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Glowing Experiences
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Highly Recommended Bigger than God white birch MDA & Magic Mushrooms 2011 Nov 26
Highly Recommended Beauty's Rebirth Bun MDA? (sold as MDMA) 2009 Dec 15
Recommended Stimulating Sensuality Vaya BZP, MDA & MDMA 2009 Aug 08
Recommended The Glory of that Positive Hour Randolph Carter MDA & Nitrous Oxide 2008 Sep 11
Recommended A Glowing Christmas Eve Amethyst Deceiver MDA 2006 Aug 19
Profound Mind Change, Pleasant Comedown gradyhernandez MDA & Cannabis 2017 Feb 21
A Full Day of Insight MDA MDA 2008 Jul 22
Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication SmokingMan MDMA (Ecstasy), MDA & Cannabis 2008 Feb 14
Pure Euphoria tollla MDA 2002 Sep 05
Waves of Energy C21H23NO5 MDA 2002 Aug 08
A Cosmic Revelation Viewing a Meteor Shower S. Hawking MDA & Cannabis 2002 Jul 22
There is a First for Everything, I Guess? Euphoriacid<3 MDMA & MDA 2020 Aug 24
High Velocity Shapes, Colors, and Love LoveIsTheAnswer MDA & DMT 2020 Feb 24
Walking Through a Dream lemon MDMA & MDA 2018 Aug 24
Love Comes From the Source k4rnage MDA (Ecstasy) 2017 Feb 28
Drawings In the Sky A Pagan God MDA 2010 Sep 14
Filling in the Gaps Inastate_ MDA, Ketamine & 2C-B 2007 Nov 06
My Fondest Drug-Related Memory dr. giggles MDMA (Ecstasy) & Cannabis 2002 Aug 28
Getting Lost In The Stars Faraway Ecstasy (MDA?) 2002 Feb 15
Quite a Revelation Swifty MDA & 2C-B 2001 Sep 21
Heroin and MDA The Trout Heroin & Ecstasy 2001 Jun 27
Vistavision; or Turning on the Rainbow Persistotron Ma MDA & 2C-T-2 2001 May 18
A Pleasingly Different Trip Doctor Strange MDA 2000 Sep 11
I Met Jackson Pollock TheOrigiinalMrT 2C-B, MDA & BOD 2022 Sep 28
Slowly but Surely KidWithTheJaw MDA 2018 Aug 24
Magical Drug of Awesomeness Mystical Dark Ally MDA? (Sold as Ecstasy) 2018 Aug 07
Walking Into Paradise CAM LSD & MDA 2018 Jan 29
Sizzurp and a Little Blue Pill A-watt Promethazine-Codeine & MDA 2018 Jan 25
Starry Eyed BlissedOut MDA (Ecstasy) 2017 Feb 28
Fluent Body Rush and Colors Cory New MDA 2017 Feb 28
The Teaching Tool mUnk MDA 2017 Feb 28
Better than MDMA RonStoppable MDA 2017 Feb 23
First Timer Riverrat MDA 2012 Apr 25
An Unexpected Dose Demoted MDA 2010 Sep 14
It Melts in Your Mouth and Your Mind 1's MDA 2010 Sep 14
I Love this stuff Tatu MDA 2010 Sep 14
Just Kept Wanting to Redose flower312 MDA 2020 Apr 29
Turning Eggs Into Jelly Fish Seth MDA 2019 Mar 10
No Matter How Many Points I Take cenos MDMA & MDA 2016 Aug 10
Full Body Experience Pappasmurf MDA & LSD 2003 Aug 20

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