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What Was in That?
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Highly Recommended A Close Encounter with Suspected DOB Hypersphere Unknown (Sold as LSD but suspected to be DOB) 2010 Sep 07
Recommended Self-Deception Induced Nightmare Straydog Suspected DOB (sold as LSD), Cannabis & Synthetic Cannabinoids 2015 Dec 28
Recommended Tickets for the Art Show Axel LSD (or DOC?) & Cannabis 2008 Jan 03
Recommended Double Check the Labels neutopia 4-Ho-DiPT 2004 Jan 04
I Used to Be Really Eating-Disordered luckkbealady LSD & Unknown (sold as LSD) 2020 May 25
Microdot- The Best Trip I Ever Had crystalship LSD, Cannabis, and Tobacco 2012 Jul 07
12 Hours and Still Tripping Trippin Bitch Ecstasy (possibly MDA/MDMA & 5-MeO-DiPT) 2004 Jun 25
Mother of God Ann O. Nemos DMT 2022 Dec 18
Two Trips One Sunday mary__jane__4_2_0 NBOME-* (sold as LSD)?, Mushrooms & Cannabis 2022 Nov 08
99% Body Load, 1% Hard Trip LSDNewbie LSD & Cannabis 2021 Feb 26
Golden City runrunriver DMT 2020 Jun 29
The Best First Time Anyone Could Ask For cabbie2 Mushrooms (after SSRI) 2020 Apr 28
Hell Heaven and Beyond Day Tripper 4-Aco-DMT Fumurate 2020 Apr 07
Wow, I Really Didn't Die Today gerrritB LSD 2019 Oct 13
Reversion Into Sound Junior LSD 2019 May 25
Kundalini Awakening Carina DMT 2019 May 22
Zooted Alice G. MDMA & Unknown (sold as LSD) 2018 Nov 05
People Popping Out of the Bed MushieMania LSD & MDMA 2017 Jul 17
Dissociated and Uncomfortable Phillocybin Unknown NBOMe sold as LSD 2016 Oct 22
Chorus of Sensation chronular DIPT (misidentification suspected) 2016 Sep 15
Supposed to be Acid - Dangerous with Alcohol OldTrips DO* (Sold as LSD, suspected DOB) & Alcohol 2010 Sep 29
Extreme Psychadelic Nightmare Mr Incognito PMA (Sold as Ecstasy) & LSD 2008 Jul 26
Not Exactly What I Expected apathie 'Ecstasy' (Unknown, possibly 5-MeO-DiPT) Cocaine & Diphenhydramine 2004 Jul 23
Who Can You Trust? Tod the Pod LSD, Crack, & 5-MeO-DMT 2002 May 20
Wicked Liquid G-girl LSD 2000 Nov 26
Sweating and Vomiting Flotsam LSD & DXM (Sold as Ecstasy) 2000 Sep 13
Radiohead and the Creation of Barnum B LSD (possibly not LSD) 2022 Oct 05
I Almost Died Solpi Lithium, Buspirone, Lamotrigine, Escitalopram & Unknown (sold as LSD) 2022 Sep 30
Stuck My Tongue Into Bag, Went Into Psychosis loose screw Unknown/NBOMe? (sold as LSD) 2022 Apr 26
Worst 20 Minutes of My Life Tedu DMT 2020 Jun 08
Two Tabs of What I Thought Was LSD Considered Unknown (sold as LSD) 2020 Apr 27
Mishap meets Mayhem -P- LSD & Cannabis 2017 Nov 08
Back-Spasming Pain Anonymous Unknown sold as LSD 2016 Sep 05
A Month of Lasting Visual Disturbances kc LSD? 2013 Sep 25
Seizure on Combination Thomas P. LSD & MDMA (Molly) 2011 Jul 31
Rather Boring Anon Unknown (Sold as LSD) 2009 Feb 13
Clown Hit by a Truck Furniture Unknown/NBOMe? (sold as LSD) 2022 Feb 03
Crushingly Intense Per Usual Yet Even Faster Monk Cocaine, Beer & 5-MeO-DMT 2021 Jun 14
A Waste of Time and Money fertig DMT 2021 Apr 21
Stopped Smoking After Acid zeus LSD (or DOx sold as LSD) 2020 Jun 08
Lasted 3 Hours, I Remember It All secretove 5-MeO-DMT 2020 Jan 27
Twisting Apartment Party Miller DOC (Sold as LSD) 2020 Jan 16
Nervous System Disconnect cold_seoul DMT & Cannabis 2019 Mar 13
Fake Acid? snark43 LSD 2018 Aug 28
I Was Sold One Blotter Tab of 'LSD' Entheogenic Unknown NBOMe 2018 Jul 26
Blinded by the Truth Moven Toad Venom (extract) 2018 Jun 11
The Effects Never Came T LSD 2018 Feb 21
My Good Trip and My Friend's Bad Trip Sprout 25I-NBOMe (sold as LSD) 2016 Jun 14
Rip Off Kindesmord LSD & Cannabis 2010 Nov 09
Fighting for My Life Skunkburner69 5-MeO-DMT & Opium 2009 Feb 25
Maintaining Control was a Hard Thing to Do DannyGirl DXM (sold as Ecstasy) & LSD 2001 Feb 09

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