Nitrous Oxide (also Nitrous; N2O; Whippets) Reports - Retrospective / Summary
Retrospective / Summary
(73 Total)

Very Highly Recommended The Ultimate Lack of Truth vorpal Nitrous Oxide 2004 Mar 10
Recommended The Throbbing nervewing Nitrous Oxide & Various 2018 Feb 19
Recommended A Blank Memory Proton42 Nitrous Oxide 2017 Oct 17
Recommended What Would Einstein Do? Jg84208 Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis 2009 Aug 25
Recommended Near Life Experiences Anonym Trismegistus Nitrous Oxide 2006 Jun 14
Recommended .3 PPM of Our Air just footsteps Nitrous Oxide 2005 Aug 05
Recommended Nitrous Oxide Revelations of God and Eternity Billy James Nitrous Oxide 2005 Jul 01
Recommended 2 Reports, Many Thumbs up bevz 2C-T-21, Ketamine, & Nitrous Oxide 2004 Jan 05
Recommended Nitrous Usage for Life Enhancement weasel Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis 2001 Nov 29
The Hell Experience and Introduction to Spirit Psychonaughty 1P-LSD & Nitrous Oxide 2022 Sep 29
Whipped Hard Enough To Leave Scars Veiled Venus Nitrous Oxide 2019 May 20
The Anaesthetic Revelation Benjamin Paul Blood Nitrous Oxide 2017 Nov 08
Reverse Deja Vu lysenthylae Nitrous Oxide 2015 Dec 28
A Farewell to Nitrous Long-time user Nitrous Oxide 2015 Dec 26
Weaving a Story, Drawing a Graph Z-Person Nitrous Oxide 2010 Mar 11
Reaching New Heights RobMan Nitrous Oxide 2010 Feb 21
Born to Die Michael Nitrous Oxide 2008 Sep 14
The Cramps No More Hippycrack Nitrous Oxide 2008 Jul 06
More than Meets the Eye Rapt Nitrous Oxide 2006 Apr 02
The Question spacious Nitrous Oxide 2005 Feb 10
The Retractable World Jikkle Nitrous Oxide & Salvia divinorum (20x extract) 2004 May 28
Vanity of Vanities palex Nitrous Oxide 2003 Nov 23
The Subjective Effects of Nitrous Oxide William James Nitrous Oxide 2003 Oct 27
There Is Someone Else Here! Lavaman Nitrous Oxide & Oxygen 2003 Sep 15
Did Balloons Cure My Migraines? Samanthe Nitrous Oxide 2001 Dec 25
An Affair to Remember some girl Nitrous Oxide & Various 2022 Feb 19
99% Good, Combinations Ranked Johnny Nitrous Oxide & Various 2022 Jan 12
Something Close to Nirvana?? Justagirl Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis 2021 Mar 30
Poly Wants a Cracker - a Cautionary Tale Day Tripper LSD, Cannabis & Nitrous Oxide 2019 May 17
Inhaling in a Coffin Post-d Nitrous Oxide 2018 Dec 10
Attempting to Understand Oblivion Peter Nitrous Oxide 2018 Sep 17
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly Escherism Nitrous Oxide 2018 Jun 12
Strange, but Fun D Nitrous Oxide 2018 Jun 08
Plant Consciousness Mike W. Methoxetamine & Nitrous Oxide 2018 Mar 06
A Separate Universe Dina Nitrous Oxide 2018 Jan 11
Information Revealed to Me thales Nitrous Oxide 2018 Jan 10
I Used to Think That It Was Pretty Safe map Nitrous Oxide 2018 Jan 08
The Vortex and the Choice RichVR Salvia divinorum & Nitrous Oxide 2018 Jan 06
The Clinking of Countless Spent Whippets Anonymous Nitrous Oxide 2010 Mar 11
Various Notes on my Experiences Illusions 2C-I, Cannabis & Nitrous Oxide 2008 Mar 11
Amazing Closed Eye Visuals James McGuigan Carbon Dioxide & Nitrous Oxide 2007 Sep 19
In the Room Benthon Nitrous Oxide 2006 Nov 28
Conscious Weight Gaius Nitrous Oxide 2006 Aug 23
Keys To Awakening The Heart Chakra light bringer N2O 2005 Jun 14
the New Adult Appreciation AZlizard Nitrous Oxide 2005 Apr 25
Lasting Tremors heneverdies Nitrous Oxide 2003 Sep 15
How I Got HPPD paddy LSD, Ecstasy, Methamphetamine, Salvia divinorum & Nitrous Oxide 2002 Aug 01
Glorious Nights Krendle Morning Glory Seeds & Nitrous Oxide 2002 Feb 08
Hippiecracked Zero Nitrous Oxide 2001 Dec 30
Interesting Cocktail pj Salvia divinorum, Nitrous Oxide, Cannabis & Alcohol 2001 Jul 26
The Bigger Picture Leading to Infinity Nathan Long Hair Nitrous Oxide 2000 Oct 09
Food Grade Nitrous Oxide? Pastry Chef Nitrous Oxide 2000 Sep 08
True Consciousness Leadingone Nitrous Oxide 2000 Jul 14
Nitrous Oxide - Western Prana Gaseous Vertebrate Nitrous Oxide 2000 Jun 26
HippyCracks in the Fabric of Time The Management Nitrous Oxide 2000 Jun 26
The Device Purifies the Gas as Needed Chris Nitrous Oxide 2022 Dec 12
Full Dose Fleming LSD, Cannabis, Alcohol - Wine & Nitrous Oxide 2022 Oct 19
Thank You Sir May I Have Another Jonny Hydro Nitrous Oxide 2019 Jan 10
Incredibly Eye-Opening Effects Goddess Mode LSD & Nitrous Oxide 2018 Aug 27
The Pattern thales Nitrous Oxide 2018 Jan 10
What Was I Thinking? Mookie Nitrous Oxide 2017 Nov 02
Levels of Understanding tomkaa Nitrous Oxide 2017 Oct 29
Tinnitus and Disco Balls Kingsbishop Nitrous Oxide 2008 Dec 04
Long Lasting Health Consequence Anonymous Nitrous Oxide 2004 Jan 28
Higher Awareness Noss girl Nitrous Oxide 2002 Jan 18
Two Week Binge With God Raedon Nitrous Oxide 2020 Sep 21
Holding It in My Lungs as Long as I Can Tyler Nitrous Oxide, Cannabis & Breath Control 2019 Jul 01
From Great Feelings to Dinosaur Visions bagawk NItrous Oxide 2019 May 20
My Drug of Choice chedder Nitrous Oxide 2018 Sep 03
Bare Attention bum Nitrous Oxide 2018 Jan 22
Mostly Tingly - Once Agressive creambulbs Nitrous Oxide 2018 Jan 21
Thought I was Running With The Devil was_addicted Nitrous Oxide 2018 Jan 21
Best Drug in the World Ayatollah McDeath Nitrous Oxide 2001 Dec 22

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