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Erowid Contributors - 2006
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Erowid is supported through individual contributions and small foundation grants. Following
is a list of Erowid's major contributors in 2006. Special thanks to these individuals for their
incredibly valuable support, without which Erowid would not be possible.

[Only contributors who choose to be are included in the public contributors list]

Patron ($5,000 +)
Shawn Hailey
2 Anonymous
Benefactor ($1,000 - $4,999)
Mark Anderson
Kevin Paul Herbert
Nathan Herring
Colin Hines & Eric Ramsey
Ramez Naam
Anja Saunders
8 Anonymous
Randy Niklason
Beverly Sobelman
7 Anonymous
Jolayne Abrams
Daniel Ames
Gennaro Buongiovanni
Arjun Dave
Brad Davis
Ryuken James Devereaux
Reine Dyrstad
Ryan A. Eldredge
James Lauten
Annabel Lee
The Lunches
Doug Mackall
Chris Mays
Thomas McGoey
Jeffrey L. Mease
Ocean Moucka
Daniel Orlowski
Joe Parč
Richard L. Racette
Lorca Rossman
Brandon Rue
Keith Steer
Estebens & Pedici
James Walsh
Simon Walters
Jonathan Winter
43 Anonymous
Dr. Merry Armstrong
Carl Benjaminsen
Jeffrey Benner & Deborah Coughlin
Galen Brownson
Thomas Burchard
CodeBlue Harm Reduction
Patrick Danger
Allan "RR" Dunbar
Owen Emlen
Reuben Fife
Ed Fine
Ethan Fremen & Vika Zafrin
Juerg Grossenbacher
Poh Huai Bin
Billy Kaufmann
Michael Leduc
Kyle Maddison
Alison Manville
Nathan Messer & Carrie Sellar
Sheldon Norberg
Kathleen Panagiotes, RN, MA
Stuart Resnick
Richard Richardson
Tom Riedlinger
Joe Sap
Derek Snider
Tom Stornes
Jan Van de Voorde
Adrien Vovard
Kevin Vreeland
Steve Watkins
79 Anonymous
Joshua Adams
Justin C. Allen
Kory B. Ambler
Timothy Anderson
M. Barr
Jocelyn Blais
David Egert
Francis Demon Tea
George Greer & Requa Tolbert
Clark Heinrich
Heather Kirby
Nexus Laboratories
Jacob Ryan Larsen
Miz Laz
Karl Leljekvist, MD
Bernie Maceira
Jane E. Miloradovich
The Llama Family
Igor L. Pezzini
Dominic Rubach
Will Sharpless
Danielle Smiti
Philip Smith
Lawrence Towner
Jason Voss
John Williams
Joshua Williams
108 Anonymous