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What Was in That?
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Highly Recommended 'Just Weed?' Syberduh Cannabis 2005 Apr 01
Recommended Let Me Out of This Spaceship So I Can Puke anonymous Cannabis Tincture 2016 Aug 14
Recommended Laced Weed Yields Profundity Snopes Cannabis 2013 Dec 04
Recommended Twisting on Fire Unsinnig Cannabis 2007 Nov 26
Recommended New Years Nystagmus Soma Sava Cannabis & PCP 2006 Dec 25
I Smoked It by Accident SkipScramble Cannabis & PCP 2020 Nov 12
Something Extra D Cannabis & PCP 2013 Nov 22
Terrific Terror The Panda Cannabis 2009 Jul 26
Pink T & Pop Rocks Anoldguy PCP & Cannabis 2008 Dec 08
Accidently smoked PCP Bobalouie Cannabis & PCP(?) 2005 Apr 23
Being Hit By a Ton of Bricks Fred Cannabis 2004 Dec 01
I Hate What Weed Has Done Good boy Cannabis 2002 Feb 26
Psychedelics Tragically Ruined Thyriod Q NBOME-* (sold as LSD) & Cannabis 2022 Dec 22
Strange Weed LaffyDuck Cannabis 2022 Nov 18
Two Trips One Sunday mary__jane__4_2_0 NBOME-* (sold as LSD)?, Mushrooms & Cannabis 2022 Nov 08
A Hellish Mistake Kernel76 Cannabis - High THC (extract) 2021 Oct 04
99% Body Load, 1% Hard Trip LSDNewbie LSD & Cannabis 2021 Feb 26
When Is It Gonna Stop? IntoxicationAddicted Cannabis & Tobacco 2020 Aug 14
I Would Feel Disassociated blnd1ab Cannabis 2020 Jul 24
Scentless Brown Weird and Scary freddy knuckles Cannabis (adulteration suspected) 2020 Apr 13
Opiated Hash - or Something Else Partly Dave Hash 2019 Nov 01
Convulsions and OBE Cryptowhore Cannabis 2019 May 31
Still Scared Deep Down That My Brain Is Fried jay Cannabis 2017 Nov 20
Hallcinations, God and the Devil Typical stoner Cannabis & PCP 2017 Nov 17
Demons Everywhere somerandomgirl Cannabis & PCP 2017 Nov 17
Forever Changed smokemota PCP on Cannabis? 2017 Nov 16
I Don't Know if This Was PCP or Not John Cannabis 2017 Nov 16
Three Hours of Hell Brosef Cannabis 2010 Mar 23
Ecstravaganza Geezie B MDMA & Cannabis 2009 Nov 07
Destruction of Reality is Creation Mike MDMA, Ketamine & Cannabis 2009 Aug 21
Difficult Times Jet Cannabis 2009 Jul 09
Was it Laced Material? Mr. Dr. Ralph Cannabis 2009 Jul 08
Methamphetamine-Laced Marijuana A. Person Cannabis, Methamphetamine & Alprazolam 2007 Aug 20
Did Not Expect This joe sidewalk PCP & Cannabis 2007 Jun 28
PCP Experiences Ryan7 Cannabis & PCP 2006 Jul 21
An Unexpected Dissociative Night Dave Cannabis ('with PCP') 2005 Apr 01
God Was a Tease sosxeno Cannabis ('with PCP') 2004 Dec 17
Sailing with Sailor Moon Mindy Cannabis 2004 Sep 13
Check Your Sources Anonymous Cannabis 2004 Feb 20
Suddenly Hits Me...Boom! Willy Fargo Cannabis 2002 Aug 28
Laced Marijuana? Dude Cannabis 2000 Oct 29
The Plane of Infinity Lawn Boy Cannabis 2000 Jun 22
Effects One Week Later paroxysm Unknown (Sold as Cannabis) 2022 Dec 10
Took About 4-5 Hours for Me to Finally Relax Chinesetrout Cannabis 2021 May 27
I Took 2 Gummies With No Real Expectations f22dof Cannabis ('delta-8-THC' Edible) 2021 Mar 06
I'm Sure It Was Laced Head Kase Cannabis 2020 Jul 22
Suffocation and Fear, Timelessness and Urgency YS Cannabis, Heroin & DXM 2020 Apr 07
My Mind Was Out of Control anmara998 Cannabis 2019 Jul 10
Dun GOOD for ME Cheeky Fresh Cannabis 2019 May 09
Nearly Lethal Mix (Know Your Friends) Poindexter Cannabis (edible), Butalbital, Caffeine & Acetaminophen 2018 Jun 21
When Magic Becomes Tragic godspeed785 Cannabis & Alcohol 2018 Apr 20
Woman Seduced by Woman fiz Cannabis 2010 Feb 23
The Safe Drug...Right..? Berto Cannabis 2007 Dec 01
Know Your Source stoner Cannabis 2002 Dec 07
Smoking with Strangers Jane Blaze Cannabis 2001 Dec 18
Psychosis and Convolutions Indigo child Cannabis & AM-2201 2022 Jan 30
Paralyzed Dottie Cannabis 2021 Oct 06
My Freefall Into the Void Firmensprecher Cannabis (adulteration suspected) 2020 Apr 21
It Definitely Wasn't Worth Smoking Taralynn Cannabis & Unknown 2019 Jul 31
Lost Hour Lost Mind lotus Alcohol, Cannabis & Pharmaceuticals 2019 Jul 31
Learned My Lesson PCP Cannabis 2019 May 09
Nervous System Disconnect cold_seoul DMT & Cannabis 2019 Mar 13
Hearing BLISS Nikon Cannabis 2019 Jan 02
Laced? A. Squid Cannabis 2018 Sep 06
Requiem Emil Cannabis 2018 Mar 12
I Deserve Eternal Torture Kamazing Cannabis & (Possibly) Unknown 2017 Aug 05
Couldn't Tell It from the Weed WRO 'White Rock Opium' & Cannabis 2007 Oct 22
Laced Weed? Hydrosmoke Cannabis 2005 Aug 05
Why I Don't Smoke Marijuana Anymore Brooklyn Cannabis 2005 Jun 14
A Little Scary Chris Cannabis & Opium 2004 Sep 27
Red Rock vs. Opium brotherelectric Red Rock Opium & Cannabis 2001 Aug 19
Not Opium, but What? Rumi Red Rock Opium 2001 Feb 06
You Never Know Who You Can Trust weedgrl420 Cannabis 2000 Oct 16

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