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Any reports with Coleus
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Recommended The Bearer of the Light of Love AA2277 Coleus 2009 Sep 05
Recommended Living in Dreamworld Tau the Apostate Coleus blumei 2007 Aug 24
Recommended Dreamer's Sage Tau the Apostate Coleus 2007 Jun 25
Trading Eyes with God Bearcoon Coleus 2018 Oct 05
Fun Experience, Vivid Dreams AnotherAnonymousOne Coleus 2011 Dec 31
I'm Convinced It's a Dream Herb CB Coleus & Tobacco - Cigarettes 2009 Aug 01
Strong Peak Brian Coleus 2007 Nov 06
Extraction Thealuminumtaco Coleus 2007 Sep 04
Amazingly Spiritual Absinthe750mL Pregabalin & Coleus 2007 May 01
Scientific Research Needed ) Coleus 2007 Apr 04
Chill Session Cyrus Coleus 2005 Oct 15
Downing the Black Liquid C. Skeleton Coleus 2005 Oct 10
Mood Lift with Visual Component Hypersphere Coleus 2004 Oct 07
Mild but Pleasant Nona Coleus 2022 Aug 12
Skeptic Turned Believer anarkity Coleus, Alcohol & Tea 2021 Jul 08
Subtle Relaxation With a Touch of Psychedelia Sykah Delik Coleus & Nicotine 2020 Jan 25
No Effects Whatsoever b-rad Coleus blumei 2020 Jan 25
Lucidity A Dreamtime Retrospective Piscea Indica Coleus 2019 Nov 06
Much Writing Accomplished, Many New Ideas Explored TSV Cannabis Edible, Passion Flower & Coleus 2019 Feb 07
I Was Unable to Achieve Noticeable Effects boredhippy123 Coleus 2018 Sep 02
There Is Something to This Where Coleus 2016 Nov 29
Here I Am Again... Sinasbin (Datura, Coleus, Aloe) Ointment & LSD 2016 Oct 13
Was About to Break Through Puff Coleus 2009 Sep 17
Barely More Than Placebo Mikey C Coleus 2009 Aug 01
Completely Unexpected Jewfie Coleus 2007 Mar 12
Parallel Dreams Jugobeseco Coleus 2006 Nov 13
Frightening, Powerful, and Prophetic Shaun Coleus & Silene capensis 2006 Oct 10
Mellow Pathway Threenil315 Coleus 2006 Sep 01
Doctor Who? Nick Coleus 2006 Sep 01
Just Like Half a Beer Bert the Tripper Coleus 2005 Dec 22
Terrible Night's Sleep Vermithrax Coleus 2004 Oct 07
An Exploration NoX-Elemental Coleus 2004 Oct 07
Coleus the 'Dreamtogen': Coleus Dreams Trump Coleus & Harmala 2001 Oct 03
subtle.... wanderer Coleus blumei 2001 Apr 18
Interesting and Varying Effects Max Coleus blumei 2021 Jun 03
Not Bad if I'm Desperate Ergo Coleus 2020 Oct 23
A Nice Afternoon at the Office Entheotologist Coleus Spp. 2019 May 22
I Felt Alive! seventyten Coleus 2019 May 01
Do Not Mix With Honey... Mockstud Catnip & Coleus 2018 Sep 02
No Effects Noted Foma Coleus 2011 Dec 16
Jittery Borderline Cruise Penguins 3rd Leg Coleus 2007 Nov 30
Non-Experience Coleus Coleus 2007 Jan 23
Beautiful Experience Matt Coleus 2006 Mar 31
Interesting Possibilities Thor Coleus & Alcohol 2006 Mar 31
Intense Dreams Smoked Coleus 2006 Mar 31
Definitely Not Placebo Wingnut Coleus 2006 Mar 31
The Introduction Anonymous Coleus 2006 Mar 28
As I Go to Bed Tetan Han Coleus blumei 2005 Apr 04
Night of No Sleep Isaac Coleus 2019 Apr 30
Music Euphoria Limestoneman Coleus 2018 Oct 17
Dark Purple Leaves Hans Coleus 2012 Apr 08
Misunderstood Leprechaun Coleus 2007 Sep 27
Dreamy Karl Coleus 2007 Jan 23
A Delicate Substance Funky Gnome Coleus 2006 Mar 31

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