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Very Highly Recommended Just Relax Kaleida DOB, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis 2019 Jun 17
Very Highly Recommended Perplexing Somethingness Xorkoth DOET & Nitrous Oxide 2016 Jan 09
Very Highly Recommended Heads & Tails Nog Nitrous Oxide 2015 Jul 30
Very Highly Recommended The Ultimate Lack of Truth vorpal Nitrous Oxide 2004 Mar 10
Very Highly Recommended Getting in Trouble for Using Nitrous Medicinally Edward H. Nitrous Oxide 2003 Apr 30
Highly Recommended Amazing, but Worrying Hypoxia Trajork Nitrous Oxide 2022 Nov 25
Highly Recommended Disappointment broque Nitrous Oxide 2016 Mar 09
Highly Recommended Finding the Light and the Love FlowGnome 4-AcO-MET & Nitrous Oxide 2015 Oct 06
Highly Recommended Encounter With A Fiery Celestial Being Kosmonavts Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis 2015 Jul 26
Highly Recommended Profoundly Startled PewterG DPT, Methoxetamine & Nitrous Oxide 2013 Feb 23
Highly Recommended Joyous Union MindLens LSD, Nitrous Oxide, Cannabis & Diazepam 2011 Nov 30
Highly Recommended Life-Changing Problems TheMerryPrankster Nitrous Oxide & LSD 2009 Aug 05
Highly Recommended Into the Ganzfeld T. Brown Devices - Mind Machine, Nutmeg, Salvia divinorum (10x extract), LSD & Nitrous Oxide 2008 Jul 08
Highly Recommended NMDA Antagonist Synergism Waiting for the Sun DXM & Nitrous Oxide 2007 Aug 08
Highly Recommended Parting the Curtain diogenes Nitrous Oxide 2004 Oct 07
Highly Recommended SynchedUp–Hot to Go!! Thru Psychedelic Lemonade l1ghtware H.B. Woodrose, Ephedra & Nitrous Oxide 2003 Dec 23
Highly Recommended Looped Reality jk Nitrous Oxide & Oxygen 2003 Sep 15
Recommended A Very Fun and Exciting Day shard shins Lisdexamfetamine, Cigarettes & Nitrous Oxide 2023 Dec 11
Recommended A New Realm kip DXM, Nitrous & Cannabis (Oil) 2023 Oct 17
Recommended Quantum Slap TriUrban Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis 2021 Dec 29
Recommended The Throbbing nervewing Nitrous Oxide & Various 2018 Feb 19
Recommended A Blank Memory Proton42 Nitrous Oxide 2017 Oct 17
Recommended Skating Through the Fractal Trees anonymous LSD, 4-AcO-DMT, MDMA & Nitrous Oxide 2017 Jul 09
Recommended The Benefit Has Been Profound ZooLoo Ketamine & Nitrous Oxide 2017 Feb 25
Recommended In the Loop of Life and Death quasilaur Nitrous Oxide 2016 Sep 11
Recommended A Very Psychedelic Vacation Goddess Mode LSD, Nitrous Oxide, 4-HO-DiPT & Cannabis 2016 Feb 28
Recommended Not the Void, Just Nothing at All Egor 5-MeO-DMT, DXM, Cannabis, & Nitrous Oxide 2015 Dec 20
Recommended The Beauty of Struggle James C. MDMA & Nitrous Oxide 2013 Aug 11
Recommended 4th Dimension Maelstrom jo5h LSD, MDMA & Nitrous Oxide 2012 Dec 26
Recommended Rebooting My Mind Thedon420 LSD, Nitrous Oxide & Salvia divonorum 2012 Oct 31
Recommended A BODacious Night Starburst BOD & Nitrous Oxide 2012 Aug 22
Recommended Healing Takes More Than a Trip Yet_Another_Tripper Mescaline (extracted from Cacti), Nitrous Oxide & Melatonin 2012 Apr 28
Recommended 4th Dimension and Time Dilation Scoooby 2C-P, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis 2012 Mar 04
Recommended Fractal Music jaggerjack Salvia divinorum, Cannabis & Nitrous 2011 Sep 04
Recommended The Joys of Family jaggerjack Various 2011 May 01
Recommended Gascid and the Cosmic Consciousness Etard Knievel LSD & Nitrous Oxide 2011 Feb 18
Recommended The Rimpling of Reality Azgaza LSD, Nitrous Oxide, Ketamine & Cannabis 2010 Dec 09
Recommended How Nitrous Almost Killed Me Nitroman Nitrous Oxide 2010 Sep 21
Recommended What Would Einstein Do? Jg84208 Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis 2009 Aug 25
Recommended This Is Where Consciousness Comes From Zap Brannegan Salvia divinorum (5x & 15x extracts) & Nitrous Oxide (Whippets) 2008 Oct 10
Recommended Shiny Nebula SinusFlower Nitrous Oxide 2007 Oct 23
Recommended The Ultimate Truth of the Universe Mescaldorf Cacti - T. pachanoi, Salvia divinorum (extract), Cannabis & Nitrous Oxide 2007 Aug 20
Recommended Just a Glimpse... XEdize Nitrous Oxide, MDMA (Ecstasy), Cannabis & Alcohol 2007 May 20
Recommended It Exploded in His Face n Nitrous Oxide 2007 Jan 04
Recommended Traveling thru Headspace and Time Indigo 5-MeO-DiPT & Nitrous Oxide 2006 Jun 18
Recommended Into the Beyond and Back Again Endless Sky Morning Glory & Nitrous Oxide 2006 Jun 14
Recommended Near Life Experiences Anonym Trismegistus Nitrous Oxide 2006 Jun 14
Recommended The Legal Habit Wingnut Alcohol, Diphenhydramine, Nitrous Oxide, Dimenhydrinate & Diazepam (Valium) 2006 Apr 30
Recommended First Dance With Lucy Rill the Lorx LSD, Nitrous Oxide, Salvia divinorum & Cannabis 2006 Mar 02
Recommended One Very Harsh Trip Waldo Cannabis & Nitrous Oxide 2006 Feb 28
Recommended .3 PPM of Our Air just footsteps Nitrous Oxide 2005 Aug 05
Recommended Nitrous Oxide Revelations of God and Eternity Billy James Nitrous Oxide 2005 Jul 01
Recommended Uploading the Conciousness Worm Reality Pixie DMT, LSD, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis 2005 Jun 29
Recommended Unification With The Ineffable God-Head Iopener Mushrooms - P. cubensis, Syrian Rue, Nitrous Oxide & Salvia divinorum 2005 Jun 28
Recommended The Song of Heaven & Hell FlowGnome 2C-E & Nitrous Oxide 2005 Apr 04
Recommended The Division and Dissolution of Ego Phinslit Syrian Rue, Mushrooms - P. cubensis, & Nitrous Oxide 2004 Nov 14
Recommended 2 Reports, Many Thumbs up bevz 2C-T-21, Ketamine, & Nitrous Oxide 2004 Jan 05
Recommended Tripping at Settler's Rock Morninggloryseed 2C-C 2003 Jul 19
Recommended Cliche 70s Visuals MDMA-4-ALL 2C-B 2003 May 04
Recommended Tenderness Evlove 2C-T-4, Cannabis, Nitrous Oxide, GBL & Alprazolam 2003 Feb 21
Recommended Bringing in the New Year Matt Himself 2C-I & Nitrous Oxide 2003 Jan 08
Recommended Hyperaware of My Emotional State Renwick AMT, Nitrous Oxide, & GBL 2002 Aug 27
Recommended Truly Near Death Erica.Smerica DPT, Ketamine, & Nitrous Oxide 2002 Jul 24
Recommended Nitrous Usage for Life Enhancement weasel Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis 2001 Nov 29
Recommended A New Dimension Of Beauty TwinIris Nitrous Oxide 2001 Jul 10
Recommended Om Murple MDMA, 5-MeO-DMT & Nitrous Oxide 2001 Feb 24
Recommended Distortions Anonymous Nitrous Oxide 2000 Jun 26
Recommended Wisdom Teeth Ranjit Bhatnagar Nitrous Oxide 2000 Jun 26
First Bicycle Day Trip Expo420 LSD, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis 2023 Oct 25
An Amazing Peek at Our Future Godhood S. R. von Allyn Salvia divinorum, DXM, Nitrous & Cigarettes 2023 Sep 18
Floral Patterned Purgatory KratomEnjoyer Salvia divinorum, Kratom & Nitrous Oxide 2023 Feb 20
2C-hristmas-E-ve & DX-Mas Excido DXM, 2C-E & Nitrous Oxide 2023 Jan 07
The Hell Experience and Introduction to Spirit Psychonaughty 1P-LSD & Nitrous Oxide 2022 Sep 29
Sudden Different Results Kadolf B Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis 2021 Feb 08
Coastal Craziness DarkDante Mushrooms, DXM, Cannabis & Nitrous Oxide 2020 Oct 28
Reality Dissolved Conciousness Expanded JackTheTripper Nitrous Oxide 2020 Jun 02
My First Dive Into A Whole New World FlyingHigher Nitrous Oxide 2020 May 19
The Universe/God Realizes It Is Dreaming Pablo 1P-LSD, Ketamine & Nitrous Oxide 2020 Mar 11
Just the Kick in the Teeth I Was Looking For 180OnTheDVP Memantine & Nitrous Oxide 2020 Feb 18
Whipped Hard Enough To Leave Scars Veiled Venus Nitrous Oxide 2019 May 20
Watching the Walls Melt Away sin Mushrooms & Nitrous Oxide 2018 Jun 08
A Visit Back destiga Nitrous Oxide & Lorazepam 2018 Jun 08
Am I Flirting With the Devil chil 2C-B, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis 2018 Jun 08
Pure Empathy and Understanding PancakeLizard 4-AcO-DMT, Methoxetamine & Nitrous Oxide 2018 Feb 09
Crown's...What aTrip... Pistolero_44 Nitrous Oxide 2018 Feb 06
Enjoying A Tooth Extraction David Nitrous Oxide 2017 Nov 09
The Anaesthetic Revelation Benjamin Paul Blood Nitrous Oxide 2017 Nov 08
Buzzing Brain thecasualstoner Nitrous Oxide 2017 Nov 02
A Glimpse Into the Architecture of My Mind Mushroom Forest Ketamine & Nitrous Oxide 2017 Sep 03
The Electromagnetic Soul AtomStar 2C-I, Nitrous Oxide & Cannabis 2016 Mar 12
Near-Death Near-Vegetation Trip Kokopelli MDMA & Nitrous Oxide 2016 Mar 10
Addiction and Neurological Disability neurodegenerate Nitrous Oxide 2016 Mar 08
People Died on New Year's Day LegoTrip LSD & Nitrous Oxide 2016 Jan 01
Reverse Deja Vu lysenthylae Nitrous Oxide 2015 Dec 28
Too Many Nangs/Damage and God! (Fear) Lineup Nitrous Oxide 2015 Dec 28
A Universe of Spinning Light Jamal Salvia divinorum & Nitrous Oxide 2015 Dec 28
A Farewell to Nitrous Long-time user Nitrous Oxide 2015 Dec 26
How to Extract Life Out of Your Life KingMidas Nitrous Oxide 2013 Dec 29
Watching Time Rewind, Stop, and Play Again Jonnyb1507 Nitrous Oxide & 25I-NBOMe 2013 Sep 07
25I Mishap blotto 25I-NBOMe, MDMA, Methoxetamine, Cannabis & Nitrous Oxide 2013 Jul 21

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