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Any reports with Morphine
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Up to This Point Nothing Has Worked sickandconfused Opiates esp. Morphine 2016 Oct 08
Poppies to the Rescue Magical_Michael Morphine & Opium Poppies 2015 Dec 27
Nasalen Experimente Andreas K. MDPV & Morphine (sustained release; Substitol) 2011 Feb 21
Nice Buzz Aleister Morphine sulphate & Lorazepam 2010 Jan 26
Global Pain for 5 Seconds, Then Liquid Fur Thea Morphine 2009 Jun 05
Makes Me Euphoric and Uppity ~tar one~ Clonazepam, Morphine & Dilaudid 2009 Mar 06
Morphidex Krad DXM & Morphine 2008 Feb 06
A Wonderful Night Mailboxghost Morphine 2008 Jan 10
Gone Stargazing Slakr Morphine, Cannabis & Tobacco 2008 Jan 10
Walking in Circles Crooked arrow Morphine & Alcohol 2007 Apr 16
The Joy Alkaloidaholic Morphine & Hydrocodone 2007 Apr 16
Opiates and Emotions - Beware Seifuru Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Morphine & Kratom 2004 Nov 15
Pass Next Time 3rdEYE Morphine 2003 Mar 21
Sinking Through the Bed clutch Morphine & Oxycodone (OxyContin) 2003 Feb 17
Surgery Lead to My Addiction to Opiates bitflip Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Morphine & IV Opioids 2003 Feb 17
Euphoria in a Doctors Office Anonymous Morphine 2002 Nov 19
Bliss of Morphine Aphelion Morphine 2001 Oct 25
25 Years Later Katrina Heroin, Fentanyl & Morphine 2021 Oct 05
Opened My Eyes to Opiates MS Contin Morphine 2021 Aug 13
The Hell of Addiction morphinator Morphine 2021 Jul 17
Negative Effects Lasted Almost 12 Hours OccasionalReckless GHB, Morphine, Cocaine, Beer & Hydrocodone 2021 Apr 07
I Plan to Be Inactive When I Do It Painkilled Morphine 2019 Sep 18
A Week of Heaven potty Morphine 2019 Mar 16
A Night Alone g-man Morphine 2019 Mar 13
My Drug of ChoicE.....Kinda gucci little piggi Morphine 2018 Nov 05
No Problems, No Pain, No Worries Gianni Morphine 2018 Sep 04
I Wish I Had a Dealer With That Stuff AAAA-ron Morphine 2018 Sep 04
Pin Pricks All Over My Body big dick J Morphine 2018 Sep 04
Pleasant Thoughts and Sensations of Euphoria CrazyBelgian Morphine 2018 Sep 04
Morphi-Puke Dreams oreo Morphine 2018 Aug 03
Beautiful Nothingness Olas Morphine 2018 Aug 03
Muscle Numbness Bryan Morphine 2018 Aug 02
Blissful Relaxation Matt K Morphine 2018 Aug 02
A Positive Part of Being in the Hospital show Morphine 2018 Jul 15
The High Comes in Three Waves MSCotin Morphine 2018 May 31
Side Effect of Chewing Seully Morphine & Naltrexone 2018 May 07
Great for What Its Made For TJ Alprozolam & Morphine 2018 Mar 20
Where Am I? old stoner Fentanyl & Morphine 2018 Mar 17
Blue Nose at the Fair AleXXX Morphine 2018 Mar 13
I Like the Feeling It Gives Me Zhangjiajie Morphine 2017 Nov 29
Felt Great Until I Started Throwing Up Steve B Morphine 2017 Nov 06
Spicy Little Thing Isn't She? steady_mark87 Morphine 2017 Sep 06
It Has Saved My Life MorophineChick Morphine ER 2017 Aug 30
I Use 100 Milligrams a Day Saf Morphine 2016 Oct 13
Puking and Terrible Hangover annonomus Morphine 2016 Apr 28
My 'Last' Time Doing Opiates Jay Morphine, Clonazepam, Lorazepam & Cannabis 2016 Apr 28
Totally Different, Just as Intense bertini Morphine & Meperidine (Demerol) 2016 Feb 03
Pulsating Waves of Warmth Horse Doc Morphine 2013 Oct 21
Calm Happiness lokicola Morphine 2010 Oct 12
Apathy For The Devil Alice Morphine 2008 Jan 03
Use in Autistic Spectrum Disorder Limpet Chicken Morphine & Tobacco 2007 Sep 04
Da Bliz wid M-Or-Fin lotusmountain Ethylmorphine 2006 Sep 25
Don't Ever Take This Shit d 5-MeO-MIPT, Cannabis, Morphine, Propoxyphene, Alprazolam & Alcohol 2005 Sep 08
Strange john Alcohol & Morphine 2004 Jun 07
Faded vincent Alprazolam & Morphine 2003 Jun 04
The Heavenly Opiate olas Morphine 2002 Nov 19
My Body Is Rebelling Typhon Methamphetamine, Methaqualone, Cannabis & Morphine 2001 Oct 27

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