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Very Highly Recommended Alpenglow Asphyxiation Kai The Orb Woman DMT & Changa 2018 Sep 24
Very Highly Recommended The Beautiful Chaos Lyle DMT & Methoxetamine 2012 Oct 10
Very Highly Recommended Amazing Airbulb Invention PippUK DMT 2007 May 24
Very Highly Recommended The Power and The Glory Netrunner Pharmahuasca (Harmaline & 5-MeO-DMT) & DMT 2004 Jul 07
Highly Recommended How I Accidentally Blasted Off One Day Early adastraperspeculum DMT 2019 May 04
Highly Recommended Beyond the Void Pusefidelity Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue & DMT) 2016 Jul 11
Highly Recommended Into the Mind of God Voyager DMT 2016 Jun 27
Highly Recommended Hierarchies of Hyperspace A Collection Psychedaniellia DMT (with 4-HO-MiPT, 4-AcO-DiPT, LSD, DPT, Ketamine, Methoxetamine, 5-MeO-DMT, Nitrous Oxide, & MDMA) 2014 May 16
Highly Recommended Gifts Made Out of the Space Between Psychedaniellia Mushrooms, B. caapi, & DMT 2014 May 07
Highly Recommended Museum of Spectacles Donovan DMT, Mushrooms & Alcohol 2013 Jun 08
Highly Recommended One Beautiful Hit WaterBongs DMT 2012 Apr 11
Highly Recommended Level by Level FritzTheCat 25C-NBOMe & DMT (?) 2011 Oct 07
Highly Recommended The Eternal Dance of Beautiful Nothingness Quantagy DMT & Cannabis 2010 Sep 14
Highly Recommended Homecoming Raised to the DMT Power Phineas C DMT & Cannabis 2010 Sep 07
Highly Recommended Blue By You Blue Boy DMT 2004 Mar 21
Highly Recommended The Elven Antics Annex SFos DMT 2000 Jun 14
Highly Recommended The People Behind the Curtain C.G. DMT 2000 Jun 14
Recommended Observed and Observer Melded Together Megan DMT 2021 Jun 14
Recommended Obliterating the Head: A Retrospective Kaleida DMT, MET, MPT, MiPT, EPT, DPT, 5-MeO-MiPT & 5-MeO-EiPT 2020 Nov 21
Recommended Embracing the Milky Ways Spiral Arms Makuna DMT 2020 Oct 14
Recommended First Breakthrough. Ego Loss and Bad Trip beerded1 DMT 2020 Feb 03
Recommended Tongues of Divinity C.D.B. DMT 2019 Feb 22
Recommended I Was Injected With DMT in the Name of Science Sam DMT 2019 Feb 12
Recommended Playing with Spiritual Dynamite KermitFosterWallace DMT 2018 Apr 24
Recommended One With the Universe I Was Welcomed Will Wonka DMT 2018 Mar 08
Recommended Inhabited By An Entity Turiya DMT 2017 Dec 08
Recommended Be Prepared to Be Utterly Unprepared... DJ-DDP DMT 2017 Oct 10
Recommended Working Toward Letting Go Kidrites DMT 2017 Aug 17
Recommended Crying That Felt Amazing Justanothersunday DMT 2016 Feb 10
Recommended Form Over Physics slipdisco Changa (Smoked B. caapi & DMT) 2016 Jan 08
Recommended Whimsical Arrogance Leads to the Cosmic ER mikedelic DMT 2015 May 13
Recommended Hello Hyperspace orAcalE DMT 2014 Mar 17
Recommended Finally Found What I Was Looking For Dancing Chick DMT 2014 Jan 28
Recommended First Time Breakthrough Stray Cat DMT 2013 Dec 15
Recommended The Grape Orchard on Top of the Clouds Justin DMT 2013 May 28
Recommended Universal Flight Tools Gentle Hurst DMT, Mushrooms & Cannabis 2013 May 28
Recommended Flipping Through Realities Hypersphere MDMA, LSD, DMT & Cannabis 2012 Dec 20
Recommended Alchemical Dreams Oneiros DMT 2012 Dec 14
Recommended Don't Stand in The Way Of LOVE Frank 2C-E, DMT & Cannabis 2012 Nov 03
Recommended At the Table of the Red Tribe darkgreenthing DMT 2012 Oct 30
Recommended First Encounter of the Multidimensional Kind ShadowAlchemist DMT 2012 Oct 29
Recommended Touched by the God Particle anonymous DMT & Cannabis 2012 Oct 19
Recommended First Time and Not the Last Andyman DMT 2012 Oct 18
Recommended The Universes Orgasm Vostochnyj DMT 2012 Oct 03
Recommended Hyperspace Intercourse Dr. Light DMT 2012 Apr 13
Recommended Terrifying and Amazing Touch the Limits DMT 2012 Jan 31
Recommended Divine Moment of Truth - On Meeting the One Mike M. DMT 2011 Nov 30
Recommended The Beach From Three Perspectives Psychonot Cacti - T. pachanoi, DMT (M. tenuiflora extract) & Cannabis 2011 May 22
Recommended Some People Search for Years Persephony DMT 2010 Oct 05
Recommended Seeing What Lies Beyond Elrod DMT & Blue Lotus 2010 Aug 19
Recommended Inhabitants of Another Dimension Ozzy DMT & Cannabis & Opium 2010 Jul 31
Recommended Opening the Door Manyc DMT 2009 Sep 18
Recommended REPORT: D.M.T. EXPERIENCE (1961) Al M. Hubbard DMT 2009 Apr 30
Recommended Getting on the Train with Dimitri Baker DMT 2008 Apr 16
Recommended The Waiting Room Jamie C DMT & Cannabis 2007 Oct 01
Recommended Stepping Outside the Cosmic Bubble Raoul Duke Salvia divinorum & DMT 2006 Apr 18
Recommended Contemplating Pupation Exist DMT 2006 Apr 11
Recommended Consensus Reality Maco DMT 2006 Jan 27
Recommended Speaking in Tounges Sunyata DMT 2005 Jan 28
Recommended Slipping through the Coil of Space and Time Fu (DMT 333) Mushrooms - P. cubensis, Syrian Rue & DMT 2003 Jul 29
Recommended A Trilogy Erica.Smerica DMT 2003 Jan 24
Recommended Within and Without Morninggloryseed DMT 2003 Jan 13
Recommended Three Beta-Carboline Containing Plants as Potentiators of Synthetic DMT and other Indole Psychedelics Gracie & Zarkov Passion Flower, B. caapi, Syrian Rue, & DMT 2001 Nov 15
Recommended DMT 423 Flotsam DMT 2001 Aug 25
Recommended Mosaic Madness Guru DMT 2001 Aug 24
Recommended Friends From New Dimensions Birdseye DMT 2001 May 30
Recommended To Play the Breathe Divine Mythago DMT 2000 Sep 09
Recommended Mary Kay...My Oh My Toad Ketamine & DMT 2000 Jun 19
Recommended The Mind's Eye James Kent DMT 2000 Jun 14
Recommended Realm of the Souls CG Pharmahuasca (Syrian Rue & DMT) 2000 Jun 12
Beauty and Impossible Grandeur Freefox Pharmahuasca (Syrian Rue & DMT) & Cannabis 2022 Oct 09
The Full Guided Journey orangeentheogen DMT & 5-MeO-DMT 2022 Sep 26
Pulchra Somnium: Journey to the Beyond Sp4ce C4pt4in DMT 2022 Jul 28
Upon Sealed Lips and an Open Mind Kart Futzer DMT 2022 Apr 28
The Helpless Clown Circus Rasheed DMT 2021 Sep 02
A First Glimpse AL DMT 2021 Jun 01
Nondual Unity With All of Existence nexusoflife DMT 2021 May 12
Encounters of the Third Kind Velvet Undergrad DMT 2021 May 06
Accepting a little girl DMT 2021 Apr 20
Infinite Impossibilities Zillo DMT 2021 Mar 16
Lace Gateway Through Hues of Blue adreamtime Pharmahuasca 2020 Dec 27
I Saved the World Psychedelegate DMT 2020 Nov 24
A Week in Etherea toppestramen DMT 2020 Nov 06
Beyond Nothingness HuxleysGhost DMT 2020 May 21
Alien Head Surgery Sane DMT 2020 Apr 19
Existential Symphony Alterna DMT & Banisteriopsis caapi (10X Extract) 2020 Mar 14
Learning From Orbs lewp DMT & Cannabis 2020 Feb 27
Gone Forever, Then Back Again Psychonautical DMT 2019 Feb 04
Alien Abduction Lemoine DMT 2018 Oct 13
Play With the Technology! me DMT 2018 Oct 02
Within the Cube Were Numbers, Like in the Matrix The Psychedelic PT DMT 2018 Sep 30
Test of the Gate Keeper Paige Victoria DMT 2018 Sep 24
The Dying Snowman's View of the Sun still alive Pharmahuasca (Syrian Rue & DMT) 2018 Sep 17
Emotionally Engulfed in Life SeeK DMT 2018 Aug 22
An Introduction, a Glimpse guyinhisroom DMT 2018 Aug 10
Love and the Velvet Underground zakkidee DMT 2018 Jun 18
Rolling It Into Cigarettes Space Cadet W DMT 2018 Jun 13
Limbo Rift bohannon DMT 2018 Jun 04
Catapulted Into Reality Spigot DMT 2018 May 16
The Candyland Dollhouse TheMaster DMT 2018 May 14

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