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Highly Recommended Friendly Fire Sickly Pain Vibrant Warmth nervewing 2C-C 2019 Nov 17
Highly Recommended The Colossus nervewing Memantine, 3-MEO-PCE, LSD, 4-AcO-MiPT, 4-HO-MET, 2C-C, Clonazepam & Aripiprazole 2018 Aug 04
Highly Recommended Interesting Combination with Unique Features Xorkoth 2C-C, 2C-I, & Kratom 2006 Jan 23
Highly Recommended Brief, Beautiful Bliss iom 2C-C 2004 Jul 14
Recommended Gorgeous and Deeply Satisfying Kaleida 2C-C 2017 Nov 27
Recommended Lovely Friendly Body Trip wonder-full 2C-C 2017 Feb 21
Recommended The Challange Morninggloryseed 2C-C 2013 Jun 03
Recommended Going Up is Better When you're Down Speaker 2C-C & Methylone 2011 Oct 04
Recommended Beautiful, Rewarding, and Underrated Cactushead 2C-C 2005 Dec 18
Recommended An Exfoliating Mud-bath for the Soul Nog 2C-C 2004 Jul 14
Recommended A Trip Without The Trip Psycosmo 2C-C 2004 Jun 12
Recommended Retrospective Beauty Matt Himself 2C-C & MDMA 2003 Sep 02
Recommended Tripping at Settler's Rock Morninggloryseed 2C-C 2003 Jul 19
Recommended Quite Pleasant Matt Himself 2C-C 2003 Jul 18
Oh So Right suburbandad 2C-C 2012 Nov 19
Easily Tickled Zono 2C-C 2011 Oct 04
The Litmus Test bluestemz 2C-C 2005 Nov 23
'Intense Relaxation the Book Sez' smonkey 2C-C 2004 Mar 15
Fun with Weird Phens Phlipper 2C-I, 2C-C, & Cannabis 2003 Jan 20
New Favorite nervewing 2C-C 2017 Feb 21
Nuit Blanche HighinToronto 2C-C 2017 Feb 21
Fuzzy Wuzzy harmony 2C-C 2017 Feb 21
Light Trip Warren 2C-C 2014 Feb 21
Chilling In A Fog jaggerjack 2C-C & Cannabis 2012 Nov 20
A World of Pure Imagination Pox 2C-C 2012 Nov 20
Gentle Euphoria BeerAndWeedDiet 2C-C 2011 Mar 29
Nice Easy Going Combination Jordan 2C-C & 2C-D 2010 Jun 23
Strange Relaxation Tricky 2C-C 2010 Jan 10
2C-Chill Alkaloid 2C-C, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis 2010 Jan 10
Anxious Relaxation Dkid 2C-C 2010 Jan 10
As Manageable as They Come Shameless 2C-C 2007 Nov 14
Remember a Day Before Today DrGobLin 2C-C 2007 Oct 24
Mario Cart Stuck Mojo 2C-C 2006 Oct 24
Pretty Chill/Relaxing DJ Devin 2C-C 2005 Apr 04
Warm Waves Goofy 2C-C 2004 Jul 15
the Pucker Shaped Wormhole Donny Fantastic 2C-C 2004 Mar 15
I Just Melted Away Holdon Kundera 2C-C 2003 Feb 26
Kind of Dissapointed Somewierdo 2C-C 2003 Feb 09
Elves Tap-Dancing On My Optic Nerves Hal U. Cinaut 2C-C 2002 Dec 17
High Dose Intensity kmello 2C-C 2017 Feb 20
Who Thought Jail Could Be Fun? redballz LSD & 2C-C 2012 Nov 26
The Psychedelic Benzo (LSD Ultra Light) ErowidLover 2C-C 2012 Nov 04
Psychedelic Valium Azure 2C-C 2003 Oct 25
Light Blue Hue alphaOdure 2C-C 2003 Jul 30
Instant winner! psydkik 2C-C 2003 Jul 14
A Very Pleasant Ride BLAZE 2C-C 2002 Nov 08
Body Trips jed 2C-C 2013 Jul 21
Gentle and Visual Goddog 2C-C 2004 Jul 09
Must See Degaz 2C-C 2004 Feb 24
Not Impressed Sugoi 2C-C 2003 Feb 02

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