever Nymatt Toad Venom 2009 Jan 12

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