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Highly Recommended Pure and Consuming Terror nerl LSD 2022 Mar 09
Highly Recommended Heroic Dose-Induced Nightmare Lucyfer LSD 2018 Apr 02
Highly Recommended So Sure I Could Handle It DeWitt LSD 2012 Apr 10
Highly Recommended Life Death Rebirth NewRainbowChild MDMA (Ecstasy), LSD & Cannabis 2010 Oct 07
Highly Recommended The Infinite Reality Layers, Ultimate Despair Ben LSD 2009 Jun 04
Highly Recommended Insanity, Death Ė Years of Rebuilding - Peace Throy C. LSD & Hash 2005 Jun 25
Highly Recommended Bad Trip and Umpsquamadic Peels hiab-x LSD 2003 Oct 05
Recommended My Paradise Lost Atropos LSD 2021 Jun 23
Recommended Finally Saw the Other Side Alyssa LSD & Alcohol 2019 Mar 26
Recommended Ego Death Ephraim Rage LSD 2018 Jun 06
Recommended The Real Bad One nervewing LSD & Mushrooms 2018 Mar 23
Recommended Anxiety Nothingness and the Logic-Machine Jan Naumann LSD 2016 Oct 01
Recommended Tripping on the Paradisiac Brazilian Coast gorila LSD 2016 Feb 17
Recommended Underestimating Acid Tyler Keenan LSD & Cannabis 2013 Aug 18
Recommended Hospitalized and Teleportation anon LSD & Mushrooms 2013 Feb 08
Recommended Two Days of LSD Psychosis Sam A. LSD 2013 Jan 02
Recommended Reality 101 John M. LSD 2012 Dec 29
Recommended Ego Death Through LSD Johnny Bananas LSD, MDMA, Cannabis & Alcohol 2012 Dec 12
Recommended Apocalyptic Nightmare Shulgins Cat LSD 2012 Nov 28
Recommended Acid Rain Starrness LSD 2012 Nov 09
Recommended Too Much of a Good Thing MikeEC LSD 2012 Apr 04
Recommended I Made a Mistake.. Emily LSD & Cannabis 2011 Jan 01
Recommended A Circus of Distortion Auseklis LSD & Salvia divinorum (leaves) 2010 Dec 29
Recommended A Universal Experiment in Consciousness NotSondra LSD 2010 Nov 12
Recommended Looking Into the Eyes of Insanity TheSeaker LSD & Cannabis 2010 Mar 30
Recommended Reading the Book of My Life Superdude21 LSD & Cannabis 2010 Mar 23
Recommended Judged by the Primordial Energy Roger LSD & Cannabis 2009 Aug 31
Recommended This One Belongs in the Dante's Inferno Vault Boots Randolph LSD & Cannabis 2008 Jun 28
Recommended The Night the Universe Tore Itself Apart CB LSD & Cannabis 2008 Feb 07
Recommended Set & Setting: Two Wrongs Donít Make A Right Borealis LSD, Alcohol & Cannabis 2007 May 06
Recommended Psychedelic Nightmare Anonymous LSD, MDMA & Cannabis 2007 Apr 19
Recommended Leibe Sucht Dich! Chris M. LSD 2007 Feb 15
Recommended The Day I Died. Or So I Thought. Unknown LSD, Cannabis & Alcohol 2007 Feb 09
Recommended Did I Just Kill Someone? Eightballeyes LSD 2006 Sep 01
Recommended The Melting of My Mind Jetfx LSD 2006 May 28
Recommended Far from Zen RJ LSD & Cannabis 2006 Apr 14
Recommended It Felt Like True Psychosis Shruming Human LSD 2005 Dec 25
Recommended My First Bad (and Very Last) Trip anonymous LSD & Cannabis 2005 Dec 14
Recommended Talking Someone Down from a Thought Loop GoatGod LSD 2005 Dec 08
Recommended The Nature of Tripping bluedolphin LSD & Cannabis 2005 Nov 08
Recommended Broken Heads Mirsha LSD 2005 Aug 05
Recommended The Universal Consciousness of Mind and God Faeden LSD 2005 Aug 04
Recommended The Eternity of Heaven Or The Gates of Hell? Yourself LSD 2005 Jun 14
Recommended Residual Anxiety Disorder Initiated by Trip Reynard the Fox LSD & Cannabis 2005 Apr 07
Recommended Explorers in the Further Regions Wiccan_Seeker LSD 2005 Jan 19
Recommended Discovery of True Love through a Bad Trip JuanPacoLopez LSD 2004 May 13
Recommended I Thought I Was Experienced... sixthseal LSD 2003 May 27
Recommended Bad Experience, Trip to the Emergency Room Doovit LSD 2002 Oct 30
Recommended Total Loss of Ability to Perceive Giger LSD & Cannabis 2002 Feb 13
Recommended Bit in the Ass beelzebud LSD 2002 Jan 17
Recommended 29 Years of Flashbacks From Bad Trip Bob from the UK LSD 2001 Nov 24
Recommended 30 Hours Back to Baseline Samanthe LSD & Mushrooms 2001 Oct 04
Recommended Who's Afraid of the Big 'Bad Trip'? Samuel LSD 2001 May 19
In the Pursuit of Fixing My Faults Pat LSD 2022 Nov 15
Fear Acid Sky LSD 2022 Nov 02
Sleepless T. Wrecks LSD & Alcohol 2022 Sep 12
I'm Not the Same Anymore Ren Mushrooms, LSD & Trazodone 2022 Aug 04
I Was Not Comfortable trialandterror LSD 2022 Jan 24
I Have Been Questioning Reality Atropa LSD, MDMA, Alcohol & Cannabis 2022 Jan 22
A Bad One Anonymous LSD & Cannabis (extract) 2021 Apr 22
A Peek Into A Bad Trip deala LSD 2020 May 29
A Lysergic-Mescalito Experience Sam LSD & Mescaline 2019 Oct 13
Beauty and Bliss, Darkness and Insanity Pope Roberts LSD 2019 May 08
An Avoidable Mistake yourmatesyd LSD & Cannabis 2019 Jan 04
Jazz Trip to Bad Trip theorm LSD 2018 Oct 21
The Worst Experience Imaginable Anonymous LSD & Cannabis 2018 Sep 12
Born From Death Saska LSD, Mushrooms & MDMA 2018 Sep 03
Famous Last Words Emilays LSD 2018 Aug 16
Lonely Delusions of Being God LonelyGod LSD 2018 Jun 09
My First Time Was a Nightmare Mq LSD 2018 May 28
Hospitalizing Myself LucidSky LSD 2018 Apr 19
Lame First Trip Becomes Thought Loop Hell Cloob LSD & Cannabis 2017 Oct 04
Forgetting Everything Being Reborn Jake B LSD, MDMA, Cannabis & Sleep Deprivation 2016 Dec 13
Pushing the Limits Psilosomniac LSD & DMT 2012 Nov 12
Experimenting With Evil Amp LSD 2010 Nov 01
A Nice Little Trip to the Hospital wanderlei Lithium & LSD 2010 Oct 03
The Ultimate Evil Destroying Life Cache LSD 2010 May 27
Scorpion Face NoodleGirl LSD 2010 May 08
Imagined Rape During a Trip Acid_Flux LSD, MDMA (Ecstasy), Cannabis & Catha edulis (Khat) 2010 Jan 08
Too Many Sounds Mcgrady LSD, Ketamine & Cannabis 2009 Nov 26
On the Brink of Absolute Insanity Cen3k LSD & Cannabis 2009 Sep 02
Drowning Alone Warren C LSD 2009 Apr 09
Instant Unconsciousness Trouserpants LSD & Cannabis 2008 Oct 21
Scared Shitless of the Demon Faced People S LSD, Mushrooms & Cannabis 2008 Mar 28
I Was Lost From the Beginning to the End Twentyseven LSD & Unknown 2007 Nov 01
Falling Dead and Seeing the Light J-Toogz Mushrooms & LSD 2007 Oct 15
The Day I Should Have Died Psychanaught LSD, Ketamine, Cannabis & Nitrous Oxide 2007 Oct 07
Wreaked on LSD, Crazy and Wandering Shruming Human LSD & Cannabis 2007 Sep 02
God, Show Me Magic Feel old MDMA (Ecstasy) & LSD 2007 Aug 23
Nothing to Live For Icarus LSD, MDMA, Alcohol & Cannabis 2007 Jun 08
Gods of the Damned 12 LSD & Cannabis 2007 Apr 20
Taking the Good, Bad, and the Ugly. Bob, Sally, and Jane LSD 2007 Mar 02
An Overwhelming Walk in the Forest Earthsuit LSD, Mushrooms - P. cubensis & 2C-I 2007 Feb 26
The Scariest Experience of My Life Wickedboy_poland LSD, Cannabis & Alcohol 2007 Feb 10
MInd-Shattering High Dose Trip Starfire LSD 2006 Dec 29
Great Confusion with Bad Consequences Kyle T. LSD & Cannabis 2006 Dec 13
Hell and Back Again Finn LSD 2006 Aug 27
Utter Chaos, Total Depression, Worst Trip Ever Megan F LSD 2006 Jun 16
Lessons Learned From Trip Gone Wrong Rev LSD, Amphetamines, Cannabis, Alcohol & MDMA 2005 Sep 16
Overwhelming Loneliness iNTeRLoPR LSD 2004 Oct 06

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