Tropane Plants (also Brugmansia; Datura; Belladonna; Brunfelsia) Reports - Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters
Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters
(79 Total)

Recommended Death and Psychic Dinosaurs daturodactyl brugsmansia 2012 Feb 16
Recommended A Brush with Death and Total Confusion The Trickster Datura 2009 Mar 26
Recommended A Tale of Nudity, Arrest & Insanity..... Crystallinesheen Datura 2002 Sep 24
Recommended Eating Bugs While My Friends Convulsed Mikey Datura 2002 Apr 07
Recommended The Terror John Brugsmansia sanguinea 2001 Jul 10
Recommended Datura Deterrant Josh Datura 2000 Oct 08
Wildest Night Ever Great B Brugmansia 2012 Nov 03
I Must Be Crazy Goony Brugmansia (Tree Datura) 2010 Jul 19
I Lost My Pets and Almost Burned the House Down Lucky Datura 2008 Jun 15
A Window to Insanity p7 Datura 2007 Dec 16
The Strangest, Craziest Experience of My Life SwEEt Datura 2007 Nov 28
Late Night Parties and Everlasting Cigarettes Anonymous Datura 2007 Jun 14
Forbidden Fruit Eve... Brugmansia & MDMA (Ecstasy) 2007 May 03
japanese blood islands james datura stramonium 2007 Mar 05
Star Covered Hands Mel Roach Datura 2006 Nov 28
Bad Shit Man Anonymous Datura 2006 Oct 19
The Craziest Hallucinogen Ever Nick Brugmansia 2006 Sep 03
A Night of Fear and Claustrophobia Audrey Datura 2006 Aug 23
A Thoroughly Disturbing Experience Jacen Datura 2006 Aug 21
Went to Jail and the Hospital JC Brugmansia 2006 Aug 20
Screaming Voices cremedebrocolli Belladonna 2006 Apr 26
Moonflowers: A few Bad Experiences N Brugmansia 2006 Mar 14
Vacation in an Asylum Hoss Datura 2004 Sep 13
Datura Day Trip and Hospital Night Trip Daydreamer Brugmansia 2002 Jul 22
Poison Tea Metal Datura 2002 May 29
The Terror of Enlightenment Robigus Datura 2002 May 07
Somehow I Was Encouraged by the Singing daturatea Brugmansia 2019 May 04
Accidental Contact Dose: Mild but Disturbing Rick O'Shea Belladonna 2018 Feb 14
Those Evil Black Seeds Mr. JJ Datura 2012 Nov 08
Dreaming? Steve G Brugmansia (Tree Datura) 2010 Jul 30
Friend Went Tripping ... and Never Came Back Concerned Bud Datura 2007 Oct 08
Witnessed a Trip Libra Datura 2007 Jun 19
I Wrote a 5 Page Novel Charlee Datura 2007 Jun 19
Incredible Poison Jax05 Datura 2007 Jun 14
Now I'm a Criminal Medstudent2020 Datura 2007 Mar 17
The Mothership Has Landed, and Satan Is Dead Reggie Thriller Datura 2006 Oct 26
The Toss Andy Datura 2006 Oct 19
I Winged the Dose Wes Brugmansia 2006 Sep 04
I Punched a Cop In the Face Gobs One Brugmansia 2006 Sep 04
Strip Searched Russell J Datura 2006 Aug 27
My Parents Came Home Walter Datura 2006 Aug 27
Kicked Out of School Mike Datura 2006 Aug 27
A Truly Delusional Night Brian 420 King Datura 2006 Aug 25
Die Gemeine Trompete opfer Engelstrompete 2004 Sep 28
Waking to the Sound of a Blood Pressure Cuff Tank Brugmansia 2004 Sep 21
Christmas in Rehab Trentifer Brugmansia 2004 Mar 29
Arrested and Brought to the Hospital DaViD m. Datura 2002 Apr 07
A Bad Experience Been there Datura 2001 Jul 26
This is Going to Feel REEAAL Uncomfortable steve Datura inoxia 2001 Apr 24
Pure Insanity Duck Datura 2000 Oct 15
Total Out Of Body Experience Tloke Atropa belladonna 2000 Oct 05
How to Make Trumpet Tea Right BA$E Brugmansia 2000 Oct 04
The Angel's Trumpets Sound The End kid_oblivion Brugmansia 2000 Jul 16
Not Fun!! Caleb Datura 2019 Feb 08
I Pissed Myself Chris Datura 2018 Jul 11
Don't Get Any in Your Eyes Oops Datura 2016 Jul 20
Never Do It!!! Shawn E. Datura 2010 May 01
My Last Time with Giraffes Meghan Datura 2007 Jun 15
The Hard Road Soultell Datura 2006 Sep 03
Halloween Party Gone Awry Anonymous Belladonna 2003 Feb 07
Why Are You Talking to Yourself? god Datura inoxia 2002 Nov 05
Overdosing on Datura prot0n Datura 2002 May 07
Suicide Plant kilogram Datura 2002 Apr 07
I Am Told I Went Completely Insane jason82 Datura 2020 Jun 29
A Mild Miscalculation Elyot Unknown (Represented as Morning Glory) 2018 Sep 08
Emergency Trip Karcuum Datura 2007 Jun 23
Picking Apples eggspurt Datura 2007 Feb 20
Two Days Without a Brain c8lin Datura 2004 Nov 06
An Unparalleled Experience Mike Brugmansia 2004 Jan 03
Hallucinating in the Hospital SomberSoul Datura 2003 Jun 19
Really Not Funny and Cool Paulywog Datura 2003 Feb 04
I.C.U. = Datura's Terrifying Effect Karrie Datura 2002 Aug 30
Wanted Bud, Got Hospital Luke Brugmansia spp. 2002 Apr 26
Datura Power SpiritOfTheStone Datura 2001 Sep 19
Trip to HELL ToaD Atropa belladonna 2001 Mar 29
Way Not Worth It! Skahead Datura 2000 Oct 10
La Yierba del Diablo... wish I had never... Brugmansia 2000 Oct 09
Naked Delusional Cleaning Gordon Kelley Datura Seeds 2000 Jun 14
Out of Control Jadah Datura Flowers 2000 May 31

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