AMT (also IT-290) Reports - Glowing Experiences
Glowing Experiences
(71 Total)

Highly Recommended Slowed Down Enough to Feel suki AMT 2003 Dec 22
Recommended Complete Psychedelic Spiritual Harmony SumJosh AMT 2018 Feb 08
Recommended A Totally Innocent View of the World tommydee AMT & Cannabis 2012 Sep 05
Recommended Friendly and Comfortable in a Party Setting Hypersphere AMT 2010 Oct 08
Recommended Craziest Drug Ever E-Murda AMT 2006 Jul 07
Recommended True Self Jamie T. AMT 2006 Apr 10
Recommended A Serene and Expansive Plateau nowhereman DPT & AMT 2004 Apr 22
Recommended A Violet-Banded Quilt Of Time/Space Green_Guest AMT & Salvia divinorum 2003 Apr 09
Recommended Ancient Hymns to the Great Earth Echo Gates AMT & 5-MeO-DMT 2002 Dec 05
Recommended Hyperaware of My Emotional State Renwick AMT, Nitrous Oxide, & GBL 2002 Aug 27
Recommended Bliss Potential Scotto 5MeO-DMT after AMT 2002 Mar 14
Recommended Weed Needed sativabob AMT 2001 Jun 28
Recommended Not the 20 Hour Ride I was Expecting zackmann AMT 2001 May 29
Hilarity and Beauty Expansion AMT, MDMA & Cannabis 2021 Oct 11
Complete Psychedelic Spiritual Harmony SumJosh AMT 2020 May 10
Visualizing Life Energy Malleable AMT (IT-290) 2017 Oct 26
A Sacred Cord InnerVenus AMT 2016 Mar 19
Spiritual and Emotional Battery Xorkoth AMT & Various 2007 Jul 30
Reconciling with AMT Gnostikoi AMT 2003 Aug 31
Tracers into Fire unseelie AMT 2003 Jul 10
Special Synergy Paris Cacti - T. pachanoi & AMT 2002 Dec 21
Really Didn't Know What To Expect Pinky MDMA (Ecstasy) & AMT 2002 Dec 05
Master Mindfuck BlazingHussy AMT & Cannabis 2002 Sep 27
My Unknown Epiphany Heen AMT 2002 Sep 12
The Bird Shaman Eh-Empty AMT 2002 May 25
Surprising Revelations Resonant_Dissident AMT 2002 Mar 24
Sentimental Empathy happyone AMT 2001 Dec 31
Pattern Grid World Tea Drizzle AMT & Cannabis 2019 Sep 03
Setting Control for the Heart of the Soul MindFood AMT & Cannabis 2019 Feb 14
The Night I Ran Around Everywhere A Demon AMT, Mephedrone, Ketamine & MDMA 2014 Feb 03
We Created an Alternate Universe Blue AMT 2012 Feb 09
Tryptamine Dreams at a Darkpsy Party Doctor DiMiTry AMT, MDAI & 4-HO-MiPT 2010 Nov 04
Shallow Infinity Soybom AMT & MDMA 2008 Sep 24
I am Mega Man! Kefka AMT 2008 Sep 23
Skepticism Replaced by Euphoria RoBsTa AMT 2008 Sep 23
Over the Hills and Through the Valleys Jude101 AMT 2008 Mar 13
Left Me with a Great Impression T. Dawson AMT 2008 Mar 12
The Pill Popping Purple Pimp Squeaks AMT 2008 Mar 12
An Unusually Good Trip Jen AMT 2008 Mar 12
Rolling Inside, Tripping Outside Sopris AMT & Nitrous Oxide 2008 Feb 05
Fantastically Visual Backspace AMT 2008 Jan 22
How a Movie Should Look!!! K. Maintain AMT 2008 Jan 15
A Match Made in Heaven 5L-Jubeii AMT & MDMA (Ecstasy) 2008 Jan 15
Turn Into A Cartoon And Disappear Through The Walls Cookieguy AMT & Cigarettes 2005 Sep 21
Energetic, Sexy, and Happy meekrob AMT 2004 Sep 17
Cloudland into Dreamtime Turns - Tryps on Tour DINGO AMT, DPT, DiPT, & 5-MeO-DiPT 2003 Aug 07
Wimbledon on the Tube Spirals AMT 2003 Feb 27
First Extended Trip Dirty Sanchez AMT & Salvia divinorum (10x extract) 2003 Feb 04
Waking From Reality Into a Dream PyroKryo AMT 2002 May 15
A Night of Heaven, A Day of Hell Lobster AMT 2002 May 11
Clearness, Communication, and Dexterity Wookie AMT 2002 Feb 15
Spiritual and 'Cosmic' Aspects the Main Course Garuda AMT & Cannabis 2002 Feb 11
The magnifying glass Catfish Rivers AMT, DPT freebase (on club moss), cannabis 2001 Sep 09
AMT with Friends and Loved Ones Noj AMT 2001 Sep 05
Long, But Worth It Adenosine AMT 2001 Jul 12
AMT and the Brain Leprechaun AMT 2001 Jun 02
First Time Riding the Rolls Royce Harry the Flying Pig AMT & Cannabis 2001 Mar 12
My Body is Here, But I'm Not in It Neal AMT 2009 Feb 02
January 1st Demo AMT 2008 Sep 23
Given Half the Chance a Very Good Experience Wicked1gottagun AMT 2008 Mar 11
Wow Professor AMT AMT 2008 Jan 31
Bordering on the Brink of Pure Beauty David AMT, Cannabis & Nitrous Oxide 2008 Jan 25
It's All Good Avvy AMT & DXM 2007 Jun 25
Facing My Shadow-Self Schlaze AMT 2003 Aug 30
It's Not About Fun G. love AMT & Cannabis 2002 Oct 07
A Day of Bliss Stato AMT & Cannabis 2002 Feb 22
AMT Thoughts FlowGnome AMT 2001 Feb 09
Life is Amazing Adrina AMT 2002 Sep 02
AMT Combination Reports FlowGnome AMT & MDMA or AMT & Methamphetamine 2001 Sep 25
Half as Good as It Could Have Been J AMT 2001 Sep 11
AMT in the Great White North MackDaddy AMT & Cannabis 2001 Jul 16

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