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Highly Recommended Studies of Amanita Jonathan Ott Amanita muscaria 2000 Jun 11
Recommended A Typical Low/Mid-Dose: Dancing Mindful Zombie SJB Amanitas - A. muscaria 2022 Oct 25
Recommended Humility and Respect lalagrey Amanitas - A. muscaria 2020 Nov 23
Recommended The Gold Realm and White Room of Crucifixion Space Elf Amanita muscaria 2012 Dec 25
Recommended The Expanding Mobius Strip Chad Amanita muscaria 2011 Aug 07
Recommended Uncovering the Self with the Ancient Soma Shakti's Disciple Amanita muscaria 2007 Oct 31
Recommended Fairy Tale Toadstool Wezmond Amanita muscaria 2007 May 03
Recommended Interesting, Not Eager to Repeat It ChemBob Amanita muscaria 2005 Dec 28
Recommended The Loop CuriousJim Amanita muscaria 2004 Oct 07
Recommended The Golden Rain of the Gods LustLover Amanita muscaria 2003 Nov 14
Recommended Not “Noteworthy Interesting” but “Interesting Interesting” sixthseal Amanita muscaria 2003 Jun 03
Recommended A Difficult Night Why Red Amanita muscaria 2003 Jan 12
Recommended Plank Across Some Psycho-Stimulant-River the uticprez Amanita muscaria 2002 Jan 13
Recommended Summaries of 7 Experiences Various Amanita muscaria 2000 Jun 11
Recommended Mild, but Definitely Not Poisonous Activist Amanita muscaria 2000 Jun 11
I Know What I Must Do Buckminster Campione Amanitas - A. muscaria 2022 Feb 07
Felt Physically Immobilized and Interiorized MarpoChenmo Amanitas - A. muscaria & Cannabis 2021 Jan 11
Loopy Mind-Hell Zanzibar Amanitas - A. muscaria 2020 May 01
Like I Was in a Stupor The Masochist Amanitas - A. muscaria & Cannabis 2018 Aug 09
I Need to Be Under the Blanket Archon Amanitas - A. muscaria 2018 Aug 02
Mild Euphoria, Delirium Anachronist Amanita muscaria 2017 Nov 21
Something Compelled Me to Pick It Dreamzzz Amanita muscaria 2016 Sep 06
Heaven or Hell Mostly Overwhelming Pithtaker Amanita muscaria 2015 Dec 09
A Successful Experimental Preperation Heisenberg Amanita muscaria 2012 Nov 28
Synergy - The Word of the Day Ghetto Psychonaut 2C-I & Amanita muscaria 2012 Nov 11
The Dark Cup Rhys D Datura stramonium, Amanita muscaria & Alcohol 2012 Nov 07
The Cards of Domination Heliogabulus Amanita muscaria & Clonzepam (Klonopin) 2010 Jun 27
No Ally of Mine Opiate Amanita muscaria 2008 Nov 09
Sick and High Deacon Dr. O Amanita muscaria & Cannabis 2008 Sep 10
Controlling the Void Dzdcnfsd Amanita muscaria 2007 Oct 23
Euphoria, Courage, and Glory TehGreatMutato Amanita muscaria 2007 Apr 16
Can Be a Mellow High ChemBob Amanita muscaria 2005 Dec 28
Civilization Development Hyperspace Tour Conti Amanita muscaria 2005 Oct 18
Grungy Sensation and Strange Dreams planetectonics Amanita muscaria & Cannabis 2004 Aug 19
Very Nice Experience Bob Amanita muscaria 2003 Dec 30
A Nice Buzz Skandre Amanita muscaria 2003 Jun 03
Not a 'Trip', Tt's Truely a Mystical Journey Jonathan-X- Amanita muscaria 2002 Dec 04
Amanita Gravy Windy Amanita muscaria 2002 Oct 24
Pleasant Sedation l3x Amanitas - A. muscaria 2023 Feb 20
Stronger Than Expected - My First Ego Death Dawidoo165 Amanitas - A. muscaria & Cannabis 2022 Nov 26
Entering an Infinite Loop tanuki Amanitas - A. muscaria & Cannabis 2020 Apr 28
My Edged Consciousness Rocky Amanitas - A. muscaria 2019 Jul 09
My Legs Wouldn't Work Mycological Amanitas 2019 May 18
Amanothing thebreakz Amanitas - A. muscaria 2019 May 09
Going in and Out of Reality Constantly Frankl Amanitas - A. muscaria 2019 Mar 01
Derg Corra and the Tigers Miach mac Cecht Amanitas - A. muscaria, Cannabis & Wine 2019 Jan 30
For the Purpose of Reducing Menstrual Pain Setesh Amanitas - A. muscaria 2018 Nov 30
I Did Not Get Out of Bed McFaggletits Amanita muscaria 2018 Aug 15
Flying with Aggie Aldousage Amanitas - A. muscaria 2018 Aug 10
My Mind Stays Pretty Much Clear Animan Amanita muscaria & Cannabis 2018 Aug 07
Clearly Sedated pekka Amanita muscaria 2018 Aug 07
Chakras Activate ShaktipatSage Amanitas - A. muscaria 2018 Aug 07
A Very Pleasurable One Faure Amanitas - A. muscaria 2018 Aug 03
But No Wonderland Alice Amanitas - A. muscaria 2018 Aug 02
Pleasant and Lucid Trip edcrane Amanitas - A. muscaria 2018 Jul 20
Light Start Pickle Rick Amanita muscaria 2018 Jun 13
The Somatic Flu Shaman Amanita muscaria 2017 Nov 03
Like Being Drunk and on a Stimulant classclown Amanita muscaria 2017 Sep 28
Excellent for Thought Fungus Amongus Amanita muscaria 2017 Jul 14
A Christmas Story Miles X Amanita muscaria 2015 Dec 25
And Then I Passed Out Midwest Hoss Amanita muscaria & Anadenanthera peregrina (Yopo) 2013 Jul 17
Wrath of the Amanita Airoplane Amanita muscaria 2013 Jul 12
I Felt Smaller AmanitaLuv Amanita muscaria 2013 Jan 14
Enlightened Stupid Guy Nightmare Amanita muscaria 2011 Jun 16
Everything New Thomas Hunterson Amanita muscaria 2010 Mar 05
More Pleasant This Way NickAtNight Amanita muscaria 2008 Oct 03
Particularly Potent in South Jersey crackercrispy Amanita muscaria var. formosa 2007 Nov 19
Something to Remember Psychonaut Amanita muscaria & Hydrocodone 2007 Sep 25
Rainy Day, Dream Away..... Vinz Clortho Amanita muscaria, Blue Lotus & Alcohol (Wine) 2007 Jan 10
Only if You Want To Isaac In Heaven Amanita muscaria 2005 Jan 26
Like a Slideshow NyghtOwl Amanita muscaria 2004 May 12
Drunk and Off-kilter Junglist Amanita muscaria 2004 May 12
Beyond a Trip Tony Amanita muscaria 2003 Dec 14
Surprisingly Enjoyable Plus Headache Gnostikoi Amanita muscaria (Smoked) 2003 Dec 14
Pleasant Opiate-Like Sedation Gnostikoi Amanita muscaria 2003 Dec 12
Delightful Stimulant Effect Norm de Plume Amanita muscaria 2003 Nov 10
A Pleasant Experience Zardoz Amanita muscaria 2003 Oct 30
Disallusioned Disorientation Sabrielle Amanita muscaria 2003 Feb 16
Returning Home Don Alex Amanita muscaria 2002 Aug 26
Prolific Smoke: First Something, Then Nothing Freenotchosen Amanita muscaria (smoked) 2002 Jan 17
Reducing the Nausea and Bad Trip... Alucinigeno Amanita muscaria 2001 Dec 25
Sweating, Sweating, Sweating freezing too Amanita muscaria 2000 Dec 24
Nothing J-Hooka Amanita muscaria 2000 Oct 22
Sacred Soma Baba Sass Amanita muscaria 2000 Sep 10
Purple Haze Gypsy Boy Amanita muscaria var. formosa 2000 Sep 08
Amanita Madness Blue Amanita muscaria var. muscaria 2000 Sep 08
Smokin' shrooms Catfish Rivers Amanita muscaria (smoked) 2000 Sep 08
Mellow and Tranquil Murple Amanita muscaria (smoked) 2000 Sep 08
An Interesting Amanita Encounter The Explorer Amanita muscaria 2000 Sep 07
Euphoric State of Consciousness Steven Pollock Amanita muscaria 2000 Jun 11
Hallucinating in the Mind Petri Amanita muscaria 2000 Jun 11
Zero Logic Impairment J. Doe Amanita muscaria 2000 Jun 11
Conversational Weirdness Anonymous Amanita muscaria 2000 Jun 11
Another Reason to Stick to Manmade Drugs Scally Amanita muscaria 2000 Jun 11
Mostly Unchanged Poke Smot Amanitas - A. muscaria 2022 Dec 31
Loops and Eternal Solitude redbeard Amanitas - A. muscaria 2022 Oct 17
Absolute Serene Stillness of Mind WeAreGod Amanitas - A. muscaria 2021 Sep 30
One of My Favorite Plant Allies headrug Amanitas - A. muscaria 2021 Mar 25
Lucky Lucky Me Pfaffed Amanitas - A. muscaria 2020 Dec 27
Beware the Sleepy Mushroom Hatter Amanitas - A. muscaria 2020 Nov 10

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