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Any reports with bk-MBDB
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Recommended Well What Do You Know About That? Moe.ron bk-MBDB 2012 Feb 29
Recommended As a Meth Replacement Monroy bk-MBDB (Butylone) vs. Methamphetamine 2011 Feb 21
Recommended A Couple's Mixed Reaction Anonymous (R&A) bk-MBDB 2010 Aug 07
Recommended The Overwhelmingness salviablue bk-MBDB 2010 Apr 29
Recommended A Cautionary Tale Almond bk-MBDB, Methylone & MDPV 2010 Mar 24
Recommended Doves: Bliss to Pain Sophia A. bk-MBDB (Speculative) 2009 Oct 08
Recommended A Novel Combination of Chemicals Sparky 2C-I, bk-MBDB & mCPP 2009 Aug 08
Recommended A Comparison potty BK-MBDB & BK-MDMA 2009 Jul 22
Recommended A Perfect Catalyst for Conversation Operation Atlas bk-MBDB 2009 May 20
Recommended Breathing Better With the Letter B nanobrain bk-MBDB, Methylone, DMT & Cannabis 2005 Jul 30
Recommended A Novel Euphoria enquirewithin bk-MBDB 2005 Jul 11
Definitley Not Molly SwMeOeKdE bk-MBDB (Butylone, B1) 2013 Jan 23
Not Going to Consume Again m1fan bk-MBDB 2012 Jun 21
A Nice Combo Box Head bk-MBDB & MDAI 2010 Jul 23
Two Days in a Row barafundle bk-MBDB 2010 Apr 29
Fell Off the Deep Sam Fox Methylone, bk-MBDB & Aspirin 2018 Jun 12
Never Ever Worth It happyshroom bk-MBDB (labeled as bk-MDBD) 2018 May 27
Great Party Terrible Comedown All@n Beer & bk-MBDB 2018 Apr 07
Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde Six bk-MBDB 2017 May 20
A Cathinone to Know and Love Anonymous bk-MBDB 2016 Nov 01
Potent Stuff but Not All That Great Inquissitive 2C-E, 4-FA, Methylone & Butylone (bk-MBDB) 2012 Jan 11
Bipolar for 5 Hours not-spam bk-MBDB (Mitseez Party Pills) 2010 Apr 29
Good Enhancement for a Night Out with the Lads elecraglide Mephedrone, Methylone, MDPV & Butylone 2010 Feb 17
A Decent Empathogen Phoenix bk-MBDB 2009 Sep 21
Butylone Confounding Aido Ser bk-MBDB & Methylone 2009 Mar 16
Therapeutic High With a Speedy Edge organicshroom bk-MBDB 2009 Mar 09
A Walk on the Beach and After Horselover Fat bk-MBDB 2007 Jul 06
Not the Same Results Wizard bk-MBDB 2015 Nov 02
Notes on IV and Rectal Use FireDragon803 bk-MBDB 2012 May 14
A Cross Between Methylone and Meth Ford bk-MBDB 2012 May 14
Starry Night WickedMeth bk-MBDB 2009 Sep 21
Getting Tarded Anonymous Lucky Guy bk-MBDB 2007 Jun 14
Well Wow or What JasonX bk-MBDB 2020 Jun 18
Accidental Trip Turns Good erock bk-MBDB 2013 Jan 18
I Wouldn't Recommend It l2s5d 4-AcO-DMT & bk-MBDB 2010 Sep 14

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