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Glowing Experiences
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Recommended I Wish Things Could Be as Simple as they Were on Meth abnormallydizzy Methamphetamine 2005 Nov 13
Recommended The Wonders of Meth Garrett Methamphetamine & Cannabis 2004 Feb 20
The Ups and Downs of Our Sexual Voyages sierrazulu Methamphetamine 2019 Mar 11
Thick, White Smoke Trina Methamphetamine 2009 Mar 03
Wonderful Experience Miss K. Methamphetamine 2008 Sep 25
Random Encounters CrazyIrishGuy Methampetamine, Inhalants - Nitrates & Alcohol - Beer 2008 Apr 17
Meet Mr. Cool StimulatedVindicated Methamphetamine 2008 Mar 24
How I Cured My Coke Habit First_Time_Tweaker Methamphetamine 2007 Dec 16
Futuristic (State of Mind) RelaxedHigh Methamphetamine, MDMA, BZP & TFMPP 2007 Oct 10
Unlike Any High High Timez Methamphetamine 2007 Sep 07
Gave Me a Whole New Perspective Eveldorean Methamphetimine & Cannabis 2007 Apr 20
A Rapturous Reverie Mellifera H.B. Woodrose & Methamphetamine 2007 Mar 07
First Time Advice PotHead Methamphetamine 2006 Dec 20
Sleep Is for the Weak Mokdis Methamphetamine 2006 Jun 18
Cross-Dressing Crystals The Guy Methamphetamine 2006 Jun 13
Moderate Mainline Man MidwestMan Methamphetamine 2005 Sep 23
One of the Best Xmas Presents Ever Michael Methamphetamine (Methedrine) 2005 Sep 21
Zooming at the Speed of Light Nosey Methamphetamine 2005 Jul 26
Tweaker Motormouth Defloweration Nemo Methamphetamine 2005 Jan 25
An Excellent Night of Outdoor Raving zee-werp 2C-I & Methamphetamine 2004 Aug 03
And Then, the Paranoia Set in... Kanadian Tweaker Methamphetamine & Cannabis 2004 Jul 02
Something Bizarre cons research Methamphetamine & Alcohol 2023 Sep 24
I Still Get Terrified anon Alcohol, Cigarettes & Methamphetamine 2023 Jun 28
How to Speed and Not Get Caught noitall Methamphetamine, GBL & Supplements 2020 Oct 18
Move Over Perception Here Comes Reality weedman Methamphetamine & Alcohol 2020 Jan 14
Clarity, Confusion, Clarity, Confusion Joe Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 10
Double Barrel Tina Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 01
No Turning Back jake Methamphetamine 2018 Jul 27
I Wanna Use the Rest of My Life Big_D Methamphetamine 2015 Oct 08
Really Good times Alex Methamphetamine & Ketamine 2010 May 18
An Introduction to Something Else Playa Eef Methamphetamine 2007 Jul 27
Happiness Now Comes In Bottles IowaPunker Hydrocodone, Alcohol & Methamphetamine 2007 Jun 21
The Absolute Best Tussinhead Methamphetamine & Cannabis 2007 May 23
Boundless Energy Mikey Methamphetamine (Desoxyn IR) 2006 Oct 23
On Top of the World h.c. tim Methamphetamine 2005 Jul 29
Bizarre Roll DT Methamphetamine, Cannabis, Caffeine & DMAE 2004 Dec 29
Too Many Drugs? Tank MDMA (Ecstasy), Cannabis, & Methamphetamine 2003 Apr 14
The River and The Mountains Peter Mescaline, Methamphetamine, Cannabis & Heroin 2001 Aug 18
A Perfect Diet Drug Kitten Methamphetamine 2000 Sep 11
Stuck in My Head coke head Methamphetamine 2019 Apr 23
A Little Too Good my own reality Methamphetamine & Cannabis 2018 Aug 10
Free Drugs and a Bad Trip Machinegun Sheeba Methamphetamine & LSD 2018 Aug 09
Relaxed Afternoon, Transformative Night Edwin Methamphetamine 2018 Jun 06
My First Week Awake blue bikini girl Methamphetamine, Alcohol, & Cannabis 2004 Jan 11
The Best Never Ending Night of My Life Metallica Fan 5-MeO-DiPT, Cannabis, Amyl Nitrite, Alcohol, MDMA, Mushrooms & Methamphetamine 2003 Sep 30
First Night Awake laura hatez u Methamphetamine 2019 Apr 10
I Have Been Waiting Three Days for This Killsnitch Bunny Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 09
Writer's Block Crunch Machine Methuselah Methamphetamine & Cannabis 2018 Aug 09
My Love Affair Doomed Kid Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 07
Get the Jumper Cables Out...... wackdang Methamphetamine 2018 May 22
I Have Been Up for 3 Days Now Jen Methamphetamine 2018 Mar 21
A Euphoric Alertness Bun Methamphetamine 2003 Sep 28
Beautiful White Snow HappyGirl Methamphetamine 2002 Jul 14
AMT Combination Reports FlowGnome AMT & MDMA or AMT & Methamphetamine 2001 Sep 25

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