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Glowing Experiences
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New Highly Recommended Cigarettes Made Out of Pebbles pretzelpete DXM & Cigarettes 2023 Nov 22
Mental Relaxation Codeine Cowboy Butalbital with Acetaminophen & Cigarettes 2023 Sep 21
An Amazing Peek at Our Future Godhood S. R. von Allyn Salvia divinorum, DXM, Nitrous & Cigarettes 2023 Sep 18
Lovely Body High Hopiate Mushrooms, Cannabis & Tobacco 2022 Oct 24
Through the Looking Glass Eonroc LSD, Cannabis & Tobacco 2022 Sep 09
My Body Felt Absolutely Wonderful Wraith420 Cannabis - High CBD & Tobacco 2019 Feb 11
One of the Best of My Life Ix H.B. Woodrose, Cannabis & Tobacco 2013 Dec 13
First Time Was A Good One theH-man Tramadol & Tobacco 2013 Nov 21
The Great Eastern Secret Veng Tobacco (Shisha) 2007 Oct 17
Smoking Alone Omnip Tobacco, Amphetamines & Cannabis 2007 Feb 27
A Journey Lead by Love and Fueled by Hate Valkor DXM 2006 May 02
New When I Was High Arnie Hashish & Tobacco 2023 Nov 14
Stimulated All Day drizzy Lisdexamfetamine, Nicotine & Cocaine 2023 Jul 17
I Still Get Terrified anon Alcohol, Cigarettes & Methamphetamine 2023 Jun 28
A Deadly Situation Dead Head Jay LSD, Cannabis & Tobacco 2023 Jun 12
Loss of the World Around Me M Mushrooms & Cigarettes 2023 Jan 13
Kaleidoscope Soaked Eyes opposition LSD, Salvia divinorum (10x extract), Cannabis & Tobacco 2022 Sep 23
An Excellent, All-Natural Relaxation Mixture Admiral Jackson Cannabis, Tobacco, Valerian & Black Tea 2020 May 29
More Than 10 Years of Smoking Now and Then M.J. Tobacco 2019 May 02
I Have Been Using It for Two Weeks Finula Nicotine 2019 Mar 30
Middle Eastern Excellence Darren Tobacco 2018 Jun 09
How to Keep Getting That High Mishkin Tobacco, Codeine & Diazepam 2018 May 08
Enveloping Bliss Blinky Nicotine 2017 Mar 24
A Moment of Pure Perfection Dazz 1P-LSD 2016 Nov 26
The Best High Ever! Lotusmountain2 Nicotine (inhalator) 2009 Mar 27
Going Tribal: Pow-Wow Sessions The Wolf Herbal Blend (Tobacco, Sage, Red Willow, Bearberry & Spearmint) & Yohimbe 2007 Nov 30
Double Bonging William Tobacco & Alcohol 2007 Oct 01
Takes Me Away Joh Tobacco - Cigarettes 2006 Jun 04
A Night with the Usual Larzo Alcohol, Tobacco & Cannabis 2006 Feb 10
Curious? My Story... Scotty Tobacco 2002 Oct 30
Smoking Out of Water fisch Tobacco 2021 Sep 10
The Ultimate Drug TobaccoPipe Pipe Tobacco 2018 Dec 05
Heaven in Reality Big L Amphetamines & Tobacco - Cigarettes 2018 Nov 19
Ecstacy Emulation Shock Tobacco (Snuff) & Ephedrine 2008 Jun 27
Smoking on the Beach DxmTripper Tobacco 2021 Aug 26
Iranian Dokha Mr. Stitches Tobacco 2020 Jun 19
Lemon Bomb Fitzy Lemon Balm & Nicotine 2018 Sep 12
Serene Poisons Earth Pilgrim Tobacco 2018 Aug 29
I'm Love Nasal Snuff kratomized Tobacco & Kratom 2018 Feb 19
The Pleasing Smoke N. Black Psychotria viridis, Nicotiana rustica & Cannabis 2010 Feb 22
Wonderful Experience Dr. Love Tobacco 2006 May 31

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