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Any reports with Bromo-Dragonfly
(47 Total)

Highly Recommended Thankful That I'm Alive Joan Miro Bromo-Dragonfly (sold as 2C-B-Fly) 2009 Oct 12
Highly Recommended Light and Pleasant Tricky Bromo-Dragonfly 2009 Jul 23
Highly Recommended Last Time I'll Ever Try It eVitamite Bromo-Dragonfly 2009 Jun 29
Recommended Dose Dependent Awesomeness GumbyInRealLife Bromo-Dragonfly 2012 May 30
Recommended Peaceful Beauty Mr. Tambourine Man Bromo-Dragonfly (Sold as 2C-B-Fly) 2010 Jan 02
Recommended No Matter Which Direction, I Was Stuck Lindsey Bromo-Dragonfly (sold as 2C-B-Fly) 2009 Oct 11
Recommended The Feeling Mind Explorer Bromo-Dragonfly 2006 Jul 13
Recommended A Gently Brominated Sunset spackboy Bromo-Dragonfly 2005 Dec 15
Recommended Mild, Subtle Psychedelia 1019Vortex Bromo-Dragonfly & Cannabis 2005 Sep 29
The Testing Is Over Anastus Bromo-Dragonlfy 2017 Oct 08
A Visit From the Green Frog Noidge Grizzlo Bromo-Dragonfly 2013 Jan 16
Three Times Apradavra Bromo-Dragonfly 2012 Jul 27
The Funniest of Times Anastus Bromo-Dragonfly, Alcohol, Cannabis, Diazepam and Clonazepam 2012 Jan 26
Unprepared Trip Neutral Reaction Bhumisparsha Bromo-Dragonfly 2012 Jan 26
Horrific Deaths from Accidental Overdose ForOurYaoiButterfly Bromo-Dragonfly 2011 Aug 09
Thought It Was Acid and Loved It Steve Bromo-Dragonfly (blotter) 2011 Jun 20
It Has a Lot to Offer Apradavra Bromo-DragonFly 2010 Jul 30
Tripping too Hard, Hospital, Nearly Die, etc. ErowidLover Bromo-Dragonfly (sold as LSD) 2010 Apr 30
An Energized Day Delsymfan Bromo-Dragonfly (Sold as 2C-B-Fly), Cocaine & Alprazolam 2010 Jan 02
Interesting, Very Powerful Substance raellear Bromo-Dragonfly 2009 Jul 31
Bromo Spazmfly Just A. Guy Bromo-Dragonfly 2008 Oct 31
Music Festival Psychedelia PsychedeliaSmith Bromo-Dragonfly 2008 Sep 22
Light Summer Trippin, Conceptual Map Growth? ShaktiXTC Bromo-Dragonfly 2008 Jul 29
I Was God JMT Bromo-Dragonfly 2007 Nov 20
Accidental Overdose and Hospitalization M.S. Bromo-Dragonfly, Benzodiazepines & Haloperidol 2007 Nov 01
Mild Experience with Insufflation Pelleus Bromo-Dragonfly 2005 Dec 15
Not As Strong As People Think marklar Bromo-Dragonfly 2005 Aug 12
The All-Seeing Eye of God Hattivattitatti Bromo-Dragonfly 2016 Jul 20
The First Time Between Beauty and Love gottaloveit Bromo-Dragonfly 2013 Jan 02
My Opinion Apradavra Bromo-DragonFly 2010 Oct 08
Unique and Glowing Naura Bromo-Dragonfly 2010 Sep 27
Fun Becomes Hard and Hollow Luna Bromo-Dragonfly & Cannabis 2010 Jan 02
Beautiful, but Respect It (Dose-Dependent) stbot32 Unknown (sold as LSD) 2009 Jun 30
It Has Leapt to the Streets Redeemer Bromo-Dragonfly 2007 Jun 24
Flying with the Dragon tiger faerie Bromo-Dragonfly 2007 May 31
Like a Wave Rising and Falling Andrew Bromo-Dragonfly 2006 Mar 09
Extreme Nausea and Other Unpleasantness EatSomeLSD Bromo-Dragonfly 2005 Nov 01
Trans Pyschey Express Railroads Aren't Short Rie de Soleil Bromo-Dragonfly 2005 Sep 29
Chi Town's Bromo Boom OB Bromo-Dragonfly 2005 Sep 29
Nice Pleasant Trip Igge Bromo-Dragonfly 2005 Sep 08
Mild, Nothing Note-Worthy DeeBohDamn DOB (suspected Bromo-Dragonfly) 2005 Aug 12
Intense, General Malaise Rampelflik Bromo-Dragonfly 2016 Dec 05
Much Longer Than Expected Robert Bromo-Dragonfly 2011 Mar 29
Snowflakes In The sky Michael H Bromo-Dragonfly 2010 Oct 28
Faces Were Completely Deformed Smash Bromo-Dragonfly 2010 Jan 02
Small Sampling Delsymfan Bromo-Dragonfly (Sold as 2C-B-Fly) 2010 Jan 02
Riding the Dragonfly Joka D. Clown Bromo-Dragonfly 2005 Sep 29

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