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(also bk-MDMA; Explosion; Ease; M1; Neocor [Germany])
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General » » »   more   » » » [68]
After the Initial Tsunami Wave Murple BDB, Methylone & DPT
Going Up is Better When you're Down Speaker 2C-C & Methylone
Explosion Is Not Like MDMA anonymous Explosion (Methylone?)
Rockets, Pillows and Waves The Flow 2C-B-Fly, Methylone, & Cannabis
2cBwildered Spinal 2C-B, Methylone & Yopo
I Did Go Higher Than Her Moon Man Methylone
The Head and the Heart Tryptofan Methylone
The Play Of The Century Brokenphone Methylone
In a Very Relaxed Energetic State Crunknasty Methylone
The Masculine MDMA Lyra R. Methylone

First Times » » »   more   » » » [44]
Just Like MDMA, Then... Double Trouble Methylone
You Held Me Tight stwanky Methylone & Bupropion
The Perfect Evening, The Perfect Substance WhatNot Methylone
The Artful Dodger Nalibilan Methylone
Subtle and Satisfying Cerebronaut Methylone
Tranquility Matt Himself Methylone
An Oddessy Through My Character FormrTrippr Methylone
Molly's Twin Sister Anti-Alcohol Man Methylone
I Didn't Want It To End karika Methylone
Like MDMA but Less Euphoric Jesus Raves Methylone & Cannabis

Combinations » » »   more   » » » [75]
A New Sunday Morning Sacrament ChemicalBilly 4-AcO-DMT & Methylone
Dancing for the First Time The Loin Speaks LSD, Mushrooms, & bk-MDMA (sold as MDMA)
Sheer Perfection mensaman Methylone, 4-Fluoroamphetamine & Piracetam
Ego Death Andrew 2C-E & Methylone
Cirque Du Phenethylamines Sequinned 2C-E & Methylone
Breathing Better With the Letter B nanobrain bk-MBDB, Methylone, DMT & Cannabis
In the Name of Science; Definitely Not Worth It MMan Moclobemide & Methylone
The Symbolism of Nature Azure Methylone & 2C-I
Two Wishes From an Empty Sky Catfish Rivers Methylone & 4-Acetoxy-DiPT
Disolving Reality Unexpected Potentiation pnot LSD & Methylone

Retrospective / Summary » » »   more   » » » [36]
A Seeker's Best Friend Clear Fire Methylone
A Comparison potty BK-MBDB & BK-MDMA
Magic Doesn't Return? MthylnMan Methylone
Methylone has Addictive Properties MthylnMan Methylone
A Friendly and Comfortable Mood Enhancer Swifty Methylone & Cannabis
Three Years and Three Substances tomunist Methylone, Mephedrone & 4-MEC
Notes on My Favorite Drug Rocket Methylone
Long Term High Dose Venlafaxine Use Rocket Venlafaxine & Various
A Collection & Summary of Experiences Mu! Methylone
Subtleties in Different Levels Beanieboy Methylone

Difficult Experiences » » »   more   » » » [12]
Unexpected Synergy or Simply Too Much Anonymous 2C-I & Methylone
Less is More Jesus Raves Methylone & Cannabis
How Much Is Too Much? Mr Baldingfast Methylone
Better for My Toilet Than Me sc1554 Methylone
Weird and Boring Mood-Duller Meilikhios Methylone
2cBwildered Spinal 2C-B, Methylone & Yopo
A Match Made in Heaven Skal 4-AcO-DMT & Methylone
Sinister, Seductive, and a BAD psychedelic bluedolphin Methylone & Cannabis
Retrospective Morninggloryseed 2C-I, MDMA, 2C-T-7, & Methylone
Nothing Like Weed Krank Methylone & Spice-Like Smoking Blend

Bad Trips   [1]
I Redosed While Drunk DigitalAngel 4-HO-MiPT, Methylone & Alcohol

Health Problems   [9]
Pain, Arrhythmias, Hospital Stay stbot32 Cannabis, Methylone & Amphetamines (Dexedrine)
To the Hospital for Very Elevated Heart Rate catsarefun Methylone
Fell Off the Deep Sam Fox Methylone, bk-MBDB & Aspirin
My Body Locked Up joe Methylone
Worrying Circulatory Effects Yargr Methylone
Atheist Rediscovered God and Got Published Jesus Raves Methylone & Antipsychotics
Sent Me to the ER scaredshitless Methylone
Vasoconstriction chloric_icon Methylone (bk-MDMA) & 2C-E
Watch Your Heart! Slothrop 4-FA & Methylone

Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters   [2]
Freaking Out From Drug Cocktail Nate DMT, Methylone, 25C-NBOMe & Alcohol
Sent Me to the ER scaredshitless Methylone

Addiction & Habituation   [8]
Methylone has Addictive Properties MthylnMan Methylone
I Did Go Higher Than Her Moon Man Methylone
Real Euphoria Winta Methylone
A Little Heat Goes A Long Way loocfear Methylone
Mephedrone, Methylone and Me Bazbonehead 4-Methylmethcathinone & Methylone
Sometimes I Still Crave It Zedobode Methylone
A Love Tragedy... Gab Methylone & MDMA
Side Effect Hell ShakyLady Methylone & Various

Glowing Experiences » » »   more   » » » [48]
First Time with Small Doses Winkles Methylone
The Feeling Within Sepulfreak Methylone
Euphoric and Extremely Peaceful open Methylone
A Gift from God Squirrel Methylone & Cannabis
My First Day of Spring Treefingers Methylone
Pressing Buttons Johnny Lemonhead Methylone
Getting To Know Her All Over Again Morninggloryseed Methylone
A Wonderful Evening With Beautiful People anonymous Methylone
I Cant Believe It's Not Zoloft Rocket MDAI & Methylone
Unbelievably, Unexpectedly, Beautiful DocApos Methylone

Mystical Experiences   [1]
A New Sunday Morning Sacrament ChemicalBilly 4-AcO-DMT & Methylone

Health Benefits   [2]
Palliative for the Cold Ally420 Methylone
2cBwildered Spinal 2C-B, Methylone & Yopo

Families   [2]
Brought Me Closer to My Son Rusty Methylone
1st and Last rusty60010 Methylone

Medical Use   [1]
Long Term High Dose Venlafaxine Use Rocket Venlafaxine & Various

What Was in That?   [2]
Ecstasy's Cousin Kandi Methylone
Better for My Toilet Than Me sc1554 Methylone

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