DOM (also STP) Reports - General
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Highly Recommended Set The Controls for the Heart of the Man 77k DOM 2000 Oct 05
Recommended Full of Potential Simple Man DOM 2019 Oct 06
Recommended Low Dose Wisdom InnerExplorer DOM 2018 May 20
Recommended The Bliss of the Sun nervewing DOM 2017 Dec 15
The Glory and the Terror Prometheus DOM & Sleep Deprivation 2019 Oct 19
Not as Scary as I Thought AngerStartsFire DOM 2019 Mar 28
Initiation Leprechaun DOM & Etizolam 2018 Nov 29
My Day With STP Morninggloryseed DOM 2015 Nov 26
Now I Know Why They Call It STP dmunk DOM & Cannabis 2013 Nov 24
Gentle First Experience Smeagol2 DOM 2013 Jul 23
Threshold Effects Alexander Shulgin DOM 2011 Sep 06
Ground Control to Major DOM PiPPUK DOM 2008 Sep 22
Fear is the Mind Killer Joker DOM 2008 Mar 10
Resonating Peace Divine Janitor DOM 2005 Nov 01
Life Altering Transcendence Rahul DOM 2020 Jun 03
A Struggle to Find Meaning Ending in Nirvana Illum DOM & Etizolam 2018 Nov 13
The Fourth Wall Comes Down STePhen DOM 2017 Nov 10
Fantastic but Long-Lived MrMoran DOM 2017 Apr 26
Pink Neon Wookie PippUK DOM 2012 Mar 31
A Black Hole Just Shot Threw Me Head Solomon Unknown (Sold as DOC, suspected DOM) 2010 Sep 22
A Pink Neon Wookie PiPPUK DOM 2010 May 05
Pleasant DOMinion jetsam DOM 2001 Jul 01
Fell Far Short scotto DOM 2000 Dec 14
Gentle and Not Pushy Anonymous DOM 2000 Jun 15
I Feel Renewed Anonymous DOM 2019 Mar 17
A Very Long Night Zack DOM & MDMA 2019 Mar 16
A Trip While Tripping amfournda DOM & 2C-B 2012 Oct 23
Serenity, Tranquility, Peace Sir Psychonaut DOM 2012 Oct 23
Surfari whiterasta DOM, LSD, & Cannabis 2004 Aug 02
Crispy Fried Existence thefish DOM 2019 Mar 20
Like Putting on Shades but as a Gradient Dr. Steve Brule DOM 2018 Nov 11
STP and Me SAJ DOM 2012 Dec 03
Everything That Begins Bad Ends Good dmtoligy DOM 2012 Dec 03
DOM and Video Games MC Retail Location DOM 2012 Oct 23
Feeling the Trees Reach Out nature walk DOM 2007 Nov 06

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