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Very Highly Recommended Intense Learning Experience HippieGirl LSD 2016 Apr 08
Highly Recommended Darkness and Pain Special K LSD 2022 Sep 07
Highly Recommended My Death Was Imminent Gaygoat LSD 2019 Oct 17
Highly Recommended Furthest Away From Home I've Ever Been Reverse Pingpong LSD & Cannabis 2017 Nov 01
Highly Recommended Look Deeper Frog LSD 2016 Jul 06
Highly Recommended It Can Be Whatever I Want It to Be triptacular LSD 2012 Dec 04
Highly Recommended There is No Why Cosmic Muser LSD & Cannabis 2011 Mar 11
Highly Recommended Becoming Another: Ego-Loss & Self Realization Hello_Kosmos LSD & Cannabis 2009 Mar 24
Highly Recommended Zeesersow Kuato LSD & Cannabis 2007 Apr 07
Highly Recommended Visits Home To Myself jean LSD 2003 Jun 09
Highly Recommended Phased to Oblivion, with Love A. Aplacophoran LSD 2001 Jul 27
Recommended The Thunder Within cloned2bewild LSD 2020 Jul 12
Recommended Journey Into My Bed bluette LSD 2020 May 13
Recommended Deeply Personal, Emotional, Positive, Profound JCX LSD 2020 Apr 24
Recommended Speaking Without Words Chunkymonk LSD & Cannabis 2020 Feb 16
Recommended An Early Start on the Rest of My Life Psyghtseer LSD 2019 Nov 24
Recommended Marvellous Huxley LSD 2018 Sep 16
Recommended The Void, Religious Crisis and Psychosis DeflatedCupcakes LSD & Cannabis 2018 Aug 11
Recommended The Shadow Pharmakos LSD 2017 Sep 29
Recommended Spiral In, Out & Back Again HurghtAttack LSD & Cannabis 2017 Jul 08
Recommended Insight Logan MacIntyre LSD 2016 Nov 05
Recommended Colors of an LSD Sunrise TheAmazingAnnika LSD 2016 Jun 04
Recommended Tripping on the Paradisiac Brazilian Coast gorila LSD 2016 Feb 17
Recommended Fighting the Body High, Embracing the Mental High Redlion LSD 2015 Dec 07
Recommended First Impressions of First Experience Walter Pahnke LSD 2014 Apr 03
Recommended Provence on Acid Jean Whisrulgso LSD 2013 Nov 20
Recommended The Infinite Beauty of the Snow Lucy LSD 2013 Apr 22
Recommended Report of Session of M.J. Stolaroff, 16 Apr 1956 Myron Stolaroff LSD 2013 Apr 01
Recommended Gaining Strength in the Rabbit Hole mindquestwithlsd LSD 2013 Mar 18
Recommended One Windy City Reminiscence Chris LSD 2013 Jan 11
Recommended Two Days of LSD Psychosis Sam A. LSD 2013 Jan 02
Recommended A Newborn Third Eye Opens The Wandering Soul LSD 2012 Dec 25
Recommended Deluge of Experience mere LSD 2012 Dec 21
Recommended My Experience Sandcastle LSD 2012 Nov 24
Recommended Acid Rain Starrness LSD 2012 Nov 09
Recommended LSD Isn't Mania, but Blueberries are Nice Peregrine LSD & Lamotrigine (Lamictal) 2012 May 16
Recommended Cars Are So Loud and Unfortunate Psycho-not LSD 2012 Apr 22
Recommended Life Questioning Problem Solving acidmothers LSD 2012 Mar 05
Recommended Festive Clarity Cal LSD 2011 Dec 03
Recommended Captain Acid Hat's Amazing Acid Aventure Mister Weever LSD & Cannabis 2010 Jul 15
Recommended Incredible Insight and Periodic Paranoia Malarky LSD 2010 May 25
Recommended The Sweetest Sugar Cube I'd Tasted misourable LSD & Cannabis 2010 Mar 03
Recommended Love, Life, Spirit, Completely Reformed Mcbibble LSD & Cannabis 2008 Dec 19
Recommended Sugar Cube Goodness EratosThene LSD & Cannabis 2008 Apr 23
Recommended A Fun First Trip MalakronikMausi LSD 2007 Dec 09
Recommended A Journey Through My Mind Staka LSD & Cannabis 2007 Sep 08
Recommended Experiencing a Higher Power Anonymous LSD & Alcohol 2007 Jul 29
Recommended Fat Blue Tabs Three Railz LSD 2007 Jul 20
Recommended A Visually Orgasmic Day Jewfolife16 LSD 2007 Jul 11
Recommended Psychedelic Nightmare Anonymous LSD, MDMA & Cannabis 2007 Apr 19
Recommended Lysergic Halloween: The First Trip MonsterZero LSD 2007 Mar 30
Recommended Leibe Sucht Dich! Chris M. LSD 2007 Feb 15
Recommended It's Beautiful Insanity Anonymous LSD & Cannabis 2007 Feb 13
Recommended Wandering in Wonderland LysergicBryan LSD & Cannabis 2006 Dec 13
Recommended Becoming a Mind Killer Tom Thumb LSD & PCP 2006 Dec 07
Recommended Didn't Know What I Was Getting into, Hit Hard Chris LSD 2006 Oct 22
Recommended A Lifetime Of Realization, Still More To Go Someone Like Myself LSD 2006 Oct 20
Recommended Into the Beautiful Infinite Hazzy LSD 2006 Jun 18
Recommended Overwhelmed by Senses StonerJunkie LSD & Cannabis 2006 Mar 01
Recommended What A Surprise 444_Chocolates LSD 2006 Feb 12
Recommended The Universal Consciousness of Mind and God Faeden LSD 2005 Aug 04
Recommended My Pearly Acid Bubble nuttyshaz LSD 2005 Feb 10
Recommended Toes Dipped in the Water trendal LSD 2004 Dec 01
Recommended Total Brain Dilation K LSD 2004 Nov 20
Recommended An 8 Hour Adventure Ground Control LSD 2004 Sep 23
Recommended Choose Asia Jorge LSD 2003 Feb 06
Recommended Quality is Subjective KX LSD 2002 Jan 16
Recommended The Coming of the Mouse-King trystan LSD 2002 Jan 11
Recommended Everything Radiates Hopper Love LSD 2001 Dec 30
Recommended First Trip at a Festival Walter LSD 2001 Dec 13
Recommended Absent Reality ^^aDc0vv LSD 2001 Dec 06
Recommended 29 Years of Flashbacks From Bad Trip Bob from the UK LSD 2001 Nov 24
Recommended 'Nothing's Happening' Gary Fisher LSD 2001 Oct 10
Recommended Comprehending My Immediate Field of Vision Xyrico LSD 2001 Sep 28
Recommended Helped Me Become Someone That I Can Love Muriel LSD 2001 Aug 20
Recommended Adolecent Acid Test Curious Georgette LSD 2001 Jul 11
Recommended Impossible to Understand Reality G.T. Currie LSD 2000 Jun 20
Intriguing Inaugural Experience John LSD 2023 Apr 08
How Stunning the Clouds Divine Moments LSD 2022 Sep 14
Finding God in the Wood Grain Partario LSD, Cannabis & Nitrous Oxide 2022 Apr 29
Endless Ethereal Spiral MerrygoDream LSD & Nitrous Oxide 2022 Feb 19
Maiden Voyage on the Sun Ship slsb LSD 2021 Nov 21
200mcg, 60 Yo Man on SNRI, Nice Trip Paddy LSD 2021 Oct 06
Lost My Body on Bicycle Day BendX LSD 2021 Oct 01
Down the Rabbit Hole....... sweetyellow LSD 2021 Jun 24
A Trip to Heaven and Hell nono LSD 2021 Feb 27
Rearranging My Thoughts maddux LSD & Beer 2021 Jan 30
I Met My True Self John Cena LSD 2020 Oct 13
Forced to Face Fundamental Nature of Existence PostWavePodcast LSD 2020 Sep 23
Did I Pass the Acid Test? Andy R LSD 2020 Aug 12
Freed From the Trap. Only to Miss It. benji LSD 2020 Jul 29
Some Real Soul Searching Dr. Plastic LSD & Coffee 2020 Jun 16
Falling For a Drug daysturnintonights LSD 2020 Jun 08
Beauty Happiness Euphoria shuddupayoface LSD 2020 Jun 04
Not Terribly Pleased ghostgirl LSD, Spironolactone & Estradiol 2020 Feb 18
Ready as I'll Ever Be with My New Friend SKuM LSD, Cannabis & Hydrocodone 2020 Feb 04
I Am a Strange Loop? pennylane LSD 2020 Jan 14
Good Trip, Bad Trip, Good Trip Skrik LSD 2019 Sep 27
Not What 2000s Stoner Comedies Would Suggest PhillyPhreaky LSD 2019 Aug 31
Seven Hours of Nausea No Visuals Candry LSD & Lorazepam 2019 Aug 15

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