AMT (also IT-290) Reports - Difficult Experiences
Difficult Experiences
(54 Total)

Highly Recommended Unpleasant Experience Gnostikoi AMT 2003 Jun 02
Recommended Fear, Loathing in California cryptix420 25I-NBOMe & AMT 2012 Sep 18
Recommended Lessons Learned Wounded Explorer AMT 2008 Aug 10
Recommended Should Not Have Dosed Again Anonymous AMT 2004 Nov 28
Recommended Bliss, Love, Enlightenment, Insanity Fict AMT & Cannabis 2002 Feb 22
Recommended Fun but Smoking Up Made it a Nightmare Slothball AMT & Cannabis 2002 Feb 11
The Way it Looks When a Mind Comes Apart Doctor_Scrambles_MD AMT & 25I-NBOMe 2014 Dec 17
Stuck in a Fever Dream Exedelic AMT 2013 Apr 30
Physically Difficult Barbadi AMT & Cannabis 2007 Oct 02
The Highway Crash Iroc AMT 2006 Jul 06
Can Be Dangerously Different Gumby AMT & Salvia divinorum 2004 Oct 28
Really Didn't Know What To Expect Pinky MDMA (Ecstasy) & AMT 2002 Dec 05
A Total Sensory Overload Jon AMT 2002 Jul 19
Despite precautions... rhea Blue Lotus, Cannabis, & AMT 2002 Apr 17
Shaking it Up Willamette AMT & N2O 2002 Feb 22
Senses Shattering Chaya AMT, 5-MeO-DMT & Ketamine 2002 Feb 15
KittnPaws Meet....Yourself. KittnPaws AMT 2002 Feb 14
Accidental High Dose Adventure psyched AMT & Cannabis 2017 Dec 08
Sanity.... A Fleeting Memory Claudio AMT 2013 Jul 14
Hitting the Upper Atmosphere abaZabaa AMT, Cannabis & Diazepam 2013 Jul 13
Keep Your Mind in the Vehicle at all Times Anothermartini AMT 2008 Oct 24
Gravity Lost Dust AMT 2008 Mar 05
Bulldozer of Psychedelics Carrionhead AMT 2007 Dec 05
Onset Was Relatively Hard pedro from paris AMT 2003 Sep 04
Reaching Left for the Green Lady Anonymous Salvia divinorum & AMT 2002 May 01
Start Early Efaq AMT & Cannabis 2002 Mar 13
Oblivion and Back Leprechaun AMT 2002 Feb 25
The Ambulance on the Roof Junglist AMT 2002 Feb 25
AMT with Friends and Loved Ones Noj AMT 2001 Sep 05
Long, But Worth It Adenosine AMT 2001 Jul 12
You Took Too Much, Man. Too Much Raoul AMT 2001 Apr 20
An Incredibly Nauseous Experience Poser AMT 2001 Apr 11
The First Flower After The Flood Doc AMT 2001 Jan 19
Antibiotics with AMT -- A Deathly Sick Experiance Willow AMT 2001 Jan 14
Aftermath of a Disaster Juxlus AMT & 2C-T-7 2000 Sep 14
Fizzing Popping Sound Drizzle AMT 2000 Sep 08
Bad Trip or Just Unexpected.. annonymous AMT 2020 Dec 28
Stuck In My Head Unable To Follow Conversations Jack/ClassbHero AMT 2018 Jan 21
I Became Flat Nic AMT 2017 Oct 24
Some of the Worse Hours of My Life crazyemily AMT 2011 Aug 04
Still Can't Sleep DJ Devin AMT 2008 Jan 21
Good..........If You Like Hell Never again AMT 2003 Dec 15
A Love Lost... Zee1DeeWeber AMT 2003 Apr 08
Don't Do What I Did Matt AMT 2003 Feb 15
Beware Smoking AMT!!!! onemessedguy AMT 2002 Oct 27
Overwhelming Feelings and Long Duration Devilman AMT & Cannabis 2002 Feb 25
Redefine My Position on Life Zackmann AMT 2002 Feb 22
I Thought I Was Going to Die Julie AMT 2004 Mar 02
Tensiontown neutopia AMT, Mushrooms, & Clonazepam 2003 Dec 31
AMT + Blood Sugar Disorders = BAD! Camp8GeetarGuy AMT 2002 Aug 07
Do Not Listen To Your Friends alex AMT 2002 Jun 02
An Unforseen Mixture the fallen AMT 2002 May 03
AMT - Why is this legal?! j AMT 2001 Sep 04
At the High School Football Game Gockies AMT 2000 Oct 10

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