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The Adventure of Self-DiscoveryStanislav Grof
Adventures of the MindSaturday Evening Post
Drugs and the BrainSolomon Snyder
DSM-IV: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental DisordersAmerican Psychiatric Association
The Exploration of the Inner WorldAnton T. Boisen
The Holotropic MindStanislav Grof
John Lilly, so far...Francis Jeffrey and John C. Lilly
The Master GameRobert S. de Ropp
New World New MindRobert Ornstein and Paul Ehrlich
Realms of the Human UnconsciousStanislav Grof
The Stormy Search for SelfChristina and Stanislav Grof
When the Impossible HappensStanislav Grof
Development of the Psychedelic IndividualJohn Curtis Gowan
The Healing Journey
Integration Journal
LSD PsychotherapyStanislav Grof
The Natural MindAndrew Weil
The Secret Chief : Conversations with a Pioneer of the Underground Psychedelic Therapy MovementMyron J. Stolaroff
Turning OnRasa Gustaitis
The Varieties of Psychedelic ExperienceR.E.L. Masters and Jean Houston
Dreaming Wide AwakeDavid Jay BrownFeb
The Dreaming UniverseFred Alan Wolf
Exploring the World of Lucid DreamingStephen LaBerge and Howard Rheingold
Liminal Dreaming Exploring Consciousness at the Edges of SleepJennifer Dumpert
Lucid DreamingStephen LaBerge
The Modern Alchemist: A Guide to Personal TransformationRichard & Iona Miller
NumerologySybil Leek
Altered States of ConsciousnessCharles T. Tart
Beyond the BrainStanislav Grof
The Book of HighsEdward Rosenfeld
A Brief Tour of Human ConsciousnessV.S. Ramachandran
Chemical WarfareJames S. Ketchum
The Chemistry of Conscious StatesJ. Allan Hobson
Confrontation with the UnconsciousScott J. Hill
Consciousness: A Brief InsightSusan Blackmore
Consciousness: A Very Short IntroductionSusan Blackmore
Consciousness: An IntroductionSusan Blackmore
Conversations on ConsciousnessSusan Blackmore
Dimensions of Being: An Explorer's Guide to ConsciousnessEugene A. Alliende
The Dream Drugstore: Chemically Altered States of ConsciousnessJ. Allan Hobson
The Evolution of ConsciousnessRobert Ornstein
The Expansion of ConsciousnessRalph Metzner
Exploring Inner ExperienceHurley & Heavey
Fire In The BrainRonald K. Siegel
Maps of ConsciousnessRalph Metzner
Multidimensional MindJean Millay
The Nature of Human ConsciousnessRobert Ornstein
The Psychology of ConsciousnessRobert Ornstein
Psychology of the FutureStanislav Grof
The Roots of ConsciousnessJeffrey Mishrlove
The ScientistJohn C. Lilly
States of ConsciousnessCharles T. Tart
Understanding UnderstandingHumphry Osmond
Star Maker's ApprenticeFrancis Louis Szot
The Center of the CycloneJohn Lilly
The Brain: A Very Short IntroductionMichael O'Shea
Foundational Concepts in NeuroscienceDavid PrestiApr
The Human BrainJohn Nolte
The Human Mind ExplainedSusan A. Greenfield
Neurobiology of AddictionGeorge Koob & Michel Le Moal
NeuropolitiqueTimothy Leary
The Biochemical Basis of NeuropharmacologyCooper, Bloom, Roth
Mental DrugsO.A. Battista
Textbook of PsychopharmacologySchatzberg & Nemeroff