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Odd Reaction Rickey C. MDMA 2022 Nov 21
Too High, Too Hot, Too Fast Sienna MDMA (Ecstasy), Tryptophan - 5-HTP & Supplements (Niacin, DMAE, Ginkgo biloba & Other) 2007 Oct 07
Not Enjoyable Whatsoever anonymous Tryptophan - 5-HTP & Protease 2005 Jun 27
Quite Nice Obsidian-Moon 5-HTP, Cacao & Inositol 2023 Dec 25
Effects That Supplementation Had Zirtonic MDMA & Supplements 2022 Dec 16
Side Effects and Potassium neuro GBL & Supplements 2021 Jun 22
Rolling Like a Professional NeoWarrior8 MDMA & Supplements 2020 Oct 19
Hangover That Never Seems To Go Away JZArtist Caffeine, Ephedrine & Supplements 2008 Mar 28
Preloading = Short Term Memory Loss Case MDMA (Ecstasy), Tryptophan - 5-HTP & Vitamins 2007 Oct 17
Enjoying the Legal Highs Chadaddy Kratom, Piracetam, Cannabis & Vitamins 2007 Jul 19
Fast Headache Relief Jonas Omar Analgesics & Supplements 2007 Jul 07
Bowel Cleansers & Psychedelics Do Not Mix aquapan LSD & Supplement 2006 Mar 08
Deep Gratitude sourcream Cannabis, Caffeine, Coffee, Vitamins & Floating 2023 Aug 18
Comedown Savior trojkat Caffeine, Electrolytes & Huperzine A 2021 Dec 29
I Actually Love the Feeling / Days After Keff MDMA & Supplements 2019 Feb 20
I Typed Faster and Was Able to Multitask Iris Caffeine & Vitamins/Supplements 2018 Aug 25
It Started Off as a Normal Trip Blake Mushrooms, Chocolate & Vitamin B-12 2022 Mar 25
My Blueberries Hangover Cure Brian F. MDMA & Supplements 2021 Jul 10
Just Need to Tweak the Dosages Lapiseyed DMAA, Theanine & Alcohol - Hard 2021 May 20
Extremely Fun But Short-Lived Not.A.Jackass Phenibut & Supplement (w/ DMAA) 2021 May 05
Better Than Any Amphetamine I've Tried 7zyzz7 Pre-Workout Supplement (w/ DMAA & Caffeine) 2021 May 05
The Best Night of My Life Mia MDMA, Tryptophan - 5-HTP & Vitamins / Supplements 2020 Nov 14
Easing the Crash lowercaseb Methamphetamine & Supplements 2020 Oct 21
Fantastic for Short and Long-term Memory Khalid R. Bacopa monnieri 2015 Oct 16
Transcendent Combo Lord Maynoth Hydergine, DMAE, Green Tea & Vitamins/Supplements 2004 Jan 28

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