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Erowid Center Contributors - 2021
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Erowid Center is supported through individual contributions and small foundation grants. Following
is a list of Erowid's major contributors in 2019. Special thanks to these individuals for their
incredibly valuable support, without which Erowid would not be possible.

[Only contributors who choose to be are included in the public contributors list]

Ally ($25,000+)
Max America Trust
Matt M.
Porta Sophia
4 Anonymous
Patron ($10,000-$24,999)
4 Anonymous
Benefactor ($5,000-$9,999)
Brian Behlendorf
Dr Bronner's
5 Anonymous
Visionary ($1,000-$4,999)
Phantastic Documentary Project
Michael Collard & Jodi Huggenvik
John Gilmore / The Entheogen Fund
Shiri & Ben Malcolm
R.P.M. Hart
Frank Kienast
Leigh Marz & Michael Ziegler
In Memory of Charles Phillips
John P. Thompson
Stuart Updegrave
Case van Rij
17 Anonymous
Sponsor ($500-$995)
Mark Cohen
Roland Griffiths
Thomas Kerin
Lorca Rossman
24 Anonymous
Fellow ($250-$499)
H. Brock
Ankur Butala MD
Christopher Delvalle
Reine Dyrstad
David Egert
John W. Fox
James Geurts
Michael Reid Hunter
Robert Jesse
Sunshine Kesey
Eckhard K.
Brent Leatherman
John A. Martin
Jim Mooney
Scott M. Palmer
Harry Pigman MD
Joseph Stack
Meg Thibodeaux
Transform Press
Beau Wadsworth
Marc Walter
Gregory Wells
33 Anonymous
Supporter ($150-$249)
Merry Fougere
The Eris Corporation
Victor T. Cypert
Mark & Katha Dalton
In Memory of David Dec
Gregory Patrick DeMaria
Dr. Sandra Dreisbach
Joe Fish
Dan Girellini
Adelaide M. Golden
George Greer & Requa Tolbert
Darrell Hunt
Mark David Johansen
Dr. Christopher Lipinski
Jane Elizabeth Miloradovich
Bruce Poulter & Marcela Otalora G.
Kyle Pulido
Hank Reddick
George Reinheimer
Sean Robertson
Josh Schwartz
Scott Simons
Josh Stephenson
Francesca Urijoe
G. Vaughan
Tanya Wendling
Aaron Wynn
Vika Zafrin
58 Anonymous
Additional ($30-$149)
1047 Anonymous
Other Contributors