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Erowid Center Contributors - 2017
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Erowid Center is supported through individual contributions and small foundation grants. Following
is a list of Erowid's major contributors in 2017. Special thanks to these individuals for their
incredibly valuable support, without which Erowid would not be possible.

[Only contributors who choose to be are included in the public contributors list]

Ally ($25,000+)
Max America (Trust)
1 Anonymous
Patron ($10,000-$24,999)
Mr & Mrs RenČ & Susan Ruiz
1 Anonymous
Benefactor ($5,000-$9,999)
Dr. Bronner's
Katherine Rochlin
5 Anonymous
Visionary ($1,000-$4,999)
Jan Elizabeth
Billie Endress
John Gilmore / The Entheogen Fund
Ramez Naam
Douglas Roffel
Case van Rij
Anja Saunders
Dennis Walker
8 Anonymous
Sponsor ($500-$995)
Mark Cohen
Ferg Ferguson
Alissa Huskey
Kyle Marcus Mullins
David V. Phan
Kristi Panik & David Presti
Lorca Rossman MD
Mark Schwab
Derek Snider
Joseph R. Stack
R. Tan
Stuart T. Updegrave
Ka-Ping Yee
19 Anonymous
Fellow ($250-$499)
Ian Benouis
Robin Billings
Alice D. Books
Chris Ewing
R.P.M. Hart
House Law Office
James Fadiman
Brent Leatherman
Mylon Marshall
Jeff Mease
Graham E. Moore
Benjamin OConnor
David Tanner
Philip Wolfson
29 Anonymous
Supporter ($125-$249)
Stephen Allan
Angie Azur
Joe T. Bambert
Aaron Banfield
Ian Benouis
Steve Brooks MD
Fraser Caron
Peter Corcoran
Reine Dyrstad
David Egert
John W. Fox
George Greer & Requa Tolbert
Wenge Huang
Kelly Ivors
Dr Yashpal Jayne PScD ND
Elen Jones
Neil Kelly
Marc Kirchner
Andrew Kranker
Mark Lorentzen
Stig Norland
Bruce D. Poulter
Mondo Shockwave
Joanne Stanley
Kathy Panagiotes
Edoardo Polidori
Bruce D. Poulter
David Rutherford
George Sabo
Joris Sanderse
Liza Nash Taylor
John Vail
Beau Wadsworth
World Roots Kratom
Gregory Wells
47 Anonymous
Friend ($75-$124)
Lynne Blahnik
Nicholas Byrd
Brandon Christiansen
Jesse Clarke
Kenneth L. Clifton
Kevin Benjamin Coneys
Tristan Cooper
Mark & Katha Dalton
Jack Brewster D.
Enza Denino
Brad Devine
Chase Elder
Justin R. Evans
Alexander Germond
Travis Gilbert
Mitchell Goedken
Berti Gortz
Adelaide Golden
M. Harbowy
Connor Harrison
Ryan Hastings
Keith Huss
Daniel Ivarsson
Eric Johnson
Tobias Kluge
Ad Kox
Stphen Liebbe
Arye Lipman
Brian Littlefield
Kevin MacDonald
Jessica Malberg & Julian Dobson
Owen Mann
Joshua Marker
Anne Martens
John A. Martin
Nick Maunsell
Olivier Meunier
Russell Miyashiro
Michele Murphy
Alexander Nelson
Kathrin Passig
John Perry
Nikodem T. Pikor
Tom Rathborne
Sarah Jane Reedy
Paul Renn
Cole Robinson
Andi Roets
Paul Schmaltz
Danny Shaw
Gordon Freeman
Erica Siegal
Steven Starcke
Anton Stromkvist
Connie Swan
Matthew Tanner
Greg Tse
Transform Press
Awesome Walrus
Brittany Walls
John Westover
Sage Wiener
Jacob Winters
Aaron Wynn
A. Zahn
David Zetland
108 Anonymous
Other Contributors
Thanks to for their contribution of blotter art.
Thanks to Cosm_man for his contribution of blotter art.
Thanks to PromoDirect for their contribution of promotional pens.
Thanks to Wristband Creation for their contribution of promotional wristbands.
Thanks to Zane Kesey for his contribution of blotter art.