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Erowid Center Contributors - 2019
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Erowid Center is supported through individual contributions and small foundation grants. Following
is a list of Erowid's major contributors in 2019. Special thanks to these individuals for their
incredibly valuable support, without which Erowid would not be possible.

[Only contributors who choose to be are included in the public contributors list]

Ally ($25,000+)
Max America Trust
1 Anonymous
Patron ($10,000-$24,999)
2 Anonymous
Benefactor ($5,000-$9,999)
1 Anonymous
Visionary ($1,000-$4,999)
6 Anonymous
Sponsor ($500-$995)
Andre Drommershausen
Dirk Hanson
R.P.M. Hart
Anja Saunders
Ross Jordan Smith
4 Anonymous
Fellow ($250-$499)
Garrett Gadbut
Peter Janes
Russell Kilcoyne
William Kleidon
Brent Leatherman
12 Anonymous
Supporter ($125-$249)
Joe T. Bamberg
Mark O. Bishop
In Memory of Marid
John W. Fox
Dan Girellini
George Greer & Requa Tolbert
Pavel Kovalenko
Jim Loughborough
Francisco Pinneli
Vintage Kava
Aaron Wynn
13 Anonymous
Friend ($75-$124)
Stephanie Aguilar
Remco Breeker
Ted Brown
Carol Brydolf
John Buffington
Jonathan Carter
Kenneth L. Clifton
Victoria Fahrenbach
Jim Geurts
Peter Goetz
Andrew Gray
Chris Jenks
Konrad P. Kummli
Carla Lilley
Owen Mann
William Mills
Ethan Nadelmann
Hilko Peters
Bruce D. Poulter
Jim Recht
John G. Vail
Aaron Wheeler
Jim Wiese
Peter Wong
48 Anonymous
Other Contributors
Thanks for the contribution of 4 signed Shulgin books, in memory of Scott Scidmore