Methoxetamine (also MXE ; 2-(3-methoxyphenyl)-2-(ethylamino)cyclohexanone) Reports - Retrospective / Summary
Retrospective / Summary
(33 Total)

Highly Recommended How Can One Live With Such Knowledge? The Explorer Methoxetamine & Cannabis 2012 Oct 09
Recommended The World Was Made of Marshmallow Pillows AnarchaCannabis Methoxetamine & L-Tyrosine 2016 Dec 17
Recommended Habitual Combinations vostochnik Methoxetamine 2013 Dec 21
Recommended A Christmas Tale of Ego Death and Rebirth Wiccan_Seeker Methoxetamine 2013 Jan 06
Recommended MXE and Me: A Tale of Addiction Expect Methoxetamine 2012 Oct 27
The More I Felt Poisoned by It Dave Methoxetamine 2016 Nov 21
Fun But Disappointing Experience Xerxes Methoxetamine 2016 Mar 16
Unpredictable Trips Ralphy Methoxetamine 2016 Mar 07
A Warm Haze of Contentment Michael_Y Methoxetamine 2015 Oct 13
A Retrospective of Addiction Radium MDMA, Ketamine, Methoxetamine & Etizolam 2014 Nov 14
Clarity and Euphoria - Cold and Warmth sisterray060 H.B. Woodrose & Methoxetamine 2014 Feb 02
Meh! DreamManTom Methoxetamine 2012 Oct 03
Eventually It Got Dark HOH Methoxetamine & Deschloroketamine 2019 Mar 19
Heavy Nothingness Lou Methoxetamine 2019 Mar 11
Plant Consciousness Mike W. Methoxetamine & Nitrous Oxide 2018 Mar 06
Low-Dose Binge with Psychotic Euphoria mhz Methoxetamine 2017 Jun 26
Tinnitus That Became Louder and Longer Lasting Nick E Methoxetamine 2016 Sep 11
23 Months of Consistent Use Anon Methoxetamine 2016 Jan 13
A Low-Dose Smart Drug The_Toddd Methoxetamine 2015 Oct 29
Roller-Coaster Dick MXE 2015 Oct 01
Dose Effect Comparison Squirt Methoxetamine 2015 Aug 12
Explorations Novel Zephyr Methiopropamine, Methoxetamine & Ethylphenidate 2012 Feb 23
With Bi Polar Disorder Jussipupu Methoxetamine, Quetiapine & Lamictal 2011 Oct 14
Please Be Warned Holliana Methoxetamine 2011 Oct 14
Just Back and Have Not Been Gone Trigger Methoxetamine 2019 May 15
Over a Three-Day Period DTR Methoxetamine, 4-FMA, Ketamine & Kratom 2017 Apr 22
Clarity of Mind Jake Methoxetamine 2017 Jan 23
I Know I'll Do More vostochnik Methoxetamine 2015 Nov 06
If Ketamine and PCP Mated sKandalous Methoxetamine 2011 Jul 14
The Difference Is Mostly In Duration Azurescenjim Methoxetamine & DXM 2018 Jan 23
Joined Trips Sol Methoxetamine 2017 Sep 01
Becoming One OyAaAaA Methoxetamine 2016 Dec 19
The Edge of Existence Snow Methoxetamine 2016 Oct 13

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