Caffeine (also No-Doz; Vivarin; Energy Drink) Reports - Retrospective / Summary
Retrospective / Summary
(59 Total)

Very Highly Recommended Anything Goes Ė Dealerís Choice, and Iím the Dealer Anatoli Smorin 2-Fluoromethamphetamine, Amphetamines, Coffee, Kratom, Methylphenidate, 3-Fluoroamphetamine & LSD 2021 Aug 05
Highly Recommended Jittery Pooping Anatoli Smorin Coffee 2021 Aug 05
Highly Recommended Eight Months of Regimented Substance Use Anatoli Smorin LSD, Coffee, 4-Fluoromethylphenidate, Kratom, 2-Fluoromethamphetamine & Amphetamines (Adderall) 2021 Aug 05
Recommended Insufflated vs. Oral, Caffeine Comparison cowardsCoke Caffeine 2012 Mar 07
Recommended Affective Catapulting Karakal Caffeine 2010 Dec 29
Recommended Supreme Productivity Greg Coffee & Methylphenidate (Concerta) 2006 Jun 20
Recommended My Beloved Partner Reene Caffeine (Pepsi) 2005 Jul 16
Maximizing the Day's Potential Habibi Caffeine 2020 Oct 14
An Evolved Relationship Chizzlewit Coffee 2019 Sep 08
Never Knew That I Truly Was Addicted V Coffee 2019 Jul 10
Coffee Slave hooked Caffeine 2012 Nov 02
Inspired to Quit Taren Caffeine & Various 2011 May 04
Ode to Caffeine Merle Caffeine (Coffee) 2008 Apr 30
Zoning and Speeding Where-Am-I Caffeine, Pharmaceuticals & Migraines 2008 Feb 23
A Scary Climax to an Addiction Stereophonic Caffeine 2007 Nov 16
Can Be a Positive Experience Jo Diphenhydramine, Pseudoephedrine (with CPM), Loratadine & Caffeine 2007 Mar 01
Fasting Can Be Fun Mr. Yukk Caffeine & Tobacco - Cigarettes 2006 Dec 25
Functional and Addicting phenthyl 3C-P & Caffeine 2022 Sep 25
Speed in All Its Many Forms The Moderator Caffeine & Ephedrine 2020 Sep 02
Dreamtime Explorations Jtm Cannabis & Caffeine 2019 Jul 17
Pumping Heart jumpy Coffee 2019 Jul 10
Deep Calm Focus Economist L-Theanine & Coffee 2018 Dec 10
Love/Hate dexter Butalbital, Caffeine & Acetaminophen 2018 Jun 28
Excellent Way to Get It Into My System Generic Caffeine 2018 Mar 20
Caffeine Addiction and Withdrawal caffeine queen Coffee & Tea 2016 Dec 14
The Caffeine Fiend stenza Caffeine & Cannabis 2009 Sep 04
Playing with Pure Jericanman Caffeine 2008 Apr 30
Ebony Brew of the Bean Wide Awake Coffee 2007 Jun 28
Snort, Eat, and Smoked Weebl Caffeine 2004 Feb 16
Ooh the Deception! Sleepyhead Caffeine 2002 Aug 27
The Sun Shines Brighter Without Caffeine OTIS Caffeine 2001 Sep 14
My Goddess and My Destroyer Never Green Caffeine 2001 Mar 05
Very Enjoyable if Used Correctly Mike Caffeine 2000 Oct 29
Love/Hate Relationship Anonymous Caffeine 2000 Jul 16
Organic Brain Syndrome Brigid Caffeine 2000 Jul 16
Stimulants are Bad for Me Reverend Caffeine 2000 Jun 14
Liquid Personality anonfoxer Caffeine 2022 Dec 29
I Expected This to Help Me ThirdCultureDude 5-HTP 2022 Apr 05
Stopped Using It for Two Months Dr. B Caffeine 2020 Jun 24
Stung by Yellow Jackets Kitten Caffeine 2019 Jun 21
Magic Refound! Becca MDMA 2018 Aug 09
Blighted With This Problem 'Bagpuss' Caffeine 2018 Jun 11
Tweaky Elliot Caffeine 2017 Jan 03
Unusual Mix mindtraveler8000 Kava, Bacopa monnieri, Catuaba & Caffeine 2015 Oct 19
Good Sleep Aid Anonymous Melatonin, Doxylamine (Unisom) & Coffee 2007 Jun 21
Effects of High Doses Spart Caffeine 2007 Mar 12
Wild Heart anonymous Caffeine 2003 Dec 05
Everybody's Favorite Crutch mapk33 Caffeine 2003 Oct 29
Hell On Two Feet Misskyedid Caffeine 2001 Nov 28
Zero Anxiety, and Energy Tommy Coffee, Cocoa & delta-8-THC 2022 Nov 14
Super Power Drink SIN and S Coca (Erythroxylum coca) 2021 Sep 25
I've Been Having Breathing Troubles Cool_Kid Caffeine 2018 Jul 26
Black Gold Dr. Love Caffeine (Coffee) 2018 Feb 23
Yellow Jacket Blues captain energy Caffeine & Ephedra 2017 Nov 30
Reduce to Benefit wakker Coffee 2011 Jul 15
Study Helper Emerson Coffee (Instant) 2007 Dec 19
Stimulant Phsycosis! DXMtripper Caffeine, Ephedrine, Sleep Deprivation 2004 May 07
Really Up or Really down on C* Travis Caffeine 2002 May 28
Great Study Helper! Mcbain Caffeine 2002 Mar 22

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