Crack (also Freebase Cocaine) Reports - First Times
First Times
(32 Total)

Bellringer And Game Changer On The First Smoke BREEZE Crack (Freebase Cocaine) 2017 Nov 30
Descent Into Hell nate Crack 2017 Jul 16
Once Was Enough Tye Crack 2007 Apr 05
Heating the Body for Pleasure Poopypickle Crack 2020 Jan 05
The Big Rush Psyrax Crack 2018 Apr 26
The World is Spinnin And I Think I Want To Fly Too bad of a habit Crack (Freebase Cocaine) 2017 Nov 30
A Very Cracked Out Christmas The Shortest Girl Crack 2015 Dec 26
Better than Euphoria Leaving LV Crack, Cocaine & Tobacco 2008 Jan 24
Happy, Dizzy Koshh Crack & Cocaine 2007 Dec 17
A Low Calming Feeling Anonymous Crack 2007 Jul 26
From Interesting to Disturbing Byzantium Crack 2007 Apr 05
Walking Through Hell with Gasoline Boots Duckhouse Crack 2006 Nov 28
The Rock Parade Ti Crack 2006 Mar 23
The Start of the End Rush Crack 2002 Jun 25
Subhuman on Crack Cocaine cubicleboy Crack Cocaine 2002 Jan 10
Not What I Expected Mental Confusion Crack 2020 Sep 26
I Could Do It Forever and Never Be Satisfied justin Crack 2019 Apr 03
A New Me That I Don't Like Being Chris Crack 2018 Dec 06
Euphoric High but VERY Addictive Erie15 Crack 2018 Sep 20
Within Seconds I Felt a Powerful Rush Matt Crack 2018 Jun 22
Very Temporary High opiatekrzy Crack 2018 May 15
I Should Have Been Careful With What I Looked for... tweeker jones Crack 2018 Apr 16
It Made Me Feel Very Godly NDOG Crack 2018 Apr 16
I Didn't Know What Was in the Joint didsomethingdumb Crack 2018 Apr 16
Confidence From The Foil But Not Worthwhile wonderbread Crack (Freebase Cocaine) 2017 Dec 06
Flyin Down The Highway PuRpLe9HaZe6 Crack & Cannabis 2009 Jun 16
I've Always Kinda Wanted to Try It They call me Jane Crack 2021 Mar 20
Full Body Orgasm SSCS Crack 2018 Apr 16
So That's Why People Get Addicted to This Jess Crack 2018 Mar 30
Tunnel Vision And Non-Stop Talking Boo Crack 2018 Jan 19
Hard as a Rock Elmer Crack 2017 Jul 16
One Hit and you Want More Zack Crack Cocaine 2000 Jun 14

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