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Erowid Contributors - 2007
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Erowid is supported through individual contributions and small foundation grants. Following
is a list of Erowid's major contributors in 2007. Special thanks to these individuals for their
incredibly valuable support, without which Erowid would not be possible.

[Only contributors who choose to be are included in the public contributors list]

Patron ($5,000 +)
Shawn Hailey
In Mem. of Kevin Frostbyte McCormick
4 Anonymous
Benefactor ($1,000 - $4,999)
Kevin Paul Herbert
Nathan Herring & Miller Shurman
Reese Jones
Ramez Naam
In Mem. of Bob Wallace, 1949-2002
Stuart Statman
Richard M. Wolfe
10 Anonymous
Mark Lorentzen
Tom Rathborne
Anja Saunders
Derek Snider
Beverly Sobelman
11 Anonymous
Jolayne Abrams
David B. Barr Jr
Oliver Coles
George Greer & Requa Tolbert
H. Kalse
Annabel Lee
Bernie Maceira
Chris Mays
Bruce McConnell
James McGuigan
Howard E. McKinney Jr.
Nathan Messer & Carrie Sellar
Chris Nott
Kathleen Panagiotes
Stephen M. Pittel
Richard L. Racette
Lorca Rossman
Even Soot
Simon C. Walters
Mary Withers
Nick Yacoub
33 Anonymous
Mark Anderson
Spiros Antonopoulos
Atle Beckman
Crew 2000 Scotland
Brad Davis
Connor Dayley
Reine Dyrstad
Bobby Eccleston
David Egert
Mike Finneran
Scottie Does
Patri Friedman
Joe Heitkamp-SibyrKnot
David Higgs
Yoan Houde
Adam Jauregui
John Kenealy
Zoe Keough
James S. Ketchum, MD
Daniel Klieve
Katheryn Kovaleff
Amanda Krebs
Jon Lawhead
Brent Leatherman
Phil Locke
Francine Louise
Jah Mathieson
Louis Mignacca
Juliet Moore
Igor L. Pezzini
Seth Redmore
Will Sharpless
Ardath Stanford
Warren Taylor
Estebens & Pedici
Hunter Terrell
Stuart Updegrave
James Walsh
J. Wanning
Steve Watkins
Tim Yeatman
114 Anonymous
aDSt Foundation
Jonas Andersson
Luke Bayler
Jason Dowd
Kat Fitzgerald
Jesse Green
Tim Green
John Houts
Oliver Hume
Suzanne Jamison
Kenneth Johnson
Joseph Jordan
Andrew C. Kaplan
Andreas Kroon
Daniel Ruiz Leaphart
Kevin Lorenz
Rev. Dr. D. D. Maurer
Dennis J. McKenna
Alyssa Miele
Rowan Miller
Alessandro Muraro
LA O'Connor
Pierre DJ Rivard
John Ruys
Tim Sherry
Dr. Mark D. Shriver
Tomas Styblo
Bob Toleno
La Phalene
Heikki Tossavainen
JM Trotz
Tim Vanremoortele
Dave Zorro
147 Anonymous