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NBOMe Series Reports - General
(157 Total)

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Lets Go Yotes pimpedcanadian4 25C-NBOMe 2013 Apr 30
Wildest Hallucinations Ever Truth 25I-NBOMe & 25C-NBOMe 2013 Feb 20
A Dance With NBOMe airwolf420 25I-NBOMe 2012 Dec 11
Alien Club Idiopath 25C-NBOMe 2012 Nov 25
Blunted Cognition britishkid42 25I-NBOMe, 25C-NBOMe & Cannabis 2012 Nov 20
Ridiculously Intense but Completely Amazing superzepto 25I-NBOMe & Cannabis 2012 Oct 11
N-Bomb APT 25I-NBOMe 2012 Aug 08
Experimentation Successful BigRed 25C-NBOMe 2011 Sep 26
25D-NBOMelated Psyke 25D-NBOMe 2011 Jun 12
Reflections playastar 25C-NBOMe 2010 Dec 22
Theosis in the Cathedral D X Meth-Head 2C-D 2022 Mar 30
I Had Tripped on LSD ~4 Days Before ChillVibes 25I-NBOMe 2020 Apr 22
Crazy Fractals, Lights, Patterns, and Colors nobomber 25I-NBOMe 2020 Jan 04
What Time Is It... HeadphonesandLSD 25E-NBOMe 2018 Nov 21
Total Ego Meltdown Tae 25I-NBOMe 2018 Oct 10
Valentines Day Gone Wrong the_dude 25i-NBOMe 2018 Oct 04
I'll Have What She's Having Stef M Unknown (NBOMe?) 2018 Aug 08
2 Much 2 Quickly - Unlocking the Potential Curiosityandthecat 25C-NBOMe, Etizolam & Alprazolam 2018 Jun 07
Plugging for Science somekidyouknow 25D-NBOMe 2018 May 29
Almost Lost It AppLE 25D-NBOMe 2018 May 29
I Feel Like I Fell Out of a Portal Ajax 25I-NBOMe 2018 Apr 11
Bonding With The Moon Stars AuthorName 25I-NBOMe 2018 Jan 23
Unbearably Intense In A Good Way tippa 25B-NBOMe 2018 Jan 23
More of a Light Psychedelic Headspace Lilhippie 25i-NBOMe 2017 Dec 21
I'm a 25i-nBOMEliever MiddleLeftNostril 25I-NBOMe 2017 Sep 16
Generic Psychedelia hank 25T7-NBOMe & Ketamine 2016 Aug 11
Rainbow Growth MikeChem 25I-NBOMe & Cannabis 2016 Jun 25
Meditation in Waves Manicfocus 25I-nBOMe 2016 May 14
A Trip Through Paradise Mimi 25I-NBOMe 2016 Apr 16
High Lasted Longer Than My Boyfriend's KRG 25C-NBOMe 2016 Apr 13
Forever Damaged Dii9 25I-NBOMe & Anabolic Steroids 2015 Oct 09
Help Required Featuring John Gotti Tony V 25I-NBOMe 2013 Sep 22
Heavy Hallucinogenic Expreince Saer 25C-NBOMe 2013 Sep 18
Confusion Meets Crazy PinkOfFloyds 25I-NBOMe, Cannabis & Alcohol 2013 Sep 14
A Walk to Remember 2cfuture 25B-NBOMe 2013 Sep 13
Mostly Heightened Colors and Sounds Jonah 25B-NBOMe 2013 Feb 21
Very Overpowering Smit 25I-NBOMe 2013 Jan 28
Vivid Past-Life Regression Rabbit 25C-NBOMe 2012 Dec 10
Electric Anonymous 25I-NBOMe 2012 Jul 24
A Question of Risk Notspam 25C-NBOMe 2012 Jan 24
The New Cure for the Atomic Bomb Phil 25C-NBOMe 2011 Dec 31
The Search Continues Octehedron Mescaline-NBOMe 2011 Jun 09
Science Is to Be Believed Starbucks 25D-NBOMe 2021 May 30
Sanity Is a Madness Put to Good Use Grain psyche 25I-NBOMe 2020 Mar 21
Fun Trippy and Recreational Michael H 25I-NBOMe & Nitrous Oxide 2019 Feb 09
Terrible Multi-Day Comedown Jamie 25I-NBOMe 2018 Oct 13
Well... the Night Was interesting... zack 25I-NBOMe 2018 Oct 13
Valentines Day Gone Wrong the_dude 25I-NBOMe 2018 Oct 04
Two Months Later - Still Having Minor Visuals Staniel 25I-NBOMe 2018 Oct 04
I'm Seeing Some Motion Spaz 25I-NBOMe 2018 Oct 03
Mindbending Experience Like No Other smoketoker420 25I-NBOMe 2018 Sep 08
More Euphoric Than Visual Trevor 25I-NBOMe 2018 Feb 16
How To Make School Interesting R._G._ 25i-NBOMe 2017 Nov 25
Concurrently Regenerating Kaledoscopic Patterns JamesBurz 25I-NBOMe 2014 Mar 30
Absolute Ecstasy Electric Ride Cowboy 25I-NBOMe & MDMA 2013 Nov 14
I Sware I Wore Rose Colored Specticals Thegreatfulembider 25I-NBOMe 2013 Jun 02
Unnatural Thoughts Scott 25C-NBOMe 2012 Nov 24

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